Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

The ongoing North-Node Quintile Yod (Learning Opportunity re our Mission) with Uranus (Yintegrity) and Jupiter (Expansion), which is lit up by Friday’s Invisible Eclipse, gets additional impetus in the days following the Eclipse, as the Expansion foot of the QYod is joined by several powerful actors…

  • The Moon crosses Jupiter on Sunday May 26 at half-past 3am PDT,
  • Mercury crosses Jupiter on Monday May 27 at 1am PDT, and
  • Venus crosses Jupiter on Tuesday May 28 at half-past noon PDT.

The impact of these events will be several hours for the Moon, and one to several days for Mercury and Venus, depending on your sensitivity.  If you pick up on the Energy, the impact of the event will rise gradually as you approach the event time then fade rapidly.  If you Resist the Energy, it will persist beyond the event time.  It’s always better to Surrender to the Energy rather than Resist it, as Resistance simply creates more Karma and makes it more complex, and you’ll just have to Surrender to that on some later day when it’ll be much harder than Surrendering now.

In this blahg we focus mostly on the outer planets, because we know that most of us are driven more by our Unconscious Patterns than by our Conscious Choices, and the outers have more impact in the Unconscious realm.  But the inner planets have a much greater impact on the visible World, which is why most astrologers give them the most attention.  Consequently,

  • When the Moon crosses Jupiter it’s likely to trigger important parts of our Learning Opportunity,
  • When Mercury crosses Jupiter it’s likely to increase our Awareness of how we might Expand into our Mission, and
  • When Venus crosses Jupiter it’s likely to open our Heart to our Yintegrity (so we can have Compassion for how much we’ve been abusing ourselves by pretending to be someone we aren’t) and open our Compassion for the Entities likely to receive our Service when we move toward our Mission.

Quite amazing how focused and persistent “The Stars” are prodding us toward ReForming the Planet Trance.  If you get clear evening skies where you are,

gives a nice summary of your opportunity to appreciate their glory “in the flesh.”

By the way, when we were writing about the Invisible Eclipse we forgot to mention that Comet ISON is still hanging out quite close to Vesta, at the focus of its Quintile Yod with Juno and the Moon.

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