Eris, Lilith, and Juno

It occurs to me that the Boston Marathon, as a Hypercompetitive sporting event, is basically masculine in tone.  But this year, we don’t even know who the winners are – the heros are instead the people who helped care for the injured.  That sort of Compassion and Collaboration are basically feminine in tone.  Imagine what could be done if all of the energy wasted on Competition and training by those tens of thousands of Marathoners was put to work on Collaborative efforts to address Real issues, like restoring Democracy, eliminating Predatory Capitalism, ameliorating Climate Change and Environmental Injustice, and helping the abandoned.  The folks who need to run to maintain their mental health could run to the grocery store for the disabled.

In a lecture on “Beautiful Business” at,

Judy Wicks lists for us some of the characteristics of Compassionate Collaborative New-Paradigm economic activities…

  • maximization of relationships, not of profits;
  • growth of consciousness and creativity, not brands and market share;
  • democracy and decentralized ownership, not concentrated wealth;
  • a living return, not the highest return;
  • a living wage, not the minimum wage;
  • a fair price, not the lowest price;
  • sharing, not hoarding;
  • simplicity, not luxury;
  • life-serving, not self-serving;
  • partnership, not domination;
  • cooperation, not competition;
  • win-win exchange, not win-lose exploitation;
  • family farms, not factory farms;
  • biodiversity, not monocrops;
  • cultural diversity, not monoculture;
  • creativity, not conformity;
  • slow food, not fast food;
  • our bucks, not Starbucks;
  • our mart, not Wal-Mart;
  • a love of life, not a love of money.

Good objectives to live by.

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