FearsI was just looking at this sign yesterday and thinking, that’d be fun to use, but what is there to fear, we’re heading into six months of Grand Trines.

Nothing jumps out of the Boston chart that isn’t already in the T-Squared Double-Mjolnired Quintile-Yodded Golden-Rectangled Grand-Trined Gol-Durn Saturn-Dominated chart that we already looked at.  We just have to repeat…

This will put tremendous pressure on any places where we’re Denying what’s most important.  I suspect that over the next several days we’ll see many examples of what we used to call Instant Karma.

Interesting timing, corresponding with the Mother of all Gold Smashes.  The “Gold Bugs” say that the Lizards must really be terrified about something.  That’d also be a good reason to sacrifice a few Innocents on the altar of Patriotism.  That would implicate the Saturn Mjolnir with Vesta and Juno – and hence the Juno T-Square with Saturn and Pallas – as our primary culprits.  Remember, our aim here is to interpret, not to predict.  Remember the Initiations embedded in that T-Square?

The Juno-Saturn Initiation was 18 Libra in September 2011: “Breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” using Rudhyar’s interpretation.

Pallas-Saturn Initiated at 26 Virgo in September 2009.  Rudhyar’s take on 26 Virgo is “The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.”

What would this imply?  Perhaps that what’s most important is getting honest about our Unconscious Identity.  For example, what’s more important to you – Peace, or Justice?  Seriously?  No judgment or blame or anger there?  Just Forgiveness?  No Us and Them involved?  If you crave Peace, is that because you loathe the alternatives?  Because you long to be part of a constructive effort working collaboratively on the Planet’s Real issues?

If Boston was the first stroke in a drumbeat for War, can you remain a Pacifist in the face of rabid Patriotic fulmination?  Does it matter?  War would appear to solve a lot of our economic conundrums, and allow the 1% to whip us into another patriotic frenzy where we’re pleased to donate our meager resources and sacrifice our benefits.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Prince Arjuna confesses his moral hesitation about War to his charioteer Krishna.  April 15, 2013 is a 7 day – the Chariot, Shamanic Power, Tantra.  The closest Western culture comes to that would be “keep your powder dry,” or “don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes” – War metaphors.  Krishna reminds Arjuna that as a mortal, he does not have the Power of Life or Death – that Power is reserved for the Gods.  Folks say that so many Souls have come to Earth now in order to be present for the Great Transformation – and many have come to assist.   Imagine what that will look and feel like!  Are we ready for that?

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