Economic Abuse

Austerity is usually justified with reference to an academic paper that purports to show that growth is negative when debt exceeds 90% of GDP. Turns out that paper wasn’t quite a hoax, it just wasn’t very honestly done…

 The real relationship between debt and growth is much more ambiguous.

Multiple Universes

And then we have Kepler, the Space Telescope that’s taking an inventory of nearby Stars with Earth-like planets around them at an appropriate distance where Water would be liquid, such that Life (as we know it!) would be possible. Kepler netted a couple of good ones recently…

 Comet ISON

Latest news on Comet ISON…

Turns out Comet ISON will join Ceres in early Cancer to strengthen a Grand Sextile that the Moon will make on April 21.  Stay tuned, as we’re preparing a post about that now.  Hope your Portal was better than the experience in Boston!

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