Trance Reformation

Elizabeth tells us…

“Wow, these portals are the gift that keeps on giving, however challenging.  I just had the startling realization that I want the healing that would get me the thing that I want even more than the thing I want, which I may or may not get.  The fulfillment of the desire slipped quietly into second place today.  Does that fit with the menu for the weekend?”

Sure does.  A great example of the Juno-Nodes T-Square that’ll keep providing Epiphanies and Trance Reformations for the rest of May and beyond, of course with help from Uranus-Pluto and Vesta.  And what we’re able to witness is only the tip of the iceberg, as the vast majority of the Big Shift will be occurring in the Unconscious, and we won’t even notice till one day we just respond to something so differently than we expected that we’ll wonder who the devil we are!  Which is precisely what a Shift in our Unconscious Identity – Juno – means.

And while we’re on the subject, its always a better idea to

PIAVA the feeling we would have in our Body if we had what we want

than to PIAVA what we want.  It’s exponentially more powerful.

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