Now There’s Eris

Okay, we finally got Uranus to sleep…


Now for Eris…


I don’t have an ephemeris (table of which planets are where when) accurate enough to know exactly when Eris starts moving backwards, but she’s in the same arcsecond – Aries 22:57:17 – for four days, July 18-21.  Frankly, we should be able to tell!  Let me know when you feel the shift.

Meanwhile, Mercury starts moving forward again on July 20 at about half past 11am PDT.


Mercury’s now about half a degree short of its Station, so it’s well within Orb to be considered Strong, but Eris is the Star here.

And Comet ISON is behind the Sun today…



One Response to “Now There’s Eris”

  1. gracie Says:

    Hello Jim,
    What fun photos! Is the gold and blue body Mercury or Eris?
    Thanks for the visuals!

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