Another Learning Opportunity

Forgot to mention that we’ve a couple of unusual Configurations going on here.

The last couple of days we’ve had a Saturn Septile Yod with Uranus and Venus.  The Septile Yod is about Shamanic Power – that is, the apparent Miracles that can be accomplished by Shapeshifting, by assuming a different Identity.  Venus-Septile-Uranus is about the Heart recognizing the Soul, kind of a Homecoming.  The Triseptiles to Saturn would be about Focusing on Homecoming, and preparing to adjust the rest of our Life to make room for it.  Seen anything like that in your own Life over the last few days?  It’s kind of a subtext for our Big Identity Makeover.

And then, starting about …now… a North Node Quintile Yod forms, with Uranus and Jupiter, lasting for the rest of May.  A Quintile Yod is a “Learning Opportunity,” in the sense that it’s often not really what we asked for, but (we have to conclude after the fact, since it is a fact) evidently something that we need.  The Jupiter-Uranus Quintile would imply that we’ll be greatly expanding our connection with our own Yintegrity, with our own Soul.  You know you’re in Yintegrity by the Three E’s – when Life is Effortless, Exciting, and you never have to Explain yourself.  The Biquintiles to the North Node will bring us to our Life Mission.  There’s no way we can live our Life Mission if we aren’t in Yintegrity.  All those moral lessons about hard work and self-restraint were just a test.  Be on the alert for the rest of May for any situation that requires Effort, that’s not Exciting, or where you’re asked to Explain yourself.  Those are the places where your Life needs adjustment.

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