Sustaining Sustenance


The Big Issue for the last couple of days and the next several is about Focusing on hearing, expressing, and defending the voice of our Inner Female, and making that a permanent part of our persona.  In case you haven’t met Her yet, she’s likely to be more interested in Collaboration and Communication than in Competition and Control.  Two brothers fighting to defeat one another in the Super Bowl is a perfect analogy for the paradigm that we’re leaving behind.

Ceres is Stationary (Direct) and Out of Bounds and Conjunct Lilith.  There’s a Quintile Yod between Ceres-Lilith, Pallas-Uranus, and Saturn, with Saturn at the Apex.  The Quintile Yod runs through February 6.  The Ceres Station occurs at 1am PST on February 4.  The Moon crossed Saturn and triggered the Q-Yod about 24 hours prior to the Station.

We’re still studying our Heart’s interpretation of what’s Sacred, and revising our Trance accordingly.  “We” mostly don’t have control over the Trance we live our lives from, as it’s given to us by our cultural programming and the Zeitgeist, among other currents.  But we do have some impact on it, depending on how Conscious we are.  We’re all outraged or horrified by some things more than others, and defending those things is important, because they’re either part of our Mission, or Karma that we need to work through in order to find our Mission.  Our Journey is how we discover the difference.

The Vesta-Apex Quincunx Yod, with Saturn and Pluto for feet, remains.

We’re discovering places where we need to be more open and vulnerable, areas where we need to set better boundaries, and circumstances where more honesty is needed, in order to communicate effectively, defend our True Self, collaborate better, and contribute our skills to Community efforts that will help sustain us.

Jupiter is Triseptile Saturn, and Mercury crosses their far Midpoint today (February 3), where it forms Biseptiles to both, creating a complete Seventh-Harmonic triangle.  It’s not a Septile Yod, as that would have a single Septile  for a base rather than a Triseptile, but it’s a strong Configuration akin to a Seventh-Harmonic version of a Trine or T-Square.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Shamanic Power.

The three complete Triangles look like this…


Where the orange lines trace the Quintile Yod, the dark-green-and-blue Triangle is the Quincunx Yod, and the lighter-green lines show the Triseptile-T.  Where do these names come from?  In the picture above we’ve drawn lines connecting the vertices of the three Triangles.  In the picture below we’ve drawn the lines from the center of the circle to each corner of each Triangle.


You can see the near-horizontal orange “Y” and the partly-inverted dark-green “Y” – these are the Yods – “Y” as in Yod.  The light-green lines make more of a “T” than a “Y,” though the top (Triseptile) bar is kinked, hence we’re calling it a Triseptile-T.

Drawing the Configurations this way emphasizes how Saturn sits on a corner of all three Triangles.  It won’t hurt to review Saturn a bit, especially since it’s Stationary during the third week of February.  Saturn asks us to Focus on Priority #1, and let go of Plan B (and C and D).  This can easily feel like limitation, as we might be depending on our secondary priorities as fallbacks, or as the sources of release or joy that provide relief from Priority #1 – which will certainly involve effort and risk.  But as with any other astrological process, this too shall passwhen Saturn’s lit up, Focus on Priority #1 – there will be lots of other times, when Saturn isn’t lit up, where you can enjoy or indulge multi-tasking.

In the current case, this week, Priority #1 is clearly hearing, expressing, and defending the voice of our Inner Female, and making that a permanent part of our persona.  It helps that the Sacred is lit up as well, as the Sacred will illuminate the Inner Female – either by contrast or by reinforcement.  Expect to encounter Resistance, as folks who are invested heavily in their Outer Males, and the obsolete ways of exercising Power and Competition and Control, express their concern over their unwanted retirement.  Don’t argue.  Listen politely and compassionately to what they have to say.

It would even help to mirror them a little.  Ask yourself what kind of verbs they have been using – do they focus on feeling, seeing, hearing, or other ways of experiencing the World?  Match their verbs – I hear you! – or I see what you mean! – or I understand how you feel!  But then be clear and straightforward and brief about what you see or hear or feel or find to be important.  Again, don’t argue.  If they yes-but you, just calmly say…

I know, you feel differently, but I feel this way.  It’s okay if we don’t see the World the same way, as long as we can tolerate other perspectives.  It’s a big World, there are lots of different points of view!  As the World gets more interconnected – as it is, daily – it gets more and more important that we respect the benefits of diversity.

We make space for our True Selves on the Planet by honoring our Uniqueness, and by honoring the Uniqueness of others.  When we do this we greatly increase the potency of Collaboration and Community.

Thulite is a Calcium Aluminum Silicate.  This sample shows three of its four forms.  Most of this Stone is Manganese-rich pink Thulite, with the green Anyolite form around the edges, and a nice vein of brown Zoisite crystal in the left center.  The fourth form, not present, is Tanzanite, a highly-valued blue-purple gemmy form.  Thulite is one of few minerals that combine the two colors of the Heart – pink and green.  It symbolizes Partnership, emphasizing the advantages of mutual respect and collaboration, or Vive la Difference! as the French would say.

It’s not just Marriage and Community that Thulite represents, but the Inner Marriage between our own Anima and Animus, our Inner Female and Inner Male.  Without this Inner Marriage and androgyny, we cannot achieve Wholeness, and our Inner Lovers compete and sabotage one another.  Without internal collaboration, we can’t do outer Collaboration effectively.  So a good deal of our work here – and/or the trance reformations that we undergo above and beyond the level of Will – will be inside of us.

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