Portal 4.19 Continued


Of course, there’s a lot to the Moon besides Authenticity.

Just Plain Change

For instance, we can think of the Moon as “just plain” Change, and look forward to witnessing Changes in our Unconscious Identity (Juno), our Wisdom (Pallas), and our ability to Focus (Saturn).    Neither Chiron nor Pluto need any help bringing about Change, but like it or not they’ll be getting it.


And then there’s Emotion.  They could easily arise as if from nowhere during this Portal.  If they do, just let them, just watch them happen.  Find where they’re occurring in your Body, and be gentle and loving with them there.  We humans (well, some of us at least) are Emotional Processors, we harvest excess Emotions from the Field, and ground them by smothering them in compassionate embrace.

Emotions feel like they’re ours, or maybe somebody else’s, but they aren’t really, they’re a free-floating Energy Field.  Fear and Anger and Grief and Blame are like Cold Fronts and Tornadoes and Blizzards and Thunderstorms, they float around the Planet in clouds.  When they float into our neighborhood, we feel them.  If our Unfinished Business matches their Energy, and we don’t Let Go, we feed the Field, and it gets bigger, deeper, and more intense, until it meets someone who can be Present with it.


And then there’s Manifestation.  The “glue” that anchors Energy into Form is Lunar.  It’s Magnetic, not Dynamic, so don’t waste your energy trying to Build anything during the Portal.  Instead, PIAVA it, then Let It Go.  But it is an excellent time to let the Universe know what you Want.  Don’t fool yourself, your Unconscious Identity is in charge, and what your Ego Wants is a Mosquito in a Hurricane, but the Ego needs exercise like any other muscle, so it needs to speak its mind.  Since the Unconscious runs the show, we realize that we get nowhere until we learn who She Is and what Her Desires and Directions are.

This is a fabulous Portal for exactly that – learning Who We Really Are.  It would be a great time to PIAVA just that.  Nothing wrong with Asking to Know Yourself and drive a red convertible, or find the perfect shoes.  In fact, the faster you learn to Know Yourself, the easier it will be to manifest a red convertible or perfect shoes.  What the Ego Wants is Real.  It’s a photoshopped picture of what the Soul Wants.  What you really Want is how you’ll feel when you’re driving that red convertible or wearing those perfect shoes.  If you just PIAVA that directly, you’ll be waaay ahead.  Use the convertible and the shoes for exactly what they are, vehicles.  Let them carry you.

Time to Go

Okay, Portal time!  Enjoy!


Zinc Arsenate Hydroxide.  Use Adamite with Water (Emotion) present.  Zinc will bring buried Emotions to the surface.  Stay Conscious, don’t get lost in the story.  Watch the Emotions arise and writhe as if in a movie.  Just keep Letting Them Go, over and over, as long as you need to.  Tap on them if necessary.  Arsenic can neutralize “Past Deaths” – which are the source of many of your Limiting Beliefs.  You don’t want to consume Arsenic, or even necessarily hold an Arsenate Crystal in your hand.  Gazing on it is quite enough.  You want to neutralize Past Deaths, not repeat them.

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