Curiosity Rules!  The Yods are multiplying, and what we’re likely to get from them is a demand for greater Authenticity, and an urgency about defending what’s bottom-line for us.

The Ceres Yod

Here’s one of the two primary Configurations we labor under in early February, a double-Yod Isosceles Trapezoid…


The Vesta Yod is still in effect, but since Saturn is one of its legs and Saturn is stationary on February 18, we’ll deal with that in a few days.

This Trapezoid is pretty straightforward – a Ceres-focused Yod and a North Node-focused Yod that share one of the Quincunxes (green lines).  It means we’re coming around to making our Mission (North Node) a more fundamental (Ceres) basis for our lives.  The other two corners are Juno and Eris – Unconscious Identity and the Deep Feminine.  The nature of a Yod is Curiosity, so it’s not like the Yods are necessarily stressful.  But Juno does Square Eris (red line), so there is a Challenge involved.  Eris can’t stand subterfuge, so this is mostly about getting Unconscious contradictions into Consciousness.

Many of us were programmed to denounce our Mission.  On a dualistic planet, we learn most quickly by studying opposites, mirror images, and vacancies.  Like Bilbo, we need to put some experience under our belts before we risk everything, because we’re otherwise too vulnerable.  And in many cases our Mission is time-critical; if we pushed into it before the World was ready for us, we’d blow it.  Of course you could say that our Mission is to clear our Karma, but that’s secondary, and too focused on the individual Ego.  We are not separate.  A goalie’s Mission is not to embrace her Past Deaths, it’s to prevent the ball from finding the net.  Sure, she might have to deal with her fear of Death to do that, but that’s not her Mission.

So as we get ready to move our Mission into priority #1 (Saturn and the North Node collide head-on in September), we throw off the various disguises we’ve taken on to stay safe and preserve the element of Surprise, and begin to visualize ourselves as who we really are.  Letting go of some of that programming and admitting that we actually are what we’ve been rejecting all of our lives, can be difficult.  It won’t be as difficult as you imagine it’s going to be, but getting beyond our expectations is what growth is all about.

So that’s where we are,

Dropping our disguises, we’ll be outing our True Self and preparing ourselves for our real Mission, the reason we came here.  We may have a little trouble wriggling out of the false personas that are most comfortable and most safe.

We’re likely to be particularly challenged to take an opportunity to practice outing our True Self on February 14, when the Moon crosses Eris.  That should build to a peak by around 10am PST on Thursday.

The Vesta Yod

Not to diminish our Vesta Yod with Saturn and Pluto, which persists through most of February – that’s the one where we’re inspired to Focus (Saturn) on Transforming (Pluto) our lives so we’re more respectful of what our Heart holds Sacred (Vesta).    And what do you know, starting just about now, Pallas moves into position to make a Yod with Saturn at the helm and Vesta at the other foot, to create the same double-Yod Trapezoid as the Ceres-North Node pattern, but with Cat’s-Ears…


If you look close you can see that these two patterns sit right on top of one another, just slightly offset.  The second Configuration is a bit more complex.

The Saturn Yod tells us that our newfound need to defend our newfound individuality combines with our newly prominent sense of the Sacred, to force us to attend to our Number One Priority.  Which, given the first pattern, is probably our Mission.  Think of it this way – if you had two months to live, you’d finished business around your commitments, and you didn’t have any limitations from health or finances, how would you change the World?  The Challenge in this Configuration is between Pallas and Pluto – we need to change our Trance in such as way that we become willing to defend our individuality vigorously.

The Cat’s-Ears are made up of Quincunx-Trine-Square (green-blue-red) Triangles, both riffing off of the Vesta-Saturn Quincunx.  These isoceles Triangles are nice – the Square provides Motivation, the Quincunx Curiosity, and the Trine Grace, and the tree complement one another.  One Ear is Venus – the Square to Saturn says we’re going to have to confront our desire to play nice when doing so would be a sellout.  The Trine says that our focus on what’s Sacred to us will make that easier.  The other Ear is Chiron, and the Challenge is dropping our old expectations long enough to allow Miracles into our Field.  The Grace is our Focus on our need for Miracles and our willingness to PIAVA them.

This pattern gets more complex as we move toward next weekend and start to feel Saturn’s Station.

Summing Up

For most of the rest of February, we’ll be preparing our armor and selecting our Steed as we prepare to march off to whatever Crusade is closest to our Hearts.  Not that it’s about war or conquest or even competition – not at all.  But it’ll probably feel that way, as our Heart says, No, you’ve gone too far this time, and I can no longer take this sitting down!  Tavis Smiley has been reviewing poignant and touching and painful moments from the Civil Rights Movement, like the day and night Martin Luther King Jr. spent meditating in Mahatma Gandhi’s room.  Here’s some very inspiring material..

It will behoove us to pray for a loving and gentle transition from here to there.


Everybody knows Rubies and Sapphires.  They’re simple Aluminum Oxides.  Add some Magnesium, and you have Spinel.  The crystals are usually smaller, but they can be just as gemmy and facetable.  Spinel can be red or pink or blue or black, but the pink form is quintessential for letting your True Self out of the closet.  This is the one, there are no substitutes.

The Saturn Station

In a few days we’ll look at the Saturn Station coming up on February 18, including the Grand Quintile that forms February 24.  I missed it last month, but there was also another Grand Quintile on January 28, just as the Vesta Yod was morphing into a Diamond Star.  We said then,

This [Diamond Star] should be very exciting, with Jupiter Stationary and the Moon triggering our Emotional involvement with the Sacred – and Chiron showing the way to Miracles!  This could easily be life-changing for many of us!

The way I and several friends experienced that period felt more life-devastating than life-changing – but that’s what Ego Death is all about, isn’t it.  We got fully involved in the Present Moment (which wasn’t Present at all, but a Regression) and forgot that it was about Letting Go of our old patterns – till we got deep enough into them that it became obvious to us that we were roboting an ancient pattern.  Once we de-tranced, it was life-changing.

In retrospect, I’d say the Grand Quintile had a lot to do with those adventures, and maybe when it visits again around February 24 we’ll be more Aware.  I saw a car the other day with a good-size dent in the fender, and someone has plastered a sticker across the dent that said, “Oh No, Not Another Learning Experience.”  That’s the nature of the Quintile, Learning and Teaching, and a Grand Quintile would be a profound Teachable Moment.

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