The World Really Has Changed

Wow.  For the first time since the Bush years, Warren Olney put on a program – “The Legacy of too Big to Fail” – without giving a rightwing Howler Monkey the last word!  He didn’t even have one on the program…

The KCRW website provides background…

And a note on our latest She-Bear, Hillary.  And then look what PBS put out last night…

Should you want more gory detail about the media shift on the Monopoly game, here’s Matt’s Rolling Stone article referenced in Warren’s program…

It’s a regular barrage!  Here’s a couple more of Matt’s great blogs on the Big Scam…

I mean, Matt’s been bulldogging this for a long time, but this is bigger coverage than before, and the lack of the usual PRI Howler Monkey from Patriots for Profit or the American Retrograde Foundation is striking!  Welcome to the 1960s!  Next thing you know, we could see Bill Black joining Dennis Kucinich on Faux News!

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