Station of Saturn – All Aboard!


The Top Line

What’s changed in your Priorities since August 2010?  How are those Changes related to your Mission on the Planet in this lifetime?  What Priority do you give to your Mission?  How well do you understand it?  (Hint: keep it vague – if you intellectualize it too much you’ll kill it.)

The Middle Way

Saturn turns Retrograde next Monday (February 18, 9am PST), so we’ll be feeling it very soon if we aren’t already.  The Most Important Thing you need to know about Saturn, is that

Saturn always asks us to Focus on The Most Important Thing.

Not that any two folks would agree on what that is – and Vive la Difference.  A planet is felt Strongly when it’s Stationary, or almost Stationary.  Today Saturn is two minutes of arc from its location at next Monday’s Station – that is, virtually Standing Still.  For comparison, horizon-to-horizon on the open prairie is more than 11,000 arcminutes, and the Full Moon is thirty arcminutes wide.

Saturn moves backwards (from our perspective) for twenty weeks, till early July, backing over the span of 12 to 5 degrees of Scorpio.  These degrees comprise the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces “Dwads” of Scorpio.  A Dwad is one twelfth of a Sign.

These Dwads personify Scorpio’s deep desire to Finish Business, clear Karma and other limitations, and prepare the roadbed into the future for paving.

As Saturn turns introspective, where our Focus will be more on who we are than what we are doing, that’s likely to seem like The Most Important Thing.  Saturn’s been crossing this space (forward) since mid-November, so we’ll be reviewing our World-Ending Solstice and all of the other excitements that we’ve been through since then.

If you experience Saturn as Limitation, as many do, it’s probably because you hesitate to let go of things of secondary importance.  Saturn is also connected to the father.  Did your father encourage you to take risks and teach you how to learn from “failure”?  Did you often overhear your father putting down other people for not being clever or relentless enough?  We often fear to commit our full Attention and Energy to The Most Important Thing (to us) because we don’t want to be devastated by failing at The Most Important Thing.  So we strive after secondary goals that appear more achievable.

The folks who talk about the way collaborative New-Paradigm Communities can work, like Gar Alperovitz, often emphasize failure as something to be expected.

Who gets everything right on the first try?  We fail, adjust, and try again.  That’s called Learning, and without it we don’t thrive.

The old socioeconomic paradigm is long dead, held up only by the ongoing strenuous effort of the few who were enriched by it.  Look at it through Darwin’s eyes – without trying thousands of new ways to connect and support one another, the Species won’t survive, let alone the Empire.  If we spend our Attention and Focus and Energy on our secondary goals, we never Attend to our Mission, which means that the Planetary puzzle never gets put back into Balance.

In a subsequent post we’ll look in detail at what this Station is all about.  For now, let’s just Focus on The Most Important Thing about the Station chart.  That would be the Quincunx Angle between Saturn and Vesta.  That’s the common Angle in the Vesta Yod with Saturn and Pluto, and the Saturn Yod with Vesta and Pallas.  This is a Waning Quincunx, so while it’s still about Curiosity – Curiosity about what we personally hold to be Sacred (Vesta), it’s more about What did we Learn? than What are we Learning?

How have our Values changed since the Summer of 2010?

That’s an important question to explore, because it provides strong clues about our personal Mission about The Most Important Thing.

The Waning Quincunx is the last Big Angle before the Phitile.  The Phitile, the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, is only twelve and a half degrees further down the Cycle.  An astrological Cycle unfolds like so…

  • Conjunction (0 degrees) – a New Energy is Strong at its Birth, as is Resistance to it, but then it goes back underground till the…
  • Waxing Square (90 degrees) – the Energy becomes permanent, and we’re Challenged to Master it to our advantage
  • Waxing Quincunx (150 degrees) – we become intensely Curious about what we’re learning in the Cycle; what we learn we take with us beyond the Cycle, while what we earn in the Cycle we often lose as the Cycle wanes
  • Oppositition (180 degrees) – the Cycle Flowers
  • Waning Quincunx (210 degrees) – a second opportunity to review and retrieve what we’ve learned from the Flowering of the Cycle
  • Phitile (222 and a half degrees) – harvesting the Fruit of the Cycle
  • Waning Square (270 degrees) – The Energy is spent, and we’re Challenged to Let Go into the Void of pure potential, where what we’ve learned becomes an Eye of Newt for the Cauldron of the Unformed; Eye is Perspective and Newt is Salamander – the Transformer, and the more unrestrained is our descent into the Dreamtime, the greater is our potential for creating Miracles in the next Cycle

So what Cycle are we looking at here?  The Vesta-Saturn Cycle that began on August 13, 2010 at 3 degrees of Libra, “The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.”  That’s pretty profound, given the circumstances.  So,

What have we learned about how everything has changed, and how are we adapting to it?

And Most Importantly,

How has our understanding of what is Sacred to us, and the degree to which we Focus on it, changed for the better?

With Saturn turning Retrograde and Vesta continuing on her merry way, the Quincunx fades at the end of February, the Phitile forms in the first few days of April, and the Waning Square in mid-July, just after Saturn goes Direct again.  So we only have a short time to finish bringing this Most Important component of our Mission up into Consciousness.


Grandmother Muscovite is the perfect Guide for us here.  She’ll connect you with your Spirit Guides who can tell you all about your Mission, should you choose to accept it – yet.  She’ll filter the information you receive, no more and no less than what you need to know just now, assuaging confusion.  Confusion is the first step of Growth, but Saturn and the Waning Quincunx are both about consolidating and stabilizing the Growth you’ve already received, lest you lose it in the muck.  Too much Clarity can be dangerous because it can deceive, but not when Saturn is afoot.  In Muscovite Micas, Potassium (Intuitive Perception) and Aluminum (Clarity) provide the positive ions that separate the Silicate layers and allow it to cleave into transparent sheets with their unique electrical (insulator) and thermal (conductor) properties.

The Bottom Line

Like it or not, for the next week we’re going to be Focusing on The Most Important Thing, and while that will be different for each of us, it appears likely to be around what we’ve learned about our Deepest Values over the last couple of years – which will be a beacon pointing us toward our Mission.  We learn from trial and error, so it’s critically important to not let fear of failure keep us from exploring our Most Important Thing – and giving it Priority-One Attention.  Priorities Two through Many will be alive and well waiting for us after Saturn goes Retrograde; we can let them slide for the week, and then reassess their importance relative to our Mission.

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  1. Gracie Says:

    Pleased to meet you, JBuss-
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your mercurial point of view. Are you available for personal chart readings? I surmise that you could give me some excellent insight.

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