Despair and Miracle

The Jupiter-Chiron Square does play a prominent role in the New Moon, as it forms a Pythagorean Triangle with the Pluto Station.  I’m particularly optimistic about these kinds of Configurations, because they combine a Square (Mastery through Challenge), a Sextile or Trine (Grace), and a Quincunx (Curiosity).  So there is both Grace and Curiosity to keep the Challenge from overwhelming, there are Challenges and Blessings to keep the Curiosity guessing, and there are Curiosity and Difficulty to keep complacency out of the Grace.  You can see the Triangle here, in green and red and blue, on top of the Twin-Peak purple-and-red Mjolnirs.


We’ll talk about the Mjolnirs in a few minutes.  For now, we need to focus on the Expansion (Jupiter) of Miracles (Chiron), or, perish the thought, the Expansion of Despair (Chiron).  Or, adding the Stationary (Strong) Pluto, Trance Formations that Expand Miracles or Despair.  There is an element of Choice with Chiron – when there is no Hope, somehow Life does go on.  Knowing that, we can Choose to believe that there is somewhere a Transformation that Resolves the Unsolvable, we just haven’t seen it yet.

We can make that Choice before we get to the point where Hope has left the building.  We can even PIAVA such a Transformation while knowing full well that it’s “impossible.”  Actually, the more impossible is something, the more powerful is a PIAVA to manifest it.  It’s just that as impossibility increases toward infinite improbability, the less likely we are to recognize that what we’ve PIAVAed is even related to what we thought we were asking for.  That’s what Transformation and Miracle are about – changes in the underlying structure of Reality (or of the underlying structure of our understanding of Reality, if you don’t believe it’s a hologram).  As Kesey put it, Sometimes you can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you’ve left.

We need this introduction before we introduce these important Despair-Miracle considerations.  With thanks to JoAnn, Lawrence Lessig of Creative Commons fame talks about the necessity of saying No to the Lizards…

While Jim Sinclair thinks it’s too late.  I’d love to be able to argue with Jim, but the only contrary reason I can think of is No, that can’t be, it’s too extreme.  Not a very solid argument…

Then there’s Harry Dent.  He makes his evaluations based on demographics.  His timing isn’t always right on (since people are very good at stretching out the status quo, and since unexpected innovations – and Miracles – do occur), but his perspective should never be omitted from any analysis.  Today’s issue (“Don’t Be Fooled By the Crack-Addicted Equity Markets”) isn’t on the website yet so you’ll probably have to check in again to get it, but yesterday’s (“Spotting Winners From the Front of the Room”) is worth reading as well…

Here’s a sample that agrees with everything we know: “The good news is that this economic season, this cold Economic Winter, doesn’t last forever. We are five years into a 10-12 year stretch.”  The culture we live in is an amalgam of the Miracles we all Co-Create.  Recall that Hope is what’s found at the bottom of Pandora’s Box, after all the discomfort has escaped.

One Response to “Despair and Miracle”

  1. Natacha Garnier de Molènes Says:


    I just read your article on the Pythagorean tricolor, and thank you for releasing these informations. However, I have hard time understanding its basic meaning. You write about truth: is it linked specifically to this configuration, or is there a more specific definition about it? I can find really poor informations about this triangle, hence your help would be quite appreciated, if you had any time.

    Thank you so much for reading this comment, hoping to be able to read more about the subject…

    Best of good fortune to you,

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