Beyond Our Wildest Dreams


It finally occurs to me why these last several Diamond Stars have been so mean – it’s the Waxing Jupiter-Chiron Square that’s in the process of making the New Paradigm “permanent”!

Before Neptune Initiated Chiron at the Ides of February in 2010 (remember “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl“?), the two danced together for a couple of years – while the Derivative Crisis unfolded, presaging the demise of the old monetary system.  In late May 2009, Chiron came up to within arcminutes behind Neptune in the same Fresh Violets degree as their later Initiation, then both Stopped and turned Retrograde.  That Conjunctus Interruptus was joined by Jupiter.  So Jupiter began new Cycles with both Chiron and Neptune in 2009.

It will be 2042 before Chiron Squares Neptune and that Energy becomes “permanent.”  But the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle reached it’s Waxing Square on the same June 2012 day as the first Uranus-Pluto Square, and the Jupiter-Chiron Cycle reached permanence a month later.

Outer-planet Angles usually occur thrice – once when the faster planet (Jupiter) passes the slower one (Chiron) going forward, again when the faster planet turns Retrograde, and then a third time once the faster planet goes forward again.  We call the first crossing the “Can-Opener” because it opens an issue that Challenges us.  The second crossing is an “Exposition,” as the same issue returns, but in slow motion.  The third is called the “Confidence-Builder” because now, having experience with the issue, we handle it with aplomb.

The Can-Opener Jupiter-Chiron Square occurred in late July 2012, the Exposition in mid-January 2013, and the Confidence-Builder Square on March 26 – today.  Now this is the Confidence-Builder, so we should be sailing along with it just fine – as many of you hopefully have been.  But some of us obviously weren’t paying Attention during the Exposition phase.  This Planet is like that – if we don’t pick up on an important lesson, the Universe generously repeats it till we do.

The message is to let go of the Old, in order to make space for the New.  Jupiter-Chiron is about Amplified Bummers, till we shift our perspective and open ourself to Big Miracles.

It’s so easy to experience this as the Old Abandoning us, and we imagine that we’re being Abandoned to nothingness.  Which is true, as long as we hold fast to our old concepts and assumptions about the World.  When we Act from the perspective of being Abandoned, it inspires the World to Abandon us.  And of course, all of our childhood, lifelong, and past-life Abandonments are going to be dancing by.  They’re  the Walking Dead, long since dessicated, but kept alive only by our willingness to re-experience their Trance.

We actually have options, but we won’t see them until we let go of attachment to the Old.  Like Cyprus, we resist Change.  But the Energy has already Changed, and we cling to a chimera, to a hollow memory.  Focus on something better than the Present, anything better.  That’ll help you realize that you do have options, it’s only your old Ego that’s going to die, not “you.”  Then maybe let yourself Dream about what you really want.

One Response to “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams”

  1. tami121877 Says:

    Awesome JBuss! I was just thinking the other day – although my past and present may not seem ideal or feel good to me right now / they ARE something like the walking dead (great analogy!). The thought of the future is so uplifting like a ray of sunshine. It was refreshing since before now, it wasn’t too hard to dread the future turning out like the past. I feel like we’ve passed a threshold. The future makes me smile. I’m very excited.

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