Full Moon Partial Eclipse


No more Grand Sextile, as the Moon moves out of position fairly quickly.  For a while though we keep the two T-Squares,

Uranus-Pluto-ISON/Ceres (further alignment of our Soul-orientation – or more disruption of the Obsoletes we’re hanging on to) and

Juno-Saturn-Venus/Pallas (adjustments to our Unconscious Identity as we become conscious of our self-sabotaging Patterns),

and the Saturn-Ceres/ISON-Chiron/Neptune Grand Trine (Great Grace flows when we align with the New Paradigm).

On Monday there’s an additional opportunity to better understand our Mission on the Planet, as Mercury and Jupiter form a Yod with the North Node.  Your most productive approach will be to follow your Curiosity.

On Tuesday there’s different kind of opportunity, as the Moon completes a Grand Cross with the Uranus-Pluto-ISON/Ceres T-Square – a Challenge to further align with our Soul-orientation and reorganize the Obsoletes we’re still hanging on to.


Then Thursday we have a flesh-wound Partial Eclipse – the Earth’s Shadow barely grazes the Moon, at 1pm PDT.  Even if you were looking straight at the Full Moon (in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia only) you’ll probably have a hard time seeing the faint dimming on the edge – or for that matter noticing that Saturn is right behind the Full Moon.  That’s the same Saturn that’s a corner of the Grand Trine and a corner of the Juno T-Square.

In general, any Eclipse is about growth in Consciousness, as what was formerly part of the background now stands out because it is suddenly absent.  That’s the nature of Consciousness – it grows by differentiating new Patterns out of the background tapestry.  Like suddenly noticing that Deer that’s the same color as the Bushes behind it.  The Full Moon is at Scorpio 6, “The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.”

And of course the Eclipsed Full Moon represents the flowering of the Energies birthed at the prior New Moon…



Or, to get more information, we can look back to the previous Scorpio New Moon – which was the Total Eclipse a week after Obama’s election, the one when Chiron was Stationary.  We wrote quite a bit about that…






Here’s an excerpt from one of them…

“In the US, there is a significant cohort of old white men, some young even, with sanguine body parts between their ears and their collarbones, who firmly believe that Obama’s gonna take their guns away from them, especially the AK-47s that they use for hunting and proof of gender.  The image of Men Killing Things is deeply Primordial.  The astrological function of Scorpio is to root out any Unconscious content – bars on our birdcage – that inhibit collaboration and ascension.  At 22 degrees, the Eclipse occupies the Cancer Dwad of Scorpio – nurturance.  Motherhood.  Sounds to me like more basic shifts in The Balance.”

The Bottom Line here is that we have to turn our usual Worldview upside down.  What seems bad or nasty is likely to be a Release of something Obsolete.  The worse it seems, the bigger the Release.  Don’t try to analyze it; if you feel the need to understand, PIAVA understanding.  But don’t Re-Lease the Obsolete.  The attraction is the Emotion.  Tap it out, embrace it, Love it to death, but cut the connection between the Emotion and the Event that triggered the Emotion.  If it’s not easy, Let It Go.  If it’s hard, or complicated, or heavily weighted with Emotion, Let It Go. 

That’s the Challenge.  The Challenge that we must Master is not the material that triggers our Emotions or our Perseverance.  The Challenge is to accept that, at this time on this Planet, if it’s not effortless, it’s the wrong path.

Golden Eagle

Scorpio has three levels – the Scorpion, the Snake, and the Eagle.  The Scorpion is the stage of Protection, the place where we need to Make Space for ourselves to be ourselves, where we need to hide to stay safe, where we need to keep secrets.  The Snake is the stage where we are able to shed our skin, where we are able to be vulnerable, where we are reborn as a new being.  And the Eagle is the stage where we no longer need Judgment, where we see far enough to understand, where we can be Compassionately Present.

If Scorpio is heads, Pluto is tails; they’re the same coin.  You can see from the three levels of Scorpio how Pluto implies Transformation, Trance Reformation.  The Eagle is the intermediate stage in the essence of the Energy inherent in the Century-birthing Chiron-Pluto Initiation – “A Flag turning into an Eagle that turns into a Rooster heralding the Dawn.”

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