All Aboard II


Saturn Eclipsing the Sun, as seen from Spacecraft Cassini, photo borrowed from CICLOPS.  Hard to imagine how they could get the distance just right to make Saturn as small as the Sun would be at that distance, but you can even see the “Diamond Ring Effect” at the lower left, like we see when our Moon eats the Sun.  The white glow is probably Sunlight illuminating Saturn’s atmosphere, and the Sun probably isn’t much bigger than the “Diamond.”


I know you love it when I talk about Identity, but you know, our Identities are changing.  Our Consciousness will struggle to keep up with the Changes that have already been made, and continue to be made, on Unconscious levels.  Changes like these make Relationships of all kinds more complicated, as we may no longer be able to depend on what we would consider to be consistent behavior from Others.  As has been our salvation for a while now, Curiosity is what will help maintain our bearings.

Change does not mean that we’ve been wrong in the past – our operating principles have changed, and our personal history ran on different operating principles.  No blame – Don’t fall for any temptation to Doubt Yourself!  Be a Curious Observer of what’s happening, including of yourself.  A long time ago a friend of mine, riffing off a Chinese philosopher, practiced referring to himself as “He” rather than “Me.”  That’d be a great practice for the rest of February.

The Juicy Details

To find out more about the Saturn Station that we’re living in this week, let’s look at the Angles Saturn makes with its fellow travelers.

Great Yods

Here’s our first picture, showing the integer-number-of-Signs Angles…


You can see the green-lined Quincunxes tracing out the double Yods that we mentioned yesterday.  And on the left, the Moon joining Vesta.  And the green-red-blue Pythagorean Triangle with both Mars and Chiron as foci at top left in the chart.  The red lines represent Challenge and Motivation (Squares), the blue lines Grace (Sextiles and Trines), and the green lines Curiosity (Quincunxes).  So?  Well,

  • Moon-Vesta means we’ll be feeling Emotionally attached to the Most Important of our Deepest Values.
  • The Mars Triangle implies we’ll be motivated to Act to protect the Most Important of our Deepest Values.
  • The Chiron Triangle suggests that we needn’t be surprised to witness Miracles around the Most Important of our Deepest Values.

We’ve already talked about the Double Yod, but it wouldn’t hurt to review…

  • The Saturn-Apex Yod with Pallas and Moon-Vesta makes us relentless about defending the Most Important of our Deepest Values.
  • The Moon-Vesta-Apex Yod with Saturn and Pluto will be illuminating the Most Important of our Deepest Values with sharp contrast.
  • The Pallas-Pluto Square across the top of the Double Yod motivates us to spontaneously defend our Spiritual Transformation.

When we newly illuminate our connection to the Deepest Values that we hold Sacred, and cement it with Emotion, the Transformation is indeed Spiritual.

When we Change, it can destabilize other people, if their image of Reality is anchored partly by who they believe us to be.  And their Changes may destabilize us!  Hence the need for defending who we’ve Become.  And when we meet defensiveness in others, we need to respect it, and gently inquire about what they’re defending – though they may not be able to explain!  We may also find ourselves without words if we’re asked to explain why we’re defensive.  Know that there is no need to explain yourself, just say that things seem to be different here in 2013.

We are Curious Observers here, noticing the Changes that are occurring.  We may also be making Conscious Changes, but most of what’s going on is happening to us.  This is not an affront to our Ego, or loss of Control, it’s evidence that we have surrendered Control to our Higher Self.  When you find yourself doing or saying things that surprise you, stand back and watch.  This is where you may find Confusion that is an early stage of Growth, if you’re willing to Let It Be.

Quints Galore

Then there’s this picture, of the non-integer-number-of-Signs Angles, the Quintiles and Septiles…


A Double Quintile Yod, or 80% of a Grand Quintile!  The Quintiled planets, besides our poster child Saturn, are Juno, Uranus, and Lilith.  Quintiles (in orange) are about Learning and Teaching, Wisdom, Intuition, Perception, and often involve a Test of Faith.  We learned about that Test of Faith at the end of January, when a Grand Quintile joined a Diamond Star.  Mostly a Test of Faith in ourselves – that is after all one of our two Big Issues here, isn’t it – honoring and defending our True Self (Uranus-Pluto) and respecting the Changes She’s asking us to make in our Conscious Lives.  Of course the other Big Issue is adapting to the not-yet-fully-Co-Created New socioeconomic Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune).

So what can we expect from Quintiles between Saturn (Focus on Priority #1), Juno (Unconscious Identity), Uranus (I Gotta Be Me), and Lilith (Give Me Liberty or Give Me Annulment)?  Well, since Lilith and Eris are in the midst of restructuring the Gender Balance on the Planet, and since Juno is in a Waning Square to Eris (the Deep Feminine), meaning that their previous treaty is expiring, we can expect to be confronted with any places where we don’t sufficiently respect our Inner Female.  And of course if The Most Important of our Deepest Values include Justice or Equality, and if in our Sacred Values we regard Yin as a legitimate half of the YingYang, then significant issues may arise.  The Gender orientation of our newly discovered and defended True Self may also complicate things.

The bottom line: our True Self and our Inner Female conspire to revise our Unconscious Identity by forcing contradictions into our Consciousness, contradictions around The Most Important of our Deepest Values.  We are moving toward greater Authenticity.

Where was the previous treaty between Eris and Juno signed?  Hmm, Aries 21, “A pugilist enters the ring” (February 2010), which Rudhyar extends as “The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.”  Next year’s new treaty will be a lot more friendly, but in the interim we’ll be dealing with folks who continue to defend the old treaty even though it’s expiring.  Folks who refuse to descend into the Void can be a real pain, because as the ground beneath them dissolves they become hollower and shriller.  In institutions like Western Cultures, where the Void is considered sinful, Deniers can frighten a lot of people into following them.  This is how folks who call themselves Christians can preach Intolerance so vociferously.  So it may be April 2014 before we reach the Tipping Point around Women’s Rights and related issues.

The Triseptile

Then there’s the light-green line on the second picture, the Waning Triseptile from Jupiter to Saturn.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, recall, is a prime mover in our socioeconomic circumstances.  The Waning Triseptile is about using “Magic” to take advantage of the Flowering of the Cycle.  So what’s the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle about?  It’s about harvesting what needs to be preserved from the Industrial Revolution, and it’s “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems” (23 Taurus, May 28, 2000).  So basically,

Whatever material and social assistance you need to support The Most Important of your Deepest Values, don’t hesitate to PIAVA it.  Dream Big!

In several weeks Jupiter replaces Vesta at the Apex of the Saturn-Pluto Yod.  Taking advantage of the Triseptile this week will put us way ahead in March.

The Rest of February

As you may have guessed, the Moon keeps moving ahead, which means that in a week it completes a Diamond Star and a Grand Septile with these Configurations, preceded by Mercury turning Retrograde.  We’ll have to write about all that once we finish Focusing on Saturn.

Summing It Up

Our Unconscious Identity has shifted, and it continues to shift.  We’re called upon to Focus on The Most Important of our Deep Values as we bring portions of our New Selves into Consciousness, and struggle to hold the space for our New Selves to be themselves.  Others may resist our Changes, and we need to be careful not to resist the Changes that others are making.

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  1. Gracie Says:

    Thank you for reminding me that it may be a struggle to hold the space for a self newly born.

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