Here’s our March Comet over Melbourne at Sunset, Pan-STARRS, courtesy Carl Gruber.  For details see

It’ll skim the Sun in a couple days, and be prominent in the Northern Half next week.  Watch your Sunsets.  Here’s an ephemeris,

Leave a comment if you’d like to know how to read the ephemeris.  If your sleep has been disturbed, this might have something to do with it…

Another Comet, Comet Lemmon (which is green!), will get bright toward the end of March and into April…

None of which should be confused with Comet ISON, due in November 2013…

All of which of course had “nothing to do” with the Big Meteorite,

that nailed Chelyabinsk and upstaged the Big Asteroid as it zinged past on the Ides of February.


Busy busy busy in this neck of the Galaxy.

Here’s a nice story about how we’ll live when The Goddess finishes mopping up the messes that The God has been making of everything…

Not that His goals aren’t positive, it’s just that a lot of people don’t understand His sense of humor and that He’s trying to make things look so ridiculous that they’ll “get it” and swing back toward Compassion.  Like this one –

Or this one,

Maybe folks’ll “get it” soon, eh?  Here’s a viewpoint from Thomas Berry…

“We are here to become integral with all our relations; I have said before that our role and rationale and mission is to be in communion with all living forms, both human and non-human.  Remember that from the beginning the universe has been spiritual as well as physical, it follows that everything and everyone has both a physical and spiritual dimension: there is an intrinsic goodness in all life.  This is what we must keep in mind no matter what an individual is expressing at any given moment.

“There is a spark of divinity to be awakened within each one, a uniqueness that is an aspect of the sacred.  All relationships carry that possibility.  Someone or something must ignite the spark by loving the differences in each of us.  In each meeting there is the mystery of the presence of another with whom one can discover new possibilities for life.  Everyone and everything calls for recognition, the longing to be known for its special presence.  To deprive any being of this sacred quality is to disrupt the total order of the universe.”

Carolyn Tobin, Recovering a Sense of the Sacred: Conversations with Thomas Berry, pp.69-70.

One Response to “Pan-Fried”

  1. Gracie Says:

    I find Thomas Berry’s words internally soothing. Thank you.

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