Upper Limits

Not sure he invented it, be probably did, but I first heard about Upper Limits from Gay Hendricks.  It’s when things are better than we’re used to, and we freak out in very subtle ways and sabotage ourself so we can get back to what we’re used to.  It’s definitely like that when you blow away Karma and your old Limitations aren’t there any more.  Kinda scary, actually.  You have to be Conscious of it, look for it, Breathe, purposely Rest, Ground yourself, and ease into it.

Our whole world doesn’t have to fall apart in order for us to see what we’re doing in there [in our customary state of Consciousness].  We are constantly trying to hold it all together.  If you really want to see why you do things, then don’t do them and see what happens.  Let’s say you’re a smoker.  If you decide to stop smoking you quickly confront the urges that cause you to smoke  These urges are the reason you smoke.  They are the outermost layer of cause.  If you can sit through these urges, you will see what caused them.  If you can get comfortable with what you see, you will face the next layer of causation, and so on, layer upon layer. …

If you want to see why you care so much about what you wear and what your hair is like, then just don’t do it one day.  Wake up in the morning and go somewhere disheveled with your hair a mess, and see what happens to the energies inside of you.  See what happens to you when you don’t do the things that make you comfortable.  What you’ll see is why you’re doing them.”

Michael Singer, the untethered soul: the journey beyond yourself, p.121.

This is the kind of thing Uranus and Eris do for lunch.  It’s exhilarating, an amazing feeling, to feel our “fate” shift – you can actually see your Future changing, like a chimera on a desert highway.  But most of the time we act as if we’d rather live with the Demons we know than the Grace we crave.  We have to do some serious PIAVAing to reorient ourselves – but hey, Chiron’s part of the Grand Sextile – Magic is afoot!

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