Big Weekend I (Portal 5.16)



The third (of seven) exact Uranus-Pluto Square occurs on Monday, so we can expect that to dominate.  In general, the Uranus-Pluto Square dominates 2012-2015, but during that span, the intensity of the Uranus-Pluto Energy will rise and fall.  When the Angle is exact, it means that the Energy is at maximum rise.  When a major planetary Angle gets exact, we’ll be feeling the Energy for at least a week ahead of time – that is, Now.  So what do we expect Uranus-Pluto-Square Energy to be like?

  • Return of the 1960s (when the current Uranus-Pluto Cycle Initiated).
  • The urge to Yintegrity (and Resistance thereto).
  • Disruption of processes and projects that don’t align with the Soul’s new intentions.
  • Change is mandatory, but negotiable – that is, we needn’t be victims of it.  We need to recognize that we are moving in new directions (that do align with the Soul’s intentions), but burning bridges is optional.  It behooves to PIAVA a transition that’s Loving and Gentle and promotes the highest possible outcomes for all involved, or something like that.

Yintegrity means trusting ourselves to do exactly what we’re called to do, even when (or especially when) we have no idea Why we’re called to it.   We live in a Yangtegrity World, where we’re expected to do what we said we were going to do, and to live Yintegrity in that World we may have to reduce our Commitments and do a lot of renegotiating.  Of course, to some extent, all of us still live in a Codependent World, where we expect ourselves to do what other people expect us to do.  Frequently those are expectations of folks who aren’t even still alive.

Uranus-Pluto will challenge the hell out of our Codependence.  Keep an eye out for places where you expect one thing, but something else happens – that’s a sign your programmed Emotions are not resonating with the Present Moment.  Get Conscious of those Emotions, catalog what triggers them, and Tap them out.  If someone else gives you grief for not doing what they expect you to do, or not doing it the way they expect you to do it, stand still for it.  Standing still means not Reacting.  Depending on how important the person is to you, you may want to try to straighten them out, but if they’re habitually Reacting when the World doesn’t meet their expectations – rather than taking notes – they may just not be ready for the Changes.

In other words, take notes on your own expectations about how they might respond!

The Background

We’re still in the thick of the Energies we described in More of the Same and Beltane Approaching –  namely the dual Saturn and North Node Grand Trines, plus the Juno and Uranus T-Squares.

Thursday Night: Portal 5.16

Speaking of which, starting around 9pm PDT Thursday night and lasting for around four hours, the Moon completes the Juno T-Square, making a Grand Cross of it.  This will start earlier and last longer if you’re sensitive, or if it happens to be pushing your buttons (which would probably mean you have natal planets near the middle of the Fixed Signs).  This would be Big on its own, as it marks a peak in the ongoing reorganization of our Unconscious Identity.  But it’s bigger than that, as Juno is Squaring the Nodes.  So it triggers the North Node-Chiron-Ceres Grand Trine.

As we’ve said, a combination of  Big Motivation (T-Square or Grand Cross) and Big Grace (Grand Trine) raises the bar a lot; we’re likely to meet Big Circumstances, and meet them with Enhanced Performance.  We’ve already been working with the Juno T-Square and North Node Grand Trine – meaning our Unconscious Identity is being shifted to serve our Mission.  Or not; some of us will of course fight such a shift with all our might, as it requires facing down our Karma and our greatest fears.

Which means that whatever triggers our Anxieties these days represents a vortex of Great Power for us, if we’re willing to recognize that we’re Anxious, and Stand Still for it.  In simple terms, that means cutting the connection between the Anxiety and the content we usually blame it on.  Major major Life Changes await us if we can do this.  Suppose for instance we’re worried about cash flow.  Set aside the cash flow, and focus on the worried.  Where is it in your body?  Embrace it, put all of your Attention into the center of it and hold it there until it changes.  Then look again at the cash flow.  Has your attitude toward it changed yet?  Rinse and repeat, adding Tapping if you want, till you get closer to Excitement about it than worry.

And that’s not all.  The North Node is also the focus of the Quintile Yod that we introduced in Another Learning Opportunity, with Uranus and Jupiter.  Jupiter is another amplifier, creating Bigger Circumstances, and More Enhanced Performance.  We’ve already talked about what Uranus is up to this weekend.  The Plot Thickens, as our Mission gets intermingled with our Yintegrity.  Not that it wasn’t all along!  But now it gets very explicit.  By itself, a Uranus-North Node Quintile would be very strong, but we’ve got Jupiter amping it up, the Juno T-Square pushing our face in our Karma, and the Moon flipping the switch (as the Moon is often wont to do) to increase the volume by many notches.

Meanwhile, the Moon simultaneously Quintiles Pluto, implying that we’ll also be encountering lessons on not swimming upstream.  And, Mercury aligns to complete a Pluto Quintile Yod.  With Mercury involved, that should make this arm of the complex enhance our Awareness of how all these Patterns dance together.

We’d be hard-pressed to find a better friend for all this than Nephrite Jade.  Jade Cove, on the Big Sur Coast of central California, doesn’t have any Jade any more, because folks picked up every last one of these gorgeous Jade Boulders that once covered the beach.  That could be seen as a terrible affront to Mother Gaia under Her watch, but on the other hand, She may have passed them out to all comers on purpose in the hope (or plan) that it would ease the transformation of Her human guests from parasites and abusers to respectful collaborators with Her successor Pi.  At least, we can hope.

We have very different Big Events coming up on Sunday and Tuesday; we’ll talk about those tomorrow, if it’s in Yintegrity.

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