The New Moon as a Test of Integrity


The Mjolnir, or Vajra, symbolizes a Test of Power.  Actions taken in Integrity are imbued by the Mjolnir with indestructible Power, while Actions taken out of Integrity can have devastating results.  The Actor in Integrity strikes as if with Lightning, while the other is as if stricken by Lightning.

A Mjolnir is composed of two planets Square to one another, with a third planet at the far midpoint.  The focus is on the third planet, which is a Square-and-a-half from the other two.  A Square-and-a-half is called a Sesquisquare, three eighths of the way ’round the Zodiacal circle.  You could call a Mjolnir a Sesquisquare Yod.  The Eighth Harmonic is about Alignment, Balance, and Justice.  The April 10 New Moon features two interlocking Mjolnirs – the purple lines…


The core Sesquisquare, in one in both Mjolnirs, lies between Saturn and Vesta-Lilith.  That’s easy to interpret – if you want to be effective, Focus on your pre-intellectual Instincts.  The other feet in the two Mjolnirs are Mercury and Juno.  They hint at how we can avoid self-sabotage.  Notice that our pre-intellectual Instincts are more likely to be about Compassion, Collaboration, and Community than about Competition, Duality, and Heroism.

The Mercury-Saturn Sesquisquare means that if we Focus our Attention on Priority Number One, we will have Power behind us.  Otherwise, we’ll be learning how we misjudged what’s most important.  With Mercury in a Waning Square to the Vesta-Lilith Initiation, we’ll be Challenged to give Power to our Instincts, without discounting the judging Intellect.  Mercury is Waning in the configuration, but to ignore the Intellect would not be wise.  Reject the Thought rather than the Thinker.  Seek Win-Win.

The Juno-to-Vesta-Lilith Sesquisquare will illuminate the places where our Emotional Baggage and Limiting Beliefs interfere with our Attention to our pre-intellectual Instincts.  If our Instincts are not True to the situation, the results will tell us what Emotional Baggage most needs to be released.  The Square is a Waxing Square from Juno to Saturn – a Challenge between our Unconscious Identity and our understanding of Priority Number One.

The Juno-Saturn Initiation occurred at 18 Libra (September 2011) – “A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society” (Rudhyar), or “Two men placed under arrest” (Jones).  This bodes ill, as the current breakdown is the result of collective malfeasance rather than individual transgressions – or rather, the individual bankster transgressors are under the protection of the authorities.  It will take a Miracle to see a couple of banksters arrested in the US, as they’re guilty of crimes against humanity that aren’t illegal in the US.  More likely to see two Martyrs arise.  The Waxing Square is the place where the Energy of the Cycle comes out of the closet and “becomes permanent.”

The Angle between Mercury and Juno is a Waxing Semisquare – half a Square, or a singular Eighth-Harmonic Angle.  The Waxing Semisquare sounds a strong warning about what is obsolete and must be realigned before the Square arrives in order to avoid disaster.  The Initiation was in the first few days of January (as Eris was Stationary) in 6 Capricorn, “Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods,” which Rudhyar extands as “The need to complete any undertaking before making entrance to whatever is to be found beyond.

All of Which Leaves Us Where?

The New Moon provides the background for the following month, or to some extent the following six months, till the Full Moon in the same Sign.  That’s October, when the Grand Trines fade, so to some extent this New Moon will color our interlude of Grace as well.  So how can we summarize this Full Moon?

Well, there is a huge emphasis on Unfinished Business.  We can expect Denial of all manner to be cracked open and exposed.  The Goddess is clearly and seriously coming into Her Power.  There is great promise that Humanity can learn to address its projections and introjections, work together, and learn to reduce its self-sabotage.  Unfortunately, it’s only promise.  But the six months of Grace gives us Hope that all of the other Evils will be exposed here before the Ides of April.

More Boulder Opal

This one reminding us of the view of One Earth that the astronauts witnessed and Stewart Brand promoted in the 1960s.  The ’60s – isn’t that what’s becoming permanent now, with Uranus Squaring Pluto from 2012 to 2015?

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