The Ides of April


As we enter the Grand Trine Zone,

The watchword for the next week or so is Collaboration.

That’s easy to say.   Explaining why will take a lot longer.

Lilith and Juno

First, there’s the Mjolnir pointing at Lilith (pre-intellectual instinct) and Vesta (the Sacred).  The message of a Mjolnir is Get it together, please, Now.  When your pre-intellectual instincts are triggered, you don’t Compete.  You either Collaborate, or you leave to find a tribe that is willing to Collaborate.  The feet of the Mjolnir are Saturn (Focus on what’s most important) and Juno (Unconscious Identity).

The feet of a Mjolnir are connected by a Square (Mastery through Challenge), in this case of course the Square between Juno and Saturn.  It turns out that Pallas is moving into Opposition to Saturn, forming a T-Square (Mastery through even greater Challenge) pointing at Juno.  To me this means big shifts in Unconscious Identity are underway – perhaps even those proverbial Tipping Points we’ve mentioned.  Let’s look at the Initiations of the Juno-Saturn and Pallas-Saturn Cycles that the T-Square is manifesting.

The Juno-Saturn Initiation was 18 Libra in September 2011: “Breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” using Rudhyar’s interpretation.

Pallas-Saturn Initiated at 26 Virgo in September 2009.  Rudhyar’s take on 26 Virgo is “The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.”

The tension in the Mjolnir and T-Square fall on Lilith and Juno.  Their angular relationship is Sesquisquare. – that is, realignment.  In other words, as individuals we’ll be discovering our self-sabotaging Patterns (such as Denial), and beginning to Act to correct them (Sun-Mars have passed Eris, but they’re still quite close).  As a society, we’ll be realigning the relationship between individual and culture – either by getting the individual in line Nineteen-Eighty-Four-style, or changing the culture.  The Pallas-Saturn Opposition suggests the latter is more likely.  Because the media faces backwards, Tipping Points appear to happen suddenly.

The First Grand Trine

It’s still six and a half degrees off (we’d like to see three degrees), but the first Grand Trine (Big Grace) is forming.  Six and a half degrees is close enough to impact any endeavors begun now.  The members are Saturn, Neptune, and Ceres.  Neptune: Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  Ceres: Sustainability and Sustenance.  Saturn: Focus.  So Grace flows as we Focus on Sustaining Spiritual Clarity and recognize Confusion as the first stage of growth – very much reinforcing the Lilith-Juno theme of recognizing and changing dysfunction.

Ceres is also one foot of another Mjolnir that points at the North Node (our individual Mission as one atom of the Planet’s Evolution).  The other foot is Mercury (Communication, intellectual realization).  An education, in other words.  Tuition is your willlingness to recognize and change your self-destructive Patterns.

Saturn, meanwhile, enlists Pluto and Pallas to form a Golden Rectangle with Ceres.  A Golden Rectangle consists of two Trines separated by two Sextiles – more Big Grace in other words.  Pluto as Transformation, Pallas as Boundaries, Ceres as Sustainability, Saturn as Focus.  Quite simply, Grace Transforms us as we say No to self-sabotage, as we say No to short-term gain that sabotages our Survival.  Wouldn’t it be great if Predatory Capitalism itself reached it’s Tipping Point!

Phlogopite and Alexandrite

Love this picture, of a Phlogopite book (a stack of Mica Crystals is called a “book”) looking over it’s shoulder at its Alexandrite Shadow.  Phlogopite is a Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Mica, Magnesium and Aluminum to add Levity, and Potassium to open our Eyes to self-deception.  As for Alexandrite, let’s just quote Dorothy Roeder (Crystal Co-Creators, pp.40-41)…

“Earth is just now beginning to reach the point of spiritual balance necessary to interact with the rest of the galactic sector so that it can function as a participating member. 

One study of the results from the Kepler space telescope estimates that there are a hundred billion Earth-like planets in habitable zones around their Suns just in the Milky Way!  We won’t be joining our “galactic sector as a participating member” while we’re still channeling John Wayne and Blondie.  Continuing Dorothy’s comments…

Alexandrite’s properties symbolize Earth’s present challenge.  The higher energies that are now surrounding Earth are the new light which is stimulating her developing potential.  Responsibility is the key word here.  Humanity must learn that it is responsible for its thoughts as well as its actions.

“Fortunately, there are now more individuals focusing on cooperative goals.  The group focus greatly outweighs individual ones.  Humanity must learn to be balanced in its spiritual awareness and emotional maturity so it can serve as the key to moving Earth to this new level of responsibility creativity.  The light focused by its combined will and intentions will create the changes desired.”

Learning to Focus our Thoughts

Speaking of which, for the weekend (April 14-16), a Quintile Yod (Learning Opportunity) forms between Mercury (Thought), Moon-Jupiter (Manifestation) on Sunday, and Saturn (Focus), pointing at Saturn.  That’s Moon-Jupiter on Sunday, and just Jupiter (Amplification) on Monday and Tuesday.  Saturn’s also in

  • the Grand Trine and
  • Golden Rectangle,
  • the Juno T-Square, and
  • the Lilith Mjolnir

– very busy dude!  This will put tremendous pressure on any places where we’re Denying what’s most important.  I suspect that over the next several days we’ll see many examples of what we used to call Instant Karma.

2 Responses to “The Ides of April”

  1. Juli Arthurs Says:

    Can you let me have the URL where all your beautiful crystal photos are as I thought I had saved it but have lost it. I want to send it to my friends as I think your photos are stunning and I have never really been so entranced by crystals before. Your photos always make me stop and pause to admire their beauty.

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