Power Is Afoot

Apart from it’s Conjunction with Venus, Mars, and Eris, the most remarkable thing about the New Moon is the pair of Yods – Quintile and Septile Yods – aimed at the North Node…


A Quintile Yod (orange lines) is a planet (or significant point – the North Node isn’t a planet per se) at the far midpoint between two planets Quintile to one another, or one fifth of the way round the circle from one another.  The Quintile is about learning and teaching, so a Quintile Yod represents a “Learning Opportunity,” and unfortunately carries some of the Challenging connotation of that term.

A Septile Yod (light green lines) is a planet or other hot spot at the far midpoint between two planets that are Septile to one another, or one seventh of the way round the Zodiac.  The Septile is about Timing the Use of Power, so a Septile Yod represents a graduate seminar in the subject.  We don’t usually think in terms of Timing when we think about Power, but it’s critical.  In Physics it’s Resonance – the way vibrations reinforce or cancel one another.  In Pedagogy it’s the Teachable Moment, when what you have to say can actually be heard.  In Castaneda’s adventures it’s about Accumulating Power.  Consider asking your boss or a client for a raise – Timing may not be everything, but it’s close.  Unfortunately, it suggests that we maybe should be taking Jim Sinclair very seriously.

The North Node stands for Where We’re Heading.  I usually translate it as our Mission – the purpose for which we accepted our current Lifetime.  The difference between our Mission and our Fate is that Karma is actually optional.  We always have the Choice of becoming Conscious, to one degree or another, of the Patterns that run our lives, and changing them.  When we confront and embrace the Emotional Baggage behind our Limiting Beliefs (South Node), we release the skills hidden beneath the Baggage, and those skills propel us into a brand new Future.

As we said in The New Trance, the North Node sits near the midpoint of Scorpio.  The midpoints of the fixed Signs are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse.  The particular degree is 17 – “A woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is ‘great with child’.”  To me that sounds very much like we’re going to be Learning something very important about our Mission (that is, our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime), and that we’re going to be experiencing one of those moments where Life bifurcates – where one Choice leads to a very different Future than another Choice would.  I don’t see that as a Win-Lose proposition, though some Choices are likely to be better than others.

One view of Life is that, for every Decision we make, we bifurcate into different Parallel Lives.  If there are an infinite number of Universes, then we simply beam into the one that’s consistent with our Decision, while another part of ourself transmogrifies into the Parallel that’s consistent with the alternative.  It’s possible that we can get a bit lost, or scattered, if we make too many Decisions that don’t serve our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime.  The strong presence of Eris and Pluto here advise that our Decisions are important, and that we have the tools to be able to Choose wisely.

In particular, the feet of the Quintile Yod are Uranus and the Vesta-Lilith Initiation (“Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree”) – we couldn’t do much better than that!  Uranus: our Soul Connection, and Vesta-Lilith: our Sacred, pre-intellectual Instincts.  Since this is a Learning Opportunity, we should be able to see the Karmic consequences of our Choices very clearly.  With the intellect emasculated, the odds in our favor are enhanced.

The feet of the Septile Yod are the New Moon itself, and Jupiter.  While Venus, Mars, and Eris aren’t close enough to be considered part of the Septile, they’re carried in because Venus-Mars-Eris characterize the New Moon.  And we can’t consider Jupiter without involving its Square to Chiron.  So it turns out that our Timing is important for Co-Creating Miracles (Chiron) that resolve our Denial (Eris) and further the integration of our Actions (Mars) and Values (Venus).  In other words, there are moments here when we can Miraculously Transform our Patterns and eliminate self-sabotage (which consists of Acting contrary to our own Values) in a flash.  Power is afoot.

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