Portal 1.24


Starting Line

January 24 reveals a much larger influence than we realized.  Larger than the dualistic mind, in fact, so while we can talk around it, we’re better off waiting for it to unfold, than trying to pin it down too much.


Turns out tomorrow is a much Bigger Deal than I’d noticed before.  Here’s what we said in January Then about January 24th…

Both Vesta and Jupiter are Stationary, Vesta till January 26, and Jupiter till January 29.  This puts a very strong emphasis on what your own Heart tells you is bottom-line Sacred.  Vesta was originally Goddess of the Hearth, reinforcing the emphasis on Sustenance, Family, Neighborhood, Community.  Jupiter is the Amplifier.  They’re Conjunct, so even after Vesta is Stationary, the Jupiter Station will continue to emphasize Vesta, and the Vesta Yod.

January 24 stands out prominently.  In addition to the Stations and the Yod…

  • Mars completes a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes
  • Eris begins a Quincunx to the North Node
  • The Moon makes a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto
  • The Moon makes a Grand Trine to Saturn and Chiron

That’s a whole lot.  How might we say that in English?  Maybe something like

The major Challenge is to break out of a Pattern of hiding our Light under a bushel.  Major Blessings await us if we can remember to Wonder how we can best cooperate with our own Growth in Consciousness.

Can’t argue with any of that.  But, as I was looking up the relevant times I realized that these events are not happening separately.  The most intense time will be around 10am PST to 1pm PST.  But look what else is going on then…

  • The Moon Sesquisquares Mars, putting it at the Apex of a Mjolnir with Mars and the North Node
  • The Moon Quincunxes Mercury, which in turn Trines Stationary Vesta at the Apex of the Yod
  • The Moon Opposes Pluto, making a Kite out of the Grand Trine
  • The two T-Squares are a Semisextile apart
  • All of the other planets make significant Angles to the Star Players

So where do we start to kernelize the essence of such an intertwined chart?  The Yod, the Mjolnir, and the Kite can’t be ignored, but the two related T-Squares stand out like the bell of a Jellyfish, creating three fourths of an octagon or Grand Semisquare.  That is,

  • the Yod or Focusing on the Transformative Power of the Sacred,
  • the Mjolnir or Embracing the Emotional turmoil created by Acting to move toward our Mission, and
  • the Kite or Enjoying the Focus on Inevitable Miracles

can’t be ignored, but the two related T-Squares or

  • Walking the Edge between our Karma and our Mission, and
  • Empathizing with the Vulnerability of our Need to Stand in our Truth

stand out like the bell of a Jellyfish, creating three fourths of an octagon or Grand Semisquare.  As we said in Boundaries and Mjolnars, the Semisquare and the Eighth Harmonic are about Alignment, Balance, Beginnings and Endings, and “the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways,” to quote Angie Arrien’s Tarot Handbook (p.55).

The incomplete octagon asks us to examine the Vacancies – the degrees that would complete the pattern.  Those are

  • 6 Libra or “A woman watches her ideals taking a concrete form before her inner vision” and
  • 24 Leo or “Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a woman is sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearances and cleanliness.

Sounds like Decision Time – are we going to Ascend and leave the Chaos behind us, or are we going to stick around and manifest some pitch to help patch up the hull?  Or maybe Ascend and come back in a different form where we can help even more.  Careful though, these are the kinds of Decisions that are discovered, not decided, because they’re made at a level far higher than the intellect.  Either way, January 24 is likely to provide major insights.

Record Keeper

We need to quote Dorothy Roeder’s Crystal Co-Creators several times here, starting with p.151,

Record Keeper Quartz Crystals are all encoded with the ancient spiritual knowledge of how humanity can express its creative power at the physical level.  Some, however, give us this information more readily than others.  They bear the “inscriptions” of this knowledge as pyramidal or triangular indentations on their faces.”

This Akashic Record-Keeper, though, isn’t Quartz.  It’s Spodumene, a Lithium Aluminum Silicate that takes itself lightly, which (p.187)

has the ability to unlock, at appropriate times, secrets forgotten in the past but now needed.  It has a specific link into the flow of knowledge that comes from the Galactic Center; the flow of knowledge that is activated there.”

The same Galactic Center that Pluto activated at the recent End-of-Time Solstice.  And this one, despite its pleochroism (showing two colors), is Pink Spodumene, or Kunzite, which (p.114)

helps the heart to open and reach out to interact with others on the CoCreator level…  helps the heart chakra to balance into all levels and serve as a support during the transformation process…  helps you attune to your higher emotional qualities and to bring them to a more focused use through your heart…  smoothes the alignment into those higher energies and makes the process more comfortable for the whole four-body system through support from the heart.”

Sounds like just what we need here.

Finish Line

One way or another we’re starting something Big here.  It’ll behoove to let go of Expectations, and just see what evolves.  Here’s a relevance…

Being open to miracles is a discipline and an art.  We should beware of thinking that we’ll know what a miracle will look like, what shape it will take, or what form it will come in; in fact, the very nature of miracles is that they represent the interruption of a pattern, a discontinuation of the status quo.

–Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles, p.96.

One Response to “Portal 1.24”

  1. LynnAnn Nysted Thomas Says:

    Next four days spent in Noble meditative silence at a monastery…perfect timing…

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