The Ides of March


Truth-Speaking (Pallas-Eris)

Et tu, Brute?  Pallas crossed Eris on March 12, beginning a new 4-year Cycle about how we Defend our right to Speak Truth.  The Cycle is initiated at 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires,” to which Rudhyar appends “Abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation.”  That’ll be fun.  A fitting initiation for a Pope who calls himself Francis.

Since Pallas-Eris was part of Monday’s New Moon, we can expect to be called on the carpet all month.  Recognize the opportunity to just Speak Truth.

Eris likes to point out other people’s Denial more than her own, but go ahead and let that happen – it’s the fastest way to access your own Denial, because before you get half of it out you’ll realize that it’s a projection – it takes one to know one.  That’s okay, just stop and make amends – Whoa, I do that too, don’t I!  If they want to be rubber to your glue, let it be, just be contrite.  You don’t need to worry about their Karma, just your own.  If contrition raises your Shame, embrace it – it’s a wisdom tooth that needs to come out anyway, the sooner the better.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of this part of Aries in early April, when we have a New Moon and a Venus-Mars Initiation in close proximity, all Conjunct Eris.

Can We Stretch? (The Jupiter Yod)

We’re still under the spell of the Jupiter-Apex Yod with Saturn and Pluto till the first few days of April – we’re still wondering how much we can Stretch (Jupiter) while we Focus (Saturn) on our Transformation (Pluto).  Or whether we can keep it together (Saturn) while our new Trance (Pluto) Stretches (Jupiter) us.  Or why the Choice (Saturn) seems to be to Grow (Jupiter) or Die (Pluto), with the emphasis on the Grow.  Of course it’s only Ego Death, but Ego Deaths can feel worse than biological Deaths.

Yintegrity (Comet-Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus)

Things heat up next week.

On March 22, for about seven hours starting around 5pm PDT, the Moon makes a Yod with Pluto and Chiron.  Don’t waste this portal, as it’s an opportunity to allow Miracles into our lives that will greatly complement our adventures of the following week and month.

Meanwhile, Comet Pan-STARRS and Uranus are traveling in tandem, with Pan-STARRS lensing Uranus Energy for us, getting us ready for April events that bring our self-sabotage into Focus.  The amplified Uranus Energy asks us to give up what is not truly Us.  The more we can do this proactively now, the less painful April will be.

Uranus Initiates a new Cycle with Mars on March 22, within spitting distance of Pan-STARRS.  Pan-STARRS backtracks across Uranus on March 26.  Then the Sun and Venus together cross Uranus and Pan-STARRS on March 28.  The Mars-Uranus Cycle lasts two years, while both the Sun- and Venus-Uranus Cycles last one year.

Both Initiate at 9 Aries, “A Crystal Gazer,” which Rudyar extends with “The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness.”  Mars-Uranus is about Acting to support our Real Self.  Venus-Mars is about discovering that what we Value is support for our Soul Self, and that we feel betrayed when we continue to support our False Self.  Sun-Uranus is just the urge to be our True Self.

Stretching into Yintegrity (The Saturn Yods)

As Mars and Sun and Venus cross Uranus, they fill up one foot of a Saturn-Apex Yod, with Jupiter on the other foot.  So it won’t be enough to just practice supporting our Real Self – Saturn will force us to Focus on it.

The Mars foot runs from March 22 to March 29.  Saturn-Apex Yod with Mars and Jupiter: Focus on Acting in unique ways.

The Uranus foot runs from March 23 to March 28.  Saturn-Apex Yod with Uranus and Jupiter: Focus on Stretching into new ways of integrating our Real Self into our lives, Expanding the ways we Act out our Truth in our Relationships.  Note the overlap with Saturn-Mars-Jupiter.

The Sun-Venus foot runs from March 28 to March 31.  Saturn-Apex Yod with Sun-Venus and Jupiter: Focus on Expanding our Values and ways of Being to accommodate our new sense of Self.

It’s good to remember that Uranus is about Yin Integrity, not Yang Integrity.  Yang Integrity means doing what you said you were going to do, and that’s important for consistency in our social contracts.  Yang Integrity comes from the Ego, Saturn.  Yin Integrity – Uranus – means doing what we feel like doing, moment to moment.  To live Yin Integrity we need to make adjustments – fewer commitments, willingness to renegotiate when it conflicts with Yang Integrity, and the like.  Yin Integrity comes from the Unconscious, which is much larger than the Ego.  Yin Integrity is often unbidden, and uncontainable.

All Together Now

So we’ll be running a Saturn Yod and a Jupiter Yod together.  Jupiter and Saturn are the primary social planets, so we can look forward with great Curiosity to see how our relationships will be changing.

The other corners of the two Yods are Pluto and Uranus – two of the primary Unconscious planets, Uranus about our Soul Self and Pluto about the Zeitgeist of our culture and the Trance Reformations we go through as individuals while adapting to changes in it.  Uranus disrupts, but what it disrupts is that which is no longer in alignment with the evolution of our connection to our Real Self.  Pluto is associated with Ego Death, because our Trance Reformations require Rebirth.

It won’t hurt at all to talk about the Signs involved.

We’ve already talked about Saturn in Scorpio – getting to the bottom of things.  In Scorpio, the Way Out Is Through.  Scorpio is Fearless.  If we stay Focused on The Most Important Thing, that’ll evoke Scorpio’s Fearlessness.

Jupiter is in Gemini – maximum flexibility.  Go with the flow, because you can do it.  When you encounter the Resistance, remember your flexibility.  You don’t need to burn bridges or throw out any babies.  You can make this a smooth transition, without serious disruption, because of your adaptability.

Pluto is in Capricorn.  Pluto represents where the Planet is going.  Capricorn means “just fix it!”  Pluto’s now at 12 degrees, “On a vast staircase stand people of different types.”  Rudhyar links this image to Human evolution.  I see the grand amalgam where everyone is respected for their own special skills, and everyone is equally respected.  The great Collaboration that can accomplish Miracles before breakfast.

And Uranus is in Aries.  Aries has no idea what it’s doing; it’s Cardinal Fire – that means Creative Spirit.  Five years later, Aries might begin to understand why they were doing what they were doing five years ago.  In real time there’s no hope, it’s all pure Intuition.  Aries lays the foundation for a construction that no one has ever seen before, so judgment is way off key.  Uranus represents our personal Truth.  You can’t explain who you really are, you just have to Trust that it’s okay to be who you really are.  Actually, it’s mandatory.

Big renovations in our Birdcage, in other words.  Lest we forget, our Birdcage is the set of Limiting Beliefs we use to keep ourselves Safe.  That’s not trivial – Safety is our Ego’s number one job, and bucking the Ego involves a steep price.  We don’t mean Ego as in Self-Centered, we mean Ego as in Living; life without a healthy Ego is miserable.  So pulling out a bar or two in our cage, to open up a new wing, is always appropriately scary.  But necessary.

So How Can We Be an Instrument of Peace?

We probably all know, but seldom remember, that Fear + Breathing equals Excitement.  In fact, any physical process – flexing your muscles, batting your eyes, wiggling your ears – may be able to help bring you into the Present Moment.  The Present Moment is always the fulcrum of Power.

Tapping is also a powerful tool for separating Memorex from the Present Moment.  In general, a grip of old Fear (or Shame) will loosen under Tapping.  If we stumble into seriously nasty recollections, that’s actually cause for celebration, as getting that OUT of our body is top priority for moving our lives and the Planet forward.  Of course it won’t feel like cause for celebration.

Speaking your Truth to a Safe friend will help, and this deepening of our relationships may well end up being manifested by Jupiter-Quincunx-Saturn.

You can also try the old What color is the wallpaper? trick – that sometimes works to put us back into the Present Moment, where we have access to all of our adult skills.  When a heavy held Emotion arises, we regress to the time (or lifetime) when we encountered the Trauma that caused it to stick, and when we do, our skillset is limited to the skills we had at that time.  Getting back into the Present Moment changes the Paradigm completely.

If nothing moves your Fear or Shame, try Kegels.  While Kegels may have benefits in other parts of your life, they’re terribly handy for dealing with serious Fear.  Kegels slow down time.  Think Michael Jordan, or Edgar Martinez.  Kegels will put you “in the zone,” where it feels as if you have superpowers, simply because you’re operating in a different time environment.  With time slowing, panic is reduced.  I learned this from Jack Schwarz, and after his workshop I watched Alien on the big screen, so I did a lot of Kegels.  My speedometer said I was doing the speed limit on the way home, but it felt like it took hours to go half a mile.

Now I’m not predicting a horrendous couple of weeks here, I’m just trying to prepare you for major Changes in your life and our outer and inner circumstances and our Planet.

Embrace the Changes.  PIAVA Clarity and a Loving and Gentle Transition, and Trust the Goddess to set you down gently in Oz. 

I never read Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, because I didn’t think it sounded very self-loving.  But with the World changing fast and dragging us behind if we aren’t running along, we may not have a choice.


Fluorite’s pretty easy to come by and very inexpensive.  Just about any color of Fluorite will ease the Healing process, but the blue form is compelling, and will ease big transitions.

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