Forgot to Mention the Full Moon

The Full Moon, by the way, occurs on January 26 (at twenty of 9pm PST), the same day as the Vesta Station.  I don’t have information accurate enough to know what time Vesta is Stationary, but of course the Stationary Vesta (strong connection to the Sacred) is still conjunct Jupiter (expanded strong connection to the Sacred), which itself Stations in a few days (stronger yet), and still at the Apex of its Saturn-Pluto Yod (signifying that our strongly expanded strong connection to the Sacred will help us define our own role in Co-Creating the Planetary Changes).  The Full Moon itself Sextiles Vesta-Jupiter (watch your seemingly random Emotions; they’ll provide important clues) and Quincunxes Chiron (I wonder what sort of Miracles we’ll see today!).

Since the Moon relates to Vesta and the Moon is a common trigger, it probably doesn’t matter exactly when Vesta Stands Still, as the Full Moon itself will probably time whatever Transcendence (Jupiter-Vesta), Insights (Yod-Full Moon), and Miracles (Moon-Chiron) await us on Saturday.

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