Chiron at Work


Here’s a perfect example of Chiron at work.  Dichotomies – like Security and Privacy – freeze the mind.  They ask us to take sides and make a big noise.  But Reality is not dual, it’s Unitary and Multifarious.  As we said earlier, one of the great ways to escape from a cell with no exit is to empathize with the Self – You poor bugger, your mind is frozen!  But another great way to get from Despair to Miracle, which is Chiron’s modus operandi, is to just stop with the Dualities.  Let’s take Security and Privacy for an example.

Those are the heads and tails – what is the Coin?  In the real world, in a very real sense, my Privacy is my Security.  As rabid as all of the Fundamentalists – of one variety or another – have become in this century, Being Myself Out Loud is a very dangerous thing.  That’s why Uranus has to Square Pluto every once in a while, to pry us out of our shells!  But then, I was programmed to believe that it’s NOT OK to be myself.

Maybe it’s a good thing that 56% of folks in the US prefer Security to Privacy – maybe those are folks who were programmed to believe that it is okay to be themselves.  Uranus-Pluto won’t have as much work to do.  But Uranus-Pluto aside – again, what is the Coin?  For the 56% and the 44% both.  Privacy was not designed into government so you could be a criminal without getting caught.  Privacy was designed in so you could be Opposition without getting disappeared.  Privacy recognizes the tendency of Power to Corrupt.  Privacy has become a luxury for the People, but Privacy – Secrecy – has become a necessity for government?  So much for accountability.

One bottom line must be Fear.  Why do I need Privacy – what am I afraid might happen if I’m seen?  And why do I need Security – what am I afraid will happen?  If you’re grounded (imagine a cable running from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth), is either Privacy or Security an issue?  The Coin could be different for each of us.

Lawrence Lessig is the founder of the Creative Commons – a prepackaged set of legal documents that allow you to specify the level of Privacy and Security you want for Intellectual Property that you create, without having attorneys on retainer.  Whether you want to give it away outright, get paid anytime anyone uses it, get paid only when someone else uses it for financial gain, etc.  He has an excellent nose for the Coin

You can spend the rest of your life battling with Dichotomies on the Despair side of Chiron, the supposed Unhealable Healer.  Or you can choose to stop with the heads and tails and start looking for the Coins.  Chiron dances between Saturn and Uranus – between Ego and Soul.  Ego wrestles with Decisions, Uranus just follows Guidance.

Mercury is half-way into the first phase of it’s triple review of the last third of the Zodiac, as seen through the eyes of Cancer.

Which is to say, if you’re keeping score, in ten days Mercury will begin to Retrograde across the Pisces through Sagittarius Dwads of Cancer.  A Dwad is one twelfth of a Sign.

When we’re stuck on a Dichotomy, there’s an excellent chance that Mercury is involved, as those are the sorts of Dramas that Mercury loves.  Cancer is about Nurturance – You Poor Baby, you’re impaled on a Dichotomy!  And the last third of the Zodiac is about Finishing Business, about allowing evolution and its Tripping Points to make its mark.

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