More Big Doin’s – Portal 1.26


What’s He Saying?

Whoa, Magic is afoot big-time over the next eight hours!

Why Is He Saying That?

Kelley Hunter’s Cosmic News emails are always full of insights – to sign up, ask her how at  She’s a great advocate of the Ascendance of the Deep Feminine and an honorary She-Bear…

She’s put out a special issue of Cosmic News for today’s Full Moon, and it isn’t on her website yet, so I’ll quote some of it.  Focusing on the Saturn T-Square that it makes, she says that this Full Moon…

“feels like a really important, community unity celebration time…  While Saturn brings a test, it can also be taken up as a time to deeply set intention for outcomes in reality. 

“What can we do with the energy of this Full Moon?  An immense impact can be made with waves of love expressed from the heart – gratitude for the gift of life, appreciation for loved ones, delight in the loveliness of flowers.  This is the stuff of life. Let more and more of us experience this more often.  This Full Moon is an opportune, even magic moment to join together with others to create meaningful manifestations.  It can be a turning point within our circles, groups and communities if we allow it to be.  Scorpio is the sign of fusion.  As we come together and share resources on many levels, our impact is greater.

“LEO is the creative expression of the individual.  Aquarius is the group context.  What is your role in your group or community?  Saturn’s placement suggests that some associations are coming to an end, some organizations disbanding or reforming.  It is time for the next level of engagement, to find a social milieu in which we can be more creative, to feel more in synch with our peers or with our wider community.

“This Full Moon channels a lot of energy, which we feel in our hearts.  As our hearts open, boundaries, defensiveness and judgments dissolve.  Reality shifts with a big smile.  ‘Come on, people, smile on your brother.  Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.’ The Youngbloods sang another good set of Aquarian lyrics –”

Bravo!  Just send a comment if you’d like me to forward the whole email, as it contains much more, as she also relates the Full Moon to the Jupiter-Vesta Yods.

The Moon itself also heads a Yod with Chiron and Pluto forming the legs.  Since the Moon is an Alchemist that congeals Matter out of Energy, what an opportunity to permanently transform (Pluto) our lives (and the Planet, through Co-Creation) with Miracles (Chiron).

Really all we have to do is PIAVA a perspective or two that make all of what we formerly saw as “problems” into opportunities.

Even more remarkable, starting about 8pm PST and running past midnight (12am PST on 1/27), the Moon creates a Triple Yod – the Moon and Vesta-Jupiter form the Base of a Yod with Pluto at the Apex, while the Moon and Vesta-Jupiter are each the Apex of their own Yods!  Wow.

  • The Pluto-Apex Yod will channel Alchemical Emotional Power (Moon) and Sacred Meaning (Vesta-Jupiter) into Trance Formation (Pluto)!  Affirming Kelley’s intuition that our Intentions (and our PAVA too) have great power here.
  • The Moon-Apex Yod, as we said,  creates an opportunity to permanently transform our lives and the Planet with Miracles.
  • The Vesta-Apex Yod can be summarized as the Heart (Vesta) iteratively approving and vetoing trial versions of our Plans (Saturn) for adapting our lives to the Changes that are taking place on the Planet (Pluto).

And they all mesh together without friction, although as we’ll see soon there will be a few minor challenges.

The Big Deal here is that we’re taking Curiosity Cubed –  Curiosity times Curiosity times Curiosity.  And you know what we think about Curiosity, how it’s the spiritual-intellectual equivalent of Love.  And you know well that All there is is Love, Love, Love is all there is.  So our three Yods become…

  • I wonder what sort of wonderful things I’ll be helping to Co-Create!?!
  • I wonder how our lives and the Planet will be Changed!?!
  • I wonder what will happen when I stop thinking about transforming and just transform!?!

and together,

  • Wow, I wonder how the World will be different tomorrow!?!

Challenges!?!  Did you say Challenges?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Challenges!  The Triple-Yod Pattern is like a giant electrical transmission tower, a five-pointed star with a pinhead.  I guess we could call it an Energy Star, that sounds better than a Pinhead Star.  It looks a lot like a Giant, so we could also call it a Giant Star.  But there are Squares from the end of each arm to the corresponding foot – Moon to Saturn (waning) and Vesta to Chiron (waxing).

  • The waning Moon-Saturn Square advises us to just let go of everything we’ve been planning to do and create, and open ourselves up to the Void – to Unlimited Creative Potential.  We don’t need to control this intellectually, our Heart is in control, and Her connections reach very deeply into the Unconscious – in other words, Let Go and Let God.
  • Which is just about exactly what a waxing Vesta-Chiron Square would advise; it would say, Hey, we’re about to make permanent the Miracle of living a Heart-Centered Life, so set your preconceptions aside please!

The Challenges will just be our Resistance to all that – no big deal, right?

What’d He Say?

An Energy Star forms around today’s Full Moon, with Pluto (Transformation) at the head.  Let go of all expectations except your Expectation of Miracles!

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