Collapse? or Reorg!


Okay, action time.  The Cypriot Blunder has so far only threatened to bring down the financial house of cards – but wait till early April.  Hope you don’t still have any money parked at the big banks.  The Cypriot Blunder tells us what’s likely to collapse in the first half of April, when Eris is prominent.  Eris exposes Denial for a living.  What are the two biggest Denials in the current Collective Trance, or at least, in the Collective Propaganda?  First, that our monetary system is functional, and second, that we can safely ignore climate change.  I’ll be surprised if we don’t see another significant weather or earthquake catastrophe in the next few weeks.  If we had half a Brain, a tenth of a Heart, and a twist of Guts, we’d all be full-time focused on fixing these two horrendous dramas while we still can.

Be mindful that there’s a happy ending to all this – once we get past mid-April, we bathe in Grand Trines (Grace Cubed) for the following six months.  But I expect a rough grind in the interim.  Before we talk about April though, let’s summarize…

The Rest of March

Here’s where we start (March 22):


Uranus Initiates Mars at 9 Aries (“A Crystal Gazer: Development of an inner realization of organic wholeness“) at around 11am PDT on March 22, with the Comet (Pan-Fried), turning Retrograde in the same degree, lensing the whole thing for us.  We went into more detail in The Ides of March, including

On March 22, for about seven hours starting around 5pm PDT, the Moon makes a Yod with Pluto and Chiron.  Don’t waste this portal, as it’s an opportunity to allow Miracles into our lives that will greatly complement our adventures of the following week and month.

The Moon-Saturn Square lends an interesting touch.  It’ll make sharp Focus a Challenge, which is actually good, because it will help us PIAVA the TranceFormative Miracles we want to manifest.  Eugene Gendlin, master of Focusing, advised us long ago to add …or something like that… to the end of every statement we made about our experience, in recognition that our sensory apparatus has such narrow bandwidth.  If you use this portal to manifest, be sure to PIAVA how it will feel in your body, not what you want.  Not Abundance, but how you’ll feel when you get Enough to Share.

You can see the other three Yods in the picture – Pluto Yodded by Moon and Jupiter, Jupiter Yodded by Saturn and Pluto, and Saturn Yodded by Jupiter and Mars-Uranus-PanFried.  We may as well pool them – the Comet, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto;

The Crystal, Manifestation, Action, Expansion, Focus, Yintegrity, and TranceFormation, all wrapped in Curiosity and tied with a bow. 

You can probably imagine as well as I the many experiences and circumstances all that could combine into.  I think we’ll be very busy adding that new wing to our Birdcage – perhaps an Altar or Meditation Room, while Granny keeps a weather eye on Sylvester for us.

That’s the beginning of this gauntlet, wherein we’re likely to be continually and variously caught betraying our True Self, as Uranus deepens our Soul Connection and extends it into the fabric of our Bodies and Lives.  It’s all great – remember, Uranus is disruptive, it disrupts whatever is no longer in alignment with our Soul.  When you embarrass yourself, encounter Shame or Grief or Confusion, or have to let go of something dear to you, Celebrate it!  That’s the Transformation!  The gauntlet runs through the end of the month, with this crescendo on March 28…


when Venus and the Sun are in turn Initiated by Uranus.  This portal maxes out in the 4-6pm PDT window March 28, in the same Crystal Gazer degree, with Pan-Fried still lensing it all.  After turning Retro, the Comet crossed Uranus again on March 26.  Not to mention the Full Moon on March 27.

Early April

The Star of early April is an Initiation of Venus by Mars, conjunct Eris.  Our Venus-Mars Cycles flavor our Relationships, including our Relationship with ourself.  Aligning Venus-Values and Mars-Action.  From Jung’s perspective, our ultimate Relationship event is the hieros gamos, the marriage between our Inner Female and our Inner Male, because it signals achievement of inner Wholeness.  Now, remember what Eris is about?  Maybe, Denial?  What an opportunity!  We get to confront all of the arenas where Denial cloaks impediments to our Inner Wholeness!  I saw a car the other day with a big dent in the side, and a sticker on the dent that said, Oh shit!  Another learning opportunity!  No fun.  But dynamite in terms of potential to eliminate self-sabotage from our future!

The timing runs something like this…

  • Moon Occults Stationary Pluto April 2, 6pm PDT.
  • Lilith Initiates Vesta April 3, 10am PDT at 23 Gemini, “Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.”
  • Mars Initiates Venus April 6, 10pm PDT at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter: Overcoming crises through compassion.”
  • Eris Initiates Venus April 8, 6pm PDT at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”
  • Eris Initiates Mars April 9, 10pm PDT at 23 Aries.
  • New Moon Conjunct Venus-Mars-Eris April 10, 3am PDT at 21 Aries, “A pugilist enters the ring.”
  • Moon crosses Venus-Mars-Eris April 10, 6-10am PDT.
  • Pluto Stationary Retrograde April 12, 1pm PDT.

Which of course means that Pluto is Stationary through this whole process – Stationary meaning Strong, and Pluto Stationary meaning that the Trance is wide open for tinkering.  As we’ll see, the Lilith-Vesta Initiation is heavily involved in these dramas.  Vesta symbolizes what our Heart holds Sacred, and Lilith symbolizes Instinct.  Lilith predates the Apple-Snake Incident, before mind intruded into our lives.  So there shouldn’t be a great deal of Doubt about what needs to be done through all this – it should be so clear that even our Fearless Lizards, er, Leaders, should get it.

The New Moon features interlocking Mjolnirs focusing on Saturn and Lilith-Vesta, with Mercury and Juno for the other feet.  We’ll talk more about that soon, but for now we can suggest that we’ll be confronting the places where our mental habits and our Unconscious Identity conflict with our Yintegrity.  Having our Instinct aligned with the Sacred has a lot in common with our Soul Connection.

And with learning opportunities of this magnitude going on, we need to look to see what sort of Quintiles are about, and there are several.  The Mars-Venus Conjunction is Quintile to both Juno and Ceres – we’ll be learning about Sustainability and Authenticity during this Cycle.  And this chart features a North Node Quintile Yod, with Uranus and Lilith-Vesta for feet.  Boy, it wouldn’t be more clear if the Goddess pulled our hair and wrote it out for us!

Our Mission must serve our Soul Connection and our Sacred Instincts!

That’s the lesson plan.  Phew!  Make the best of it!  We’ll go into more detail about the Quintiles soon as well.

This lovely little sparkler is a Uranocircite Crystal – Barium Uranyl Phosphate Hydroxide.  Barium is a Calcium-Magnesium surrogate, but four-to-five times as heavy.  Like our KarmaHeavy, Man!  Dense, not so easy to cast aside or rush through.  Uranium is twice as heavy as Barium.  But look at how much Energy is locked up in that Denial!  More than enough to Change the World!

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