Yang Integrity means you do what you said you were going to do.  Yin Integrity means you do what you dang well feel like doing, moment to moment.  To do Yintegrity in a Yang-Integrity World, we will probably need to minimize our Commitments to the Outside World, and renegotiate our Agreements frequently.  Yintegrity is closely associated with Authenticity and Congruence.  When we’re Congruent, our body language and our actions support our words.

Uranus, Lilith, and the Moon all encourage Yintegrity and Authenticity.  To maintain Congruence, we need a Commitment to cleaning up our Nodal issues (Karma and dedication to our Mission and Desires).  Uranus represents Congruence between our Soul Self and our Ego Self.  Lilith symbolizes our pre-Intellectual Instincts, which detect and circumvent manipulation and propaganda.  You can think of Lilith as your Bullshit Meter.  To the casual observer, the Moon represents changeability and inconsistency.  To the trained observer, those changeable and inconsistent feelings are Intuitions.

For those of us without trust funds, Saturn – which encourages emphasis on The Most Important Thing – will be needed when reducing commitments, and a well-oiled Mercury will be very useful for renegotiations.  Don’t forget the cardinal rule of negotiation: if you’re doing win-win and your counterparty is doing win-lose, you lose.  You’ll need Discernment (Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Vertex) for that, and Good Boundaries (Pallas) to stay Clear against the torrent of Yang invective you’ll get for daring to venture into Yintegrity.  By and large in American Culture, men tend to trust Yang Integrity, and women are more likely to trust Yin Integrity.

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