The New Trance


Well, it’s getting more obvious by the day that a New Trance is forming.  But how, and what?

The World as we knew it fell apart over the last few weeks, as the IMF and EU signaled that banks now consider themselves to be the owners of the money that you’ve loaned to them.  You thought it was a “savings” or “checking” account; they consider it a loan, which they may feel free to default upon – which means, not give it back.  Ever.  I mean, if they own it, why should they give it back?

Rules change in the Reaches, as Ursula says, and we’re now clearly in the Reaches.  There are a lot of people struggling to locate any money to survive on, and now it’s clear that the difference between them and us – to the extent that there is one – is a matter of time, or, if we’re lucky, the kindness of strangers.  Clearly money has become obsolete, and the transition to whatever will follow is not expected to be smooth.

We know two other things.

  • The next few weeks is about Radical Honesty, as several big Eris events force Denial out into the open.
  • After that, we enter six months of Grace, as a series of evolving Grand Trines dominate the airwaves.

So how the devil does this plotline unfold?  Does Superman banish the Lizards back to Nibiru?  Does Manna once again fall from the Heavens?  Maybe we go to Heaven – is it free hashish for all?  Rapture?  Do the banksters suddenly all receive Conscience implants?  Does the Ben Bernank really get out his helicopter?  The Landings?  Are the central bankers also manipulating the planets?  Do we start another World War that everyone believes in – with Ardor mimicking Grace?  It’s Curious.

The Eris Bridge

Speaking of Curious, while the Yods are fading, the most persistent Quincunx that remains is Saturn-Uranus; Curiosity about the relationship between the Ego and the Soul.  Maybe Eris just breaks us all free of the twin illusions of Matter and Time.

The stepping stones in Early April are intriguing.

  • The Vesta-Lilith Initiation implies the Birth of three new Spiritual Energies (“Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree”).
  • The Venus-Mars Initiation implies that they will be fed by Innocence (“A young girl feeding Birds in winter“).
  • The Venus-Eris and Mars-Eris Initiations enshrine them in material form (“A pregnant woman in a light summer dress”).
  • We’ll need to spend quite a bit of time dissecting the New Moon, to intuit the identity of the “Pugilist entering the ring.”
  • And finally, the Pluto Station will be opening new doors: “An illustrated lecture on natural science reveals little-known aspects of life” (Capricorn 12).

Sounds like we could well be in for new information that seems Miraculous.

The May Grand Trines

What about the Grace?  The first Grand Trine (effortless Grace) to form is Saturn-Neptune-Ceres.  It peaks around Beltane, but begins forming in mid-April.  Neptune of course represents Material Confusion (step one of Growth) and Spiritual Clarity, Saturn Focus and Material Organization, and Ceres Sustenance or Sustainability.  That could be read as

Reorganizing the Cultural Trance to make it more Resilient.

Is the Pugilist a storm so big that no one can continue to Deny that we’re all in this together?  Or the ascendance of a Spiritual Figure so globally prominent that the same result is achieved?

In the second Grand Trine, in early May, Vesta replaces Ceres –

Reorganizing the Cultural Trance so it pays more attention to the Sacred. 

It’s certainly possible to do that in such a way as to satisfy both Muslims and Christians – maybe both Christ and Mohammed return and do concerts together.

The third and fourth Grand Trines, in mid-May and at the end of May, put the North Node in the place of Saturn, and Chiron in Neptune’s place.  We’ve mostly considered the North Node as an indication of our Mission, but here it seems pretty clear that we need to think about it as the Planet’s Mission.  North Node-Chiron-Ceres can easily be read as

Miracles that Permanently Shift the Planet’s Destination

and North Node-Chiron-Vesta as

Miracles that move the Planet’s orientation toward the Sacred.

The New Moon

The April 10th New Moon’s dual Mjolnirs can undoubtedly cast light on our mysterious Pugilist, but before we get there, I’m especially intrigued by the Quintile Yod and Septile Yod in the New Moon chart, both pointing at the North Node.  These Yods drill into 17 of Scorpio…

“A woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is ‘great with child’.”

Now that’s intense.  We’ve already had Three Fledglings fed by a Young Girl, and a Pregnant Woman without Guile.  And now we have the makings of a Virgin Birth without a masculine Godhead.  Suddenly the possibility of Miracles beyond our wildest dreams looms larger.  We’ll look this New Moon over in more detail in our next installment.

Boulder Opal

Opal is “just” a form of Quartz or Glass, with miniscule spheres of Water embedded in it.  Refraction and reflection from the spherules create the “fire” or play of light that Opal dances for us.  Spirit in Form, Light from Darkness.

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