Corey Schmitz‘s lovely time-lapse of the Super-Moon (Full Moon at perigee, or Moon’s closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit) rising over the Rockies in Colorado a week-and-a-half ago.  Notice that the Moon is so close to the Earth that the clouds are behind it!

Fun series of mini-portals this weekend.

The Moon travels through Cancer, crossing as it does the Stellium…

It takes the Moon about two hours to move one degree, so you can measure your Sensitivity again here.  With one degree of Sensitivity you’ll start to feel Lilith around 8am PDT on August 3rd.  With two degrees, 6am PDT.  With three degrees, 4am PDT.  With four degrees, 2am PDT.

Of course the Stellium is a corner of the Uranus-Pluto T-Square, the Saturn/Node-Neptune/Chiron Grand Trine, and the Grand Sextile.  So what you’ll be feeling is the way Lilith (and Pallas and Jupiter and Mars, in turn) impacts your Authenticity assignment (Uranus), Lilith’s role in the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune), and her role in your excitement about the new endeavors you started this week.

Then, sometime before

  • 6am PDT on August 4, the Grand Sextile switches off.  See if you feel a difference in your excitement about Life and your Connectedness between August 2 and August 4.

The next adventure, at

  • 12am PDT on August 5, is the Moon crossing Mercury and Squaring Eris.

These are the outliers.  That should be fun to measure Sensitivity for, 2 hours prior per degree of Sensitivity.  Always a better idea to write the letter and then burn it, than write it and then send it.  Some bridges are better burnt, but it’s probably better to make that decision at a time when things aren’t so lit up.  It’s the writing, not the sending, that centers your thinking, grounds you, and clears your Emotional Body.  It’s ultimately just about you anyway.  They are just a mirror for your Shadow.

Then there’s the Grand Cross.  The Moon gets involved with that starting at about…

  • 9pm PDT August 5 when the Moon Squares Saturn
  • 8am PDT August 6 when the Moon Opposes Juno
  • 10am PDT August 6 when the Moon Squares the Nodes
  • 2pm PDT August 6 when the Moon crosses Vesta, and culminating at
  • The New Moon at 3pm PDT August 6.

By New-Moon time, Venus is 9 degrees of Orb from the earliest members of the former Grand Sextile, so we really can’t grant Grand-Sextile status to the New Moon and the following Month.  Just more of the same old Juno-Nodes Grand Cross, Saturn-Nodes double Grand Trine (and Kite), and Uranus T-Square that we’ve been enjoying.  So those of us who didn’t burn out partying over the Grand Sextile can go back to “working on ourselves” or rather, letting the Goddess work us over.

Oh, and enjoying the Perseid Meteor Shower…

The Perseids are Out of Bounds at the middle of Taurus, near the South Node.  As you watch the Meteors you can imagine that every other one is a chunk of your Karma burning up, and the others are ancient Skills that have been hidden beneath it, and that are now returning to you.  Turn on your Intuition and see if you can tell which ones are Karma burning and which are Skills returning.

Just kidding about the Moon being closer than the clouds.

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