Portal 2.25


Advance Review

Our second Portal follows the New Moon.  The Diamond Star Portal concerns more Miracles and our further education around our highest and deepest personal Values.  The Full Moon is about growing our Co-Creation skills and moving our cultures closer to their Tipping Points where we all start washing our food with Cooperation and Community instead of Competition and Avarice.

The Main Act

We’ll consider these two events in reverse order.

The Diamond Star

Our second Portal of the weekend is a Diamond Star that begins lighting up around 4pm  PST on Monday, and spans around six hours.  This one can begin earlier if you’re sensitive to the Energy, but fades fairly rapidly afterward, as Vesta moves out of range of its Quincunx to Pluto, dissolving the central Yod.


The centerpiece of the Diamond Star is the Vesta-Apex Yod with Saturn and Pluto, which we’ve been enjoying since the first week of January.  The other players, Moon and Chiron, are the same as our last Diamond Star Portal at the end of January, but this time the Sun Conjoins Chiron, which will greatly emphasize the Miracles, though of course this means that, if you don’t find those New Eyes, it could amp up the Despair as well.  The highest probability for most of us, I suspect, is that the Full Moon will illuminate our Despair in such a way that we will be able to Separate from it, not least because we’ve recently just been through virtually the same Portal.  You know, the old Fool-me-once routine.

When Despair ‘R’ Us and our Identity is merged with our feeling of Despair, there is no escape.  As with any other all-encompassing Emotion, we have forgotten that we can move our Assemblage Point – our Identity – at will.  I’m always reminded of the dude that introduces this post, discovering the Universe beyond his Birdcage.

The nature of Karma is that we’re tightly wrapped in its Burka, and it’s difficult to find the exit.  But once we remember that we have options, it’s actually very easy to shift from being Victimized by our Karma or Despair, to taking Responsibility for it.  We simply Respond to our Despair (or other Heavies) by stepping outside of our Emotional Body, putting our disembodied arms around our Emotional Self, and Empathizing with our Despair from the outside.  Same as you would do if your best friend or your child was bummed, or if you encountered a lost child in the park.  Once you do that, raise your chin – chances are you’ll be looking through New Eyes.

Wouldn’t hurt to review the Diamond Star – it’s composed of a Yod (the green triangle) and a T-Square (the red triangle) with the same Apex, which results in a “bowl of Grace” (the blue lines) under the T-Square.  While the T-Square represents Challenge, the bowl of Grace helps immensely toward the Mastery that T-Squares also represent.  T-Squares never feel very good, so we keep trying, and as a result our T-Squares are where our greatest experiential skills lie.  It’s just that we seldom appreciate these skills because they don’t provide satisfaction.  Yods are about Curiosity, which as you’ll recall, we regard as a very high vibration, because like Love it’s devoid of Judgment.

Everything focuses on the Apex – in this case Vesta, or that which we hold Sacred.  So the overall Challenge is to explore (the Curiosity) how to create Miracles (the Full Moon Opposite Chiron) by aligning ourselves with what we personally regard as the Energy of the Sacred.  The feet of the Yod – and the sources of Grace – are Saturn (Focus) and Pluto (Trance Reformation), which give us the Opportunity to make this new Wizardry a permanent part of our skillset.  The part about our personal regard is very important, as in most cases Vesta is not about our religious training, but what has Meaning and Value in our Hearts.

Sure, religious formulations started with that, till they got caught up in Politics.  That would be after about five minutes.  The difference between Spirit and Politics lies in the punctuation at the end of the sentence.  Spiritual statements end with a question mark, and Political statements end with an exclamation point.  When someone asks you what has Value and Meaning in your Heart, and listens respectfully, that’s a Spiritual process.  When someone tells you what to Believe and what not to Believe, what to Do and not to Do, what is Moral and what ain’t, that’s a Political process.  The noun form of Political is Power.  As Starhawk would say, it’s the difference between Power with (Spiritual) and Power Over (Political).

Of course there’s always a chance that you were programmed into a religion that aligned perfectly with what has Value and Meaning in your Heart, or that you were able to ignore the Political aspects of your training and focus on the Perennial Wisdom that it embodied.  If that was the case, more Power to you.

The downside lies in getting stuck inside your Karmic Birdcage and believing its lies about your Limitations – the Chironic Despair.  Like I and several friends almost did at the end of January, till we broke free.  Often we’ve said that “Karma is dead” – and the reason we say that is because these episodes of getting tarbabied by our Karma only last a short while – a few hours or days – rather than the years or lifetimes that they had been lasting.

The reason we focus on the Outer Planets and rare Configurations, instead of the Inner Planets and common Configurations, is because the more experience we have with something, the more likely we are to have mastered it.  We see a Full Moon once a month, so we have lots of experience with it.  We only see a Chiron Full Moon every few years, so its more likely to flummox us.  How often would Saturn (the reprogrammer) and Pluto (the programming) team up to make a Yod with Vesta (the Sacred)?  On average probably once every several hundred years, if we’re very lucky.  What’re the odds that this occurs just after an End-of-the-World-as-We-Then-Knew-It Event?  In Challenging alignment with Miracle-worker Chiron?  This is beginning to sound like a once-in-a-Universe Opportunity to tune in to what has Value and Meaning to us personally, and change our Lives accordingly.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon on Monday (half past noon PST) is surrounded by the two Portals we’ve discussed, except for one issue.  Monday’s Diamond Star wraps around the Vesta-Saturn-Pluto Yod.  Jupiter’s now moving forward, and will soon replace Vesta in that Yod, as was the case earlier in the year while Jupiter was Retrograde.  Jupiter’s not back in the Yod yet.  But Jupiter is closely Square to the New Moon.

Erase the green lines in the chart above, and make the red triangle point at Jupiter instead of Vesta, and you have the meat of the chart for the Chiron Full Moon itself – a T-Square atop a bowl of Grace, a Challenge with plenty of juice for being Present with it.  But now we have Jupiter rather than Vesta – Expansion rather than the Sacred, at the Apex of the T-Square.  The Challenge to Expand our Miracles, aided and abetted by Focus on reforming our Trance.  You can think of your Trance as a loose parallel to your Birdcage, and a loose parallel to your Unconscious Identity.  Our Trance has a much larger cultural component than the other correlates.

The Opportunity for us is to help Co-Create a reprogramming of the culture we live in, not just by changing our own psychic contribution to it, but also by communicating with our fellow Community members.  With Mercury turning Retrograde a few hours from this writing, we won’t be saying a whole lot – but what we do say will contribute to the Tipping Point that our cultures are inching closer to every day.


While not a classical Learning Opportunity like a closely coordinated herd of Quintiles, the Diamond Star is also a Learning Opportunity by virtue of triggering our Curiosity.  Both are Manifesters, Hexagrams, the traditional magical symbol for Manifestation.  But the Diamond Star has more Action in it, more potential for direct Change in our lives.  Our chief antagonists here are Despair and Karma.  Our beliefs that we don’t have Control, and that we don’t have Leverage to Change.  They’re Paper Tigers, celluloid only, with no real substance except for their alliance with our Astral Body.  We defuse them by simply stepping outside of the theater.

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  1. sisterbellabee Says:

    Dear Jim, just want you to know I’ve had this post propped open for weeks… a month! I meet keep it open for a month more. Getting through the flummoxed thing, I think so!
    Bless you!

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