Oxymoron and Paradox


The completely appropriate question arises from The Next Ring-Pass-Not,

A clear perception of Unconscious factors?!  Isn’t that a sort of oxymoron?! 

Intellectually, yes.  Wholistically, not so much an oxymoron as a Paradox, and one of the basic Paradoxes of Spiritual Growth.  Paradox occurs when Dualistic Thinking can’t reconcile two (or more) parameters; it just means we need a new Paradigm – aka Chiron.  A simplistic view of “new Paradigm” is that we need new Assumptions upon which to base our Logic.  But that assumes that Cause and Effect rules the Universe, which isn’t true.  In some religions, you encounter three principles instead – Cause, Effect, and Redemption – which is an improvement.  But the Truth is that there are other ways to view the Universe than through the myopic lens of Cause and Effect.

It makes more sense to see “new Paradigm” as a whole new Worldview (or Universeview), where we become able to Think outside of the shackles of Logic, or outside the shackles of our usual Patterns.  That’s not nearly as radical as it sounds – folks you know with Mercury in Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are likely to be fantastic Logical Thinkers (with a caveat), while folks with Mercury in Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are likely to be Emotional Thinkers, folks with Mercury in Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are likely to be Practical Thinkers (don’t bother me with the facts), and folks with Mercury in Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are likely to be Associative Thinkers (Relationship, not Logic).

Actually, two caveats are appropriate.  First, if you have, say, Mercury in Gemini but both of your parents had Mercury in Pisces, they may have been horrified by your rigorous Logic, and Programmed (trained) you to think Empathetically “instead.”  Our Programming is never actually “instead,” it’s always in addition, splitting us in two – a big part of our Uranus-Pluto and Juno-Nodes adventures is about recognizing those splits and restoring our Natural Talents to their rightful place.  The Programmed Talents become secondary, but still important.  After all, the process of Growing in Consciousness (literally by clearer perception of Unconscious factors) involves learning new ways to consider Material “Reality.”  The difficulty is not our Obverse Programming, it’s the alienation and enmity between our Natural Self and our Programmed Self, which Programming often introduces.  The Programming itself is just a perverted form of Growth in Consciousness.

The second caveat is that other planets can and will shift the meanings of your planet-Sign pairs.  For instance, Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) parked near your Mercury in Gemini will shift your natural Logical mode of Thinking far toward the Associative.  You could then end up with a combination of Logical and Associative Thinking, or one could override the other, depending a lot on your childhood Programming.  You would probably appear to others to be scattered and volatile (Mercury-Jupiter in Gemini – which recurs on Monday) because you would jump to (appropriate) conclusions far faster than their minds travel.  Don’t blame your parents or other significant adults for your Programming, by the way, as it’s your own Karma (that is, what you as a Soul chooses to learn in the Lifetime) that chose your Programmers.

All of which is an excellent example of a clearer perception of Unconscious factors, also known as a Ring-Pass-Not.  Our Spiritual Growth (of which Growth in Consciousness is a fairly large part) is limited by our Ring-Pass-Nots.  Our Ring-Pass-Nots are the Spiritual equivalent of the bars on our Birdcage – they keep us safe, but they limit us.  Today’s Invisible Eclipse is about moving through a Ring-Pass-Not.  And lo, here we are!




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