Big Weekend III (Portal 5.21)


As we’ve said, the third of seven Uranus-Pluto Squares (Mandatory Yintegrity) is exact on Monday May 20, at half past 3pm PDT.  I’m guessing that most of us have been feeling this for at least several days now, whether we know it or not.  Symptoms might include

  • Fear of Loss,
  • Compulsion to Rock and Roll,
  • Being Surprised to find yourself liking things you didn’t expect yourself to like,
  • Saying things you didn’t expect to say,
  • Planning changes in your life,
  • Letting go of people and projects that don’t seem to belong in your inner circle any more,
  • Apparent Conflicts (you just need to PIAVA Both/And, lovingly and gently),

and things like that.  Often we’ll find what feels like Disruption from the Material Perspective, but Integration from the Spiritual Perspective.  I almost said “Material Level” and “Spiritual Level,” but it’s All One, y’know.  Material and Spiritual and Emotional and Mental and Physical and Magnetic and Dynamic and Separated and Merged and Abundant and Scarce and Rich and Poor and Introverted and Extroverted and any other adjectives you can muster, are all just Perspectives on the One.  Which we could well come to witness in Portal 5.21, because…

Even though the Uranus-Pluto Square itself is exact on Monday, about 15 hours later, just after 6am PDT on Tuesday May 21, the Moon comes around to complete a Grand Cross from the Uranus-Pluto-Vesta T-Square.  While 15 hours might seem like a lot, it’s not, as the Moon is usually the trigger that makes Material Reality align with the Energies that are about.  Moon is the Great Manifestor; without Her we’d probably all still be Lemurian.  The Moon is all about Yintegrity and Authenticity, and any Moon-Uranus Opposition is huge, as it’s always a demonstration (Opposition as Awareness) of How to find alignment between the Soul and the persona, as well as the Soul the Lifetime, not to mention the Ego.

So here on Tuesday we have a Pluto-Vesta Opposition – Awareness of How we must align with what our Heart regards as Sacred – Squaring the Moon-Uranus Opposition.  What an remarkable opportunity this is!  In a Grand Cross, the four Squares, rather than frustrating us, complement and support one another.  The four Squares (Mastery through Challenge) are…

  • Uranus Square Vesta – Mastering Integrity with what our Heart knows to be Sacred
  • Uranus Square Pluto – Modifying all areas of our Life where we aren’t in Yintegrity (which means doing what we Love, all of the time, without guise)
  • Moon Square Pluto – Bringing our Lifetime into alignment with the future of the Planet
  • Moon Square Vesta – Bringing our Lifetime into alignment with what our Heart knows to be Sacred

Since we honor our Mission and Transform the Planet by each of us exercising our Yintegrity as much as possible, you can see how these Challenges complement one another.  Notice that the Nodes (our Unfinished Business and our Mission) aren’t in this Grand Cross – the Moon triggered the Juno-Nodes T-Square on Friday in Portal 5.17.  But the impact is the same – Making Amends and Getting on with our Mission!

Another brightening Light – Comet ISON is still very close to Vesta.  When we recall that ISON’s discovery (birth, from our Perspective) was made in the valley below the mountain where Zeus chained Prometheus to punish him for stealing Fire from the Gods, it puts a new emphasis on Vesta here.

The Lunar Grand Cross in Portal 5.17 was also complemented by one of the two ongoing Grand Trines – recall that we asserted that the “best” chart one could have would be one with both Big Motivation (such as a Grand Cross or T-Square) and Big Grace (such as a Grand Trine).  While the double Grand Trines are still ongoing, the Grand Cross itself in Portal 5.21 does not share corners with them.  So while the twin Grand Trines will certainly provide Grace to help with our Challenges, it won’t be applied to them directly.

But what we do have, is two Sextiles to corners of the Uranus-Pluto-Vesta-Moon Grand Cross, and recall that we also averred that Sextiles were an even better source of Grace than Trines, because they require our personal involvement.  So the two planets on the other end of the Sextiles become important players in the Portal 5.21 drama.  What are these sources of Grace?

  • First, we have Mercury (Voice) and Venus (Personal Integrity) Sextiling Uranus – with only a little effort we will be Speaking our Truth and Walking in Beauty (Yintegrity)!
  • And second, we have Chiron (Miracles) Sextiling Pluto (Trance ReFormation) – with only a little effort we can eliminate negative Beliefs!

This is what we hinted at earlier – Chiron facilitates Miracles by changing Perspectives.  Conceptualizing Reality as divided into various Levels cements Separation in place.  Conceptualizing Reality as Unitary and viewed by us from various Perspectives, is very useful for facilitating witness to the Unity of All.  It’s a stretch for most of us, to view the Physical as a manifestation of the Emotional, the Physical as a manifestation of the Spiritual, the Intellectual as a manifestation of the Emotional, and all of the other Transformations that occur when one apparently isolated Reality morphs into another apparently isolated Reality.

Reality as Perspectives allows Healings that Reality as Levels does not, and the opportunity that awaits us in Portal 5.21 is Healing beyond our Wildest Dreams.

The lovely Indicolite, or Blue Tourmaline, Crystal that greeted us is a good choice for Healing our Perspective and eliminating negative Beliefs, as it’s strong in the Indigo Intuitive-Truth Ray while also presenting a nice spectrum of Blue-Greens that connect us to our Heart (Vesta) and Voice (Mercury).  Tourmaline is particularly Healing when combined with Germanium…


like this chunk of pure Germanium metal perched on a matrix of Kyanite (blue-green Aluminum Nesosilicate – Integrating Perspectives and Receiving the Divine Blueprint) and Schorl (Black Tourmaline – Grounding).  You can find pure Germanium metal at

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