Portal 3.25 II

A key today is any feeling of discouragement, fear, hopelessness, despair, or anxiety.

That’s Chiron.

If you’re feeling it already (we’re about 11 hours from the peak as I write this), then you get an A for your Lunar Sensitivity Score.  Congratulations!

Now, here’s what to do…

Raise your head, straighten your spine, and imagine impossibly good outcomes.  Imagine receiving gifts from the Universe that are beyond, or almost beyond, just at the far edge of, your wildest Dreams.  Or something like that! 

That’s the sort of Miracle Chiron can Co-Create with you, if you’re willing to be open to shifting to a new, currently unknown to you, set of assumptions about the Universe.  PIAVA Grace.  In order to avoid creating Expectations – which will be products of your current, anxiety-creating paradigm – be sure to add the Or something like that! at the end of your PIAVA.

Or better yet, rather than imagining any specific outcome, imagine how you’ll feel when you can be perfectly relaxed and casual about whatever issue seems hopeless or anxious or discouraging.  Think of something that’s a hassle for other people, but it’s effortless for you.  That effortless can apply to whatever is hassling you, once you move past the habit of letting it bum you out.

Does this work for you?  Do you feel lifted, hopeful, even excited?

That’s Chiron too!

Despair and Miracle ‘R Chiron.  The difference?  Well, habit for sure, aka Karma, and Worldview.  As the Buddhists say, Change your Mind!  Your bummers are built upon a Worldview, quite probably historically accurate (though holographic), where things don’t work out.  Imagine a World where things do work themselves out, easily.  You don’t live there, yet.  But you can.  You Co-Create that World by giving it your Attention, and removing your Attention from that old dysfunctioning World.  Focus your Attention on the Transformation you’re going to feel when your skills – and those of your Loving Community – exceed your hassles many times over.

The worst sort of Despair is Unconscious Despair – when we don’t even believe that better outcomes are possible!  Use this Portal to start developing a new habit – the habit of recognizing discouragement as a signal to raise your head, straighten your spine, and Dream of Bliss.  Use this technique with caution while operating machinery.

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