Portal 6.16

ViaLacteaScorpiusDaylight-netAnother fabulous portrait of the Milky Way Galaxy, this one by Miguel Claro, taken in dawning light.

Our next Big Adventure is already well underway, gradually building to a peak at 2am PDT on June 16th.   Chiron stops dead in its tracks at 14 of Pisces, then meanders backwards till mid-November.  It backs over the Cancer portion of Pisces, which means it just crossed the same portion, and it will again between mid-November and mid-March of next year.  When a planet does something in triplicate, it’s asking us to Pay Attention.  First, what do we know about Chiron?  And second, what do we know about the Cancer portion of Pisces?  That should be informative.

Chiron symbolizes Despair and Miracles.  There are places we can go, emotionally and intellectually, where there is no exit.  Pisces is pretty good at discovering these places, since Pisces’s job is to root them out and heal them.  If we need something that doesn’t exist in these places, we can only Despair that our needs will never get met.  Till we figure out a way to find the secret tunnel that leads out of the Labyrinth.  In some of those places – such as Blame or Fear – the secret tunnel can be almost impossible to locate.

If we do Pisces “right,” we spend the first several degrees wallowing in self-pity about how we’ve been dealt a bum hand.  For Chiron, that was April to July 2010 and February to March 2011.  Not the beginning of the Derivative Depression, but about the time when it became obvious that this was no routine recession.  One of the most reliable ways to move from Despair to Miracle is self-empathy.  There’s a subtle difference between telling ourself Poor Me! and telling ourself You Poor Guy! (or Gal!).  The critical difference is who’s talking.

In Despair, in Poor Me!, our Identity sits in the dumps.  In Empathy, in You Poor Guy!, our Identity sits outside, looking back at ourself in the dumps.  That’s the secret tunnel, moving the locus of our Identity, changing our Perspective.  If we had started with You Poor Guy! in 2010-2011, by now we’d have seen a number of opportunities for rebirthing ourselves, chosen one or a few of them, and started developing them.  At this stage they’ve become semi-independent, and we’re nurturing them.  We’re telling them You Poor Baby! when they encounter difficulty.

If we missed the initial Pisces Wallow, we now have the opportunity to make up for it – by saying You Poor Baby! to ourselvesWe become the project that we’re nurturing.  Folks who follow the Abrahams too literally miss the power of self-empathy, while Tapping puts it to work very powerfully.  Tapping is very good at tunneling us out of Fear – once we learn to recognize Fear in our body.  I’ve never tried Tapping on Blame – that would be an interesting experiment.

At this Station Chiron triggers an unusually large number of Angles…

  • It makes a Third-Harmonic Angle to Venus and the North Node.  This is fabulous, as it feeds Grace to our Mission.  Be on the lookout for any place where you feel conflicted about your Values – those are the very places where you can invite Grace in.  The process is simple – “Goddess, please bathe this conflict with Grace” – then Change the Subject.
  • It makes a Fourth-Harmonic Angle to Mars and Pallas, giving us the opportunity to discern any habits we have of applying too much Energy or too little Energy – or the wrong kind of Energy – to recurring disruptions in our lives.  The opportunity to discern how we unconsciously collaborate in failing to find the secret tunnel out of Despair.
  • It makes a Fifth-Harmonic Angle to Jupiter and the Sun.  This is powerful, though when Learning situations like this first arise we’re likely to feel “Oh no not this again.”  Watch for that sensation, and empathize with it – Oh, you Poor Baby, you feel like Ohnonotthisagain!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you learn, and how liberating it will be.
  • Chiron makes Sixth-Harmonic Angles to the South Node and to Pluto.  This is fortunate indeed, as it implies we’ll not only be stumbling into our most persistent habitual Despair places, but that we’ll be surprised at how easy it will be to find the secret tunnel!  And the Changes will be permanent.
  • It makes a Seventh-Harmonic Angle to Ceres, which will open our Intuition to places where our Life Energy is wasted by trying to keep unsustainable projects alive, and by striving for what we don’t need.
  • It makes a Twelfth-Harmonic Angle to Uranus.  Again, this is a Gift, as the Twelfth Harmonic is about discerning self-sabotage patterns, and Uranus connects us to our Soul Self.  This Angle is potentially Life-Changing.
  • Finally, it makes a Fifteenth-Harmonic Angle to Juno, promising changes to our unexamined sense of who we are and what we are capable of doing and experiencing, that will allow us to Follow our Joy with less Resistance.

By the time a planet goes Retrograde, it’s already crossed the area of emphasis.  So it’s not like we’re in for big surprises – what we’re in for is a constructive reworking of all the places in our lives where we’ve found disharmony over the last four months.  It’s exciting, actually.  Think back over the span since late February – what issues have been lit up for you?  Those are precisely the issues that you’re likely to find resolved over the next nine months!  Exciting, eh?  Miracles are afoot!

I hope you’re noticing the Tipping Points that are occurring – see if you can set aside your cynicism about how it’ll all go back to Normal when the heat dies down.  Stay open to the possibility that Normal has changed.  Do notice how the usual line of dichotomy has bent toward the circular, as the far right and the far left merge in their reaction to Big Bro.  That’s a very good sign, as it means that Duality is breaking down.  It could even be replaced by some semblance of Reality!

Here’s a Tipping Point that’s still teetering and could use a little shove…


This one’s actually probably more important to our evolution than either privacy or security.

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