Big Weekend II (Portal 5.19)


In addition to everything else we’ve discussed (see Big Weekend I), on Sunday (from around 12am till about 4pm PDT), the Moon makes a rough Grand Sextile with

  • The Nodes (Unfinished Business and our Mission in the Lifetime)
  • Pluto (Trance ReFormation)
  • Chiron (Despair and Miracles)
  • Ceres-ISON (Sustainability)

The span is five degrees (it’d be a lot more interesting if it was one degree), so it’s not likely to Tip the Planet into World Peace all by itself – though we wouldn’t want to eliminate the possibility! – but any project you Initiate during this period will definitely be Graced by it.  I mean, we ourselves could Initiate a World Peace and Universal Collaboration Project, by for example dedicating five minutes a day to PIAVAing a World where everyone pitched in to make life better for everyone else.

The Sextile represents Creative Grace – that is, Grace is available, but it’s not automatic (like a Trine provides).  The Grace flows once we add our own Creative Energy to an endeavor.  While the Trine carries a strong danger of Arrogance, until we learn that it’s a gift that we’ve been given and not a shortcoming that others have, the Sextile has no such downside.  All we need is a gentle kick in the butt to get us started, and Success follows.

Given that impressive list of planets in the Grand Sextile, we could well use it to permanently (Ceres) eliminate (Moon as trigger) our Belief (Pluto-Nodes) that anything is impossible (Chiron)!  Not that it will be something we Do, as the Grand Sextile is in Magnetic or Feminine Signs.  We could certainly PIAVA to permanently eliminate our Belief that anything is impossible, and we should at the very least Surrender to the opportunity to permanently eliminate our Belief that anything is impossible.

There are also three additional planets in the same degree range but in Dynamic or Masculine Signs…

  • Uranus (our Soul Connection)
  • Juno (our Unconscious Identity)
  • Venus (our Values and Self-Trust)

All of which are Magnetic planets!  So whatever our Deepest Desires are, it’s absolutely time to PIAVA them, while also PIAVAing a gentle and loving and rapid and complete release of all impediments to their manifestation.  Since we’re in the middle of facing down our Greatest Fears.  There’s a very strong correlation between our Deepest Desires and our Greatest Fears, and it’s all about our Birdcage.  It’s a good time to remember that Confusion is the first sign of Growth.

Ah, Ruby, the classic hexagonal Crystal, symbolizing Heart, Self-Trust, the Courage to be uncompromisingly Oneself.  No better way to heal the Planet, because that’s how we all follow our Mission.

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