Just More Tripping Points


Or was that Tipping Points.  Not  much new in this morning’s New Moon, just the same old same old –

  • Uranus T-Square with Pluto and now Mercury – which should be good for becoming Aware (Mercury) of how we betray ourselves (Uranus-Pluto).
  • Juno T-Square with the Nodes – this is a long-running Configuration, as Juno turns Retro just as it’s about to leave the T-Square.  It’s also about (becoming Aware of) self-betrayal, but from a completely different angle.  Uranus has to do with Soul Integrity, while the Nodes have to do with our Life Purpose.  Same diff, but astrologically they’re independent actors.
  • The North Node remains in a Grand Trine with Chiron and Vesta – this is Grace flowing toward our Mission, aided by Miracles and our Heart’s Truth.  If you run into any Despair, know it’s only there to be embraced and cleared.
  • Venus now completes a second Grand Trine, with Saturn and Neptune.  Keep your Focus (Saturn) on Spirit (Neptune) rather than Matter, and what was difficult should become easy.  Walk in Beauty, but with humility; this Energy is a gift.
  • Mars is still Conjunct Pallas, as it was in Portal 6.07.

Mercury, Venus, and Vesta are all Out of Bounds (Strong), emphasizing the gifts of Awareness and Clarity.   With both Vesta (what we hold Sacred) and Venus (what we Value) in Grand Trines (Grace), this is a fabulous time to learn to permanently access your Guidance.

The deck is shuffled mid-week, as Venus replaces Mercury in the Uranus T-Square.  An opportunity, using our new-found Awareness, to bring our Values into alignment with our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime.

The next Big Deal is a week away, as Chiron Stations Retrograde on June 16.  More to follow on this adventure.  JoAnn sends an example of another Tipping Point – Peak Bullshit


Let’s hope he’s right!.

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