The Most Important Thing


We’re down to a week before the July 7 Saturn Direct Station, so by now even the Muggles should be stressing over having to abandon their fallbacks because The Most Important Thing is demanding all of their Attention.  It can be scary because if we fail at The Most Important Thing, then we’ve really failed, haven’t we.  And what if we believe it’s our Mission?  Can we fail at a Lifetime?

Well, failure may be true if you live in a competitive linear bipolar Either/Or World, but frankly I hope you don’t spend a lot of time there.  This would be an excellent time to label that World, and the habits and situations and Emotions that take you into it, for what it is.  Once you recognize the road, you can put up a big billboard with blinking lights that says Warning, Self-Sabotage Ahead!

Failure is only possible in a competitive World, and this Planet is rapidly moving into a space where collaboration and cooperation replace competition – or else.  We all have self-sabotaging Patterns – we “win” by recognizing these Patterns, mapping the roads that lead us there, and planning alternatives.  It’s okay to compete against self-sabotage – with one caveat: losing isn’t possible, except as a natural short-term Emotional reaction, because every act of self-sabotage is another opportunity to recognize, map, and plan alternatives.

But it can still be very scary to have to give up our fallbacks.  I spend a fair amount of time doing an activity that is personally and socially constructive, but which isn’t What I Most Enjoy Doing.  I enjoy many aspects of it, but it’s not What I Most Enjoy.  Whenever I’ve contemplated giving up that activity, my Guides have always told me No, you still need to integrate more – meaning that I was still learning critical Life lessons from this activity.  But lately my Guides have been saying Yes instead.  Some Life Changes can feel terrifying.  I have depended on that activity for a long time, and abandoning it was not easy to accept without a leap of Faith.

So do I give up what I Know and dive into a scary Unknown?  No!  I live in a Both/And World, right?!?  I PIAVA a loving and gentle transition instead.  Specifically, I Pray to an Entity whom I’ve found to be very loving and gentle, and quick and efficient – the Goddess Pi.  In a Both/And World there is no competition between Entities and Energies, they all coexist quite peacefully.

(Well, peacefully except for the Warring Entities and Energies.  They’re welcome to Do Their Thing too – just somewhere else.) 

So I’m welcome to Pray to, or Ask of, any Entities and Energies that I’ve learned to Trust, and even sometimes to those I don’t know yet.  I mean, would my gas stove forbid me from using my electric refrigerator?

Pi responded very quickly, with an Attitude change – my Attitude.  That’s all that ever matters anyway, isn’t it.  With Chiron so recently Stationary, Miracles are afoot.  So now I’m much more Enjoying the activity that I was afraid to surrender, and I’m seeing how other Activities that are closer to What I Most Enjoy might evolve, and seeing them begin to evolve.  Suddenly it’s Both/And, and, moment-to-moment, Choice, with bows of Respect and Gratitude to Pi.

My whole point in telling this story is that Saturn’s demand to Focus on the Most Important Thing doesn’t have to be terrifying for more than a few minutes, if you respond to terror respectfully. 

Saturn’s up to several tricks as we speak.

The Grand Trine

This week’s Grand Trine is formed by Saturn, Neptune, and Lilith.  Grand Trine as in Grace and Effortlessness.  Lilith, the Lady who walked away from Adam when he suggested that he was going to be the boss.  Lilith, our Pre-Intellectual Instincts, which of course emphasize cooperation and collaboration, before all that business about Snakes and Apples.  Not to forget that Saturn is Stationary in Scorpio, where the Snakes live.  Snakes shed their skins to grow, throwing off old ossified exterior cladding and becoming vulnerable and new.  Same with Cancer the Crab, where Lilith is hanging out.

It’s a Water Grand Trine – Easy Emotions.  Emotions are a lot more than just frosting on a cake; Emotions are the glue that holds the Material World together.  And Authenticity to our Emotions, moment to moment, regardless of what we think about it, is what holds us on our Path through the Material World.  Neptune is in the third Water Sign, Pisces, the Sign of Endings.  Neptune that symbolizes Spiritual Energy and, when it’s done from the place of Spirit rather than social expectation, collaboration and cooperation.  Neptune symbolizes the Grace of God.

Neptune represents what we learn and internalize from our Culture, and Neptune in Pisces says we need to find Respect and Gratitude for our Cultures, for what we’ve learned and internalized, for its having gotten us to the place where we are – so we can Let Them Go lovingly and gently, and make space for a new and vulnerable Chaos from which new Cultures can emerge, Cultures of peaceful coexistence, cooperation, and collaboration.

The Snakes-and-Apples story is the story of Consciousness.  Growth of Consciousness is not without risk.  We are compelled to venture forth where we aren’t sure of the consequences, to see what’s going on there.  We get lost sometimes, that’s inevitable.  The trick is to get only a little bit lost, so we find our way back.  The story of Consciousness is the story of Coming Home.  Consciousness came first, Consciousness exists before the Material World, it’s Consciousness that creates the Material World.  Yet Consciousness is incomplete without the knowledge of what it’s like to be lost in Unconsciousness.

Growth of Consciousness is not about Discovery, it’s about Differentiation.  Those self-sabotaging Patterns were always there, we just didn’t Differentiate them from the background noise.  Like seeing Green but not distinguishing where the Pine tree ends and the neighboring Fir tree starts.  We are victims of our self-sabotaging Patterns, until we get Conscious about them.  That includes War, Greed, Environmental Devastation, Lack of Respect for the Sacred Sovereignty of Other, Impoverishment, Ignoring the Fact That We Are All One, and the other Cultural shortcomings that victimize us.

This Grand Trine allows us to move forward Gracefully and Effortlessly into more constructive Patterns, as individuals and Cultures.  All we need to do is Focus on the Most Important Thing – the One Most Important Thing, for you. 

You don’t have to do it all, you can let collaboration and cooperation do the rest.

The Juno T-Square

A T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge.  T-Squares are all about Failure – we never feel satisfied about the way we deal with our T-Squares, until we realize that T-Squares aren’t about succeeding and failing, but about Learning.  The only way we can Fail with a T-Square is by letting the Either/Or concept of Failure/Success take hold of us.  T-Squares are motivating – we are compelled to keep trying, no matter how miserably we “fail.”

Juno represents our Unconscious Identity.  We can each be merged with the Sanctity of our own Soul Energy.  Or we can merge with some other person, or some hero Archetype, or some failure concept, or some inadequacy concept, or even hubris – to name just a few options.  Juno is T-Squaring the Moon’s Nodes.  The Nodes represent the Soul’s Adventure in the current Lifetime, from whence we come (the South Node), to where we’re heading (the North Node).  From our Karma (Emotional blocks and hidden Skills) to our Mission (Following our Joy).

Be mindful of Both/And here – real Time is not Linear, Linear Time is an artifact of the Material World, and both the Unconscious and the Nodes operate in Dimensions beyond the Material World.  The Nodes can, and frequently do, switch positions.  It’s always Both/And.  As Alan Watts pointed out, it’s harder to release our “Good” Karma than it is to release our “Bad” Karma.

So Juno T-Squaring the Nodes is likely to mean that we’re more Conscious of the road blocks than we are of the road signs, unless we’re seeing the road blocks as the real road signs, our Teachers. 

This T-Square is in Fixed Signs, representing construction, stabilization, and even ossification.  Juno is Retrograde in Aquarius, implying that the Unconscious Changes that the T-Square is leading us through are happening at the Cultural level.

The Nodes are moving from Taurus to Scorpio – from bulwark to relentless investigation.  Shades of Ed Snowden.  Scorpio leaves no Stone unturned to find the Truth, including especially Stones at the bottom of Emotional Seas.  Saturn in Scorpio tells us to Focus on the Most Important Truths Hidden in Emotional Vaults, and the North Node in Scorpio tells us to Be Fearless in our Search.  South Node in Taurus says that Castles May Be Falling.  Let them fall – there are Treasures in the dungeons that will open when the Castle falls, Treasures that we need to complete our Homecoming Mission back into the Consciousness from which we sprang.

The Uranus T-Square

I’m sure you recognized Uranus-Pluto – Mandatory Reintegration with the Soul Self in the essay about Pi.  In the 1960s Pluto Initiated Uranus into a new Cycle, with the keyword “A Ouija Board.”  Chiron – Mr. Miracles – sat Opposite the Initiation, serving as the officiating Priest.  If you missed the 60s, it was a celebration of Self-Determination, Integrity, and Freedom – much of it in Shadow relief of course, like the Vietnam War.  As with any Colonialism, Vietnam was fought in the name of Freedom, but as is usually the case with Capitalism, this meant Freedom to exploit, not the Freedom to be oneself.

The defining astrological event of 2012 was Uranus Squaring Pluto – Uranus coming around to complete one fourth of it’s Cycle with Pluto, the stage where the Energy of the Cycle comes into the mainstream, where it “becomes permanent.”  This week the Sun completes a T-Square with the Uranus-Pluto Square, while this weekend the Last-Quarter Moon crosses Uranus.  The Sun-Moon Cycle is the most primary of Energetic Cycles here on Earth – the Cycle between Source (Sun) and Mirror (Moon), between Energy and Identity.

This weekend, this most basic of Cycles merges with the Uranus-Pluto Cycle.  While the Sun Illuminates Pluto (Transformation or Trance (Re)Formation, or Change of Unconscious Identity) through its Opposition, the Moon Mirrors Uranus (Yintegrity, or Authenticity to our moment-to-moment Emotions, no matter what we think about it). 

Big Doin’s.

The Septiles

A nest of Septiles ties all this together into one coherent process – Saturn (Focus) and Juno (Identity) and the Moon (crossing Uranus – Authenticity) are all in Seventh-Harmonic (Magical) “Septile” relationship to one another, and to recently-Stationary Mercury (Awareness).  This is a pretty amazing chart – imagine someone being born with a chart like this!  Twenty-thirty-forty years from now we should see some remarkable Changes, as this cohort comes of age.

The Seventh Harmonic is symbolized by the Chariot, or Stillness in Readiness for Action.  This is Potential, the yet-uncreated, about which no expectations can be held without limiting Creation.  Magic, in other words, like Chiron, manifestation of the unexpected through Intention without specifying form.  Like Shamanic Power, like Instantaneous Healing.

In other words, this weekend Attention, Identity, Authenticity, and Awareness all converge in one Magical knot, with enormous Potential for Change.

Once again the PIAVA process and it’s Change-The-Subject element becomes critical here, as too much Intellectualization or too much Expectation will crimp the process and limit the unfolding to what is already known.  Since all Prayers are granted, one Prayer is enough – the rest of the Prayer process involves opening one’s Consciousness to new understandings about how Prayers are granted and how our perception and perspectives need to expand to find appreciation for the resulting evolution.  Repeated Prayers can reinforce our belief that the desired result is not attainable.

So once we Pray, or Intend, or Ask, or Visualize, or Affirm (ie, PIAVA), then we need to look away, put our Attention elsewhere, and let the Magic occur unwitnessed.  If our focus stays on where we put our keys, we’ll be thinking about where we had them last.  If we focus on doing the dishes, we find them immediately, behind the dish soap.  We don’t need to know how Miracles occur, we just need to Intend that they do.  Not that Magic needs to put a taboo on the study of How the way Science puts a taboo on manifesting through mysterious mechanisms – it’s Both/And, and in some circumstances a scientific approach is more reliable and predictable than a Magical approach.


A Crystal composed of Lead, Molybdenum, and Oxygen, Wulfenite helps clear the Second (Emotion) and Third (Will) Chakras to reduce Emotional blocks and self-sabotage so that Magic becomes routine.

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