Heavy Weekend Ahead

We’ll write more on Thursday, but we wanted to forewarn that it’s likely to be another heavy weekend coming up.

Mercury turns Retrograde on Saturday (2am PST) at 20 Pisces, reviewing the territory back to 6 of Pisces over the following three weeks.  Pisces is a slow version of your-life-flashing-before-your-eyes, and this section of Pisces is basically the forming-a-personality-and-then-seeing-if-other-people-will-let-you-get-away-with-it stage of life.  Mercury will be conferring with Mars (February 26), the Sun (March 4), and Chiron (March 9) for advice while it’s weighing the feathers.  That would be about Assertion or Aggression, Self-Appreciation or Self-Rejection, and Despair or Risking Miracles.

Remember, we all do the best we can with the resources we have at the moment, so don’t go judging your historical teenager by your current standards, or believing that the horrendous emotional swings that she or he went through had anything to do with your behavior.  That was all just hormone swings; the alleged behavior was just an excuse so you wouldn’t think you were going crazy.  You went through it again in your forties.  Keep track of what’s really happening in the Present Moment.  What color was the wallpaper when that was going on?  What color is the wallpaper in the room you’re in now?  Keep your two yous separate, and make a special effort to be kind to both.

Then we come into a phase similar to those nasty times we had at the end of January.  On Sunday a Grand Quintile forms, the grandaddy of Learning Opportunities.  Your self-love and Present-Moment practice with Mercury will serve you well there.

The Full Moon arrives Monday, and it introduces a Diamond Star around the Vesta-Saturn-Pluto Yod, that runs into Tuesday, bouncing off the Mercury-Mars event on its way out.

Couple of nice Portals there for us to squeeze through.  Little room for extra baggage, and there’s a baggage fee anyway.  Baggage is anything you haven’t fully Loved yet.  More Thursday.

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