Boundaries and Mjolnirs



Saturn in Scorpio could well amplify our January 28 Pallas-Uranus Initiation – which is about making a Safe Space for our True Self to emerge – into a life-changing proposition.  Turns out that January 27 may hold greater Power.  We also introduce the Seventh and Eighth Harmonics, and the Mjolnir.


Elizabeth’s comment that she’s “noticed so far that boundary issues are up big-time for all of us during Saturn’s transit of Scorpio” deserves elaboration, particularly as we approach the January 28 Pallas-Uranus Conjunction, which we’ve painted with the possibility that “We could easily end up changing the people and circumstances in our lives as a result.”


We of course see Saturn as Focus, and Saturn as asking us to Focus on Priority #1, letting go of all our Plan-B fallbacks, so we don’t dilute our attention to The Most Important Thing.  Of course we have to deal with our Fear of Failure when we do that, maybe partly by tapping on it.  I mean, the whole purpose of fallbacks is to provide cover should Priority #1 not work out, to protect both our Identity and our Survival.  In some circumstances competing Priorities might not be a big deal.  Nowadays, though, with Pluto goosing Uranus (I Gotta Be Me!) and Vesta lit up Stationary in a Saturn-Pluto Yod (Blasphemy is Death!), we’re dealing with some pretty profound Priorities #1.  (Remember that Death refers to Ego Death, or Identity.)

And with our Chiron-Neptune socioeconomic New Paradigm still in diapers, it’s not just mandatory that we Pay Attention to Priority #1, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do it.  Survival should be part of the Energy we exchange with our Community.  We could talk instead about Survival as a birthright, but in a sense we “earn” our Survival by serving our Community.  And in that sense, if we aren’t moving toward “earning” our Survival

by Doing What We Love and Being Who We Really Are,

we could be in for some surprises or disruptions.  I’m guessing that in the Old money Paradigm which we’ve already left, many of us were “earning” our Survival by doing and being otherwise, sometimes quite otherwise.  And know that Who We Really Are and What We Love Doing are changing rapidly with the recurring 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Soul Downloads.  Not changing Who We Are in essence, but changing in meaning and depth.  Interpret the word Survival broadly here, and know that Sustainability and Sustenance issues are deeply intertwined.


Now, what’s Scorpio got to do with it.  Scorpio is Fixed Water – a paradox if there ever was one, unless you’re talking about Ice.  And yes, Ice is involved, as we’ll soon see.  “Fixed” means established and constant, and “Water” means Emotion.  So what we have is a need to get very clear about our Values, about Who We Really Are, so we aren’t distracted by a lot of extraneous Emotionality.  Hence Scorpio’s primary drive is to get to the bottom of things, get to The Most Important Things.  Scorpio dives for the Pearls.

I’ve read that in the US, folks (including that new subspecies, Homo corporatis) are expected to abide by the Letter of the Law, while in England folks are expected to live up to the Spirit of the Law.  And in France, the Judge and Jury confer to try to discover what really happened, rather than deciding which lawyer had the best arguments.  If these generalizations are true, then French Law would be Scorpio Law.

The everyday impression of Scorpio can be quite different.  Scorpio has a reputation for secrecy, which can devolve into the appearance of deception.  How do you get to the bottom of things?  You muck around in things everyone else is scared to talk about, and explore places where everyone else is afraid to venture.  Scorpio is Fearless – aka Ice in the veins.  And folks with prominent Scorpio (and/or prominent Pluto) learn very early that they can’t talk about what they’re doing, because it scares the shit out of anybody they do talk to about it.  So yes, Scorpio ends up looking “secretive.”

And if you think about your favorite movie on secret spy stuff, you know how important, and often reprehensible, a spy’s informants are.  So Scorpio has a high tolerance for the reprehensible.  Of course reprehensitude is relative.  The point is that Scorpio does not easily reject people.  But, cross Scorpio too many times, and there is no turning back.

Scorpio will give you a lot of rope, but when you get to noose at the end, there is no more.

You could beg for Forgiveness after that, but what you’d be likely to get is an Icy silence.

Saturn in Scorpio

So Saturn in Scorpio (October 2012 through December 2014, with a stutter in mid-2015) can be deadly for relationships.  You may not know when you’re about to cross the line.  It’s as if Scorpio is willing to just let you be whoever you are, without comment or critique.  But if you prove to be the wrong sort of person to fit into that relationship slot for Scorpio, Forgiveness and second chances are not an option.  Well, with that much rope, it’s more like thirty-third chances, but you may not know that you’ve already had thirty-two.  That’s a strong contrast to Libra, but then, all of the Signs represent strong contrasts to the previous Sign.

Whenever we talk about Signs, we aren’t just talking about your Sun Sign, which is who you are to newspaper astrology.  You could have Moon in Scorpio, Scorpio Rising or Setting, Pluto Stationary, Pluto on your Nodes, Venus or Mars or Mercury in Scorpio, Pluto Out of Bounds, Sun or Moon Conjunct Pluto, Pluto Rising, or any of many other combinations to have “strong Scorpio.”  In other words, everybody has some Scorpio, and many have a lot.  And then, as with any other astrological indication, anyone’s degree of Emotional and Spiritual Maturity, and their various social programmings, will strongly affect how responsibly they use their Scorpio Energy.

Pallas and Uranus

So Saturn in Scorpio could easily have been another important Background influence for our January 28 Pallas-Uranus Initiation, which is exact around noon PST.  Pallas Athena was the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom – where Mars shoots first and asks questions later, Pallas asks questions, then shoots only when necessary.  So Boundaries is a good single-word identifier for the asteroid Pallas.  Or, for a longer symbol, perhaps

The Courage to Change what can be Changed, the Serenity to Accept what can’t, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference.

Codependence it ain’t.

The Pallas-Uranus Initiation occurs Triseptile to Saturn – three sevenths of the way round the Zodiac.  This Angle isn’t used very often in astrology, primarily because it’s not an even number of Signs, but also partly because its Energy is subtle and non-material, which is to say, normally hidden.  The Seventh Harmonic – the Septile and it’s multiples – represents Shamanic Power, and the Wisdom to remain in Stillness until the exact moment when a small shift in Energy will result in a very large change to the Material Arena, kind of like Aikido.

We don’t even notice the Armies of Elves and Faeries and Gnomes and Sylphs poised in Stillness on the edge of our Awareness, patiently waiting for the precise moment when the Tipping Point arrives.  You may have noticed that some of them are starting to move, if you’ve been paying attention to that fluttering at the edge of your field of vision.  We haven’t reminded you yet that Scorpio and Pluto also symbolize Transformation, or that of course the Initiation occurs Square to Pluto.  That’s a Challenge to Master the necessity of owning up to our Truth.  While if we’re Awake we can Co-Create how Pluto Transforms Reality, the Transformations themselves are not optional.


Well, earlier we mentioned Mjolnirs, or Vajras, as there is an interesting Mjolnir in the chart for the decade, but we haven’t talked about them.  Mjolnir was Thor’s Hammer.  Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I never learned Norwegian.  Vajra is the Sanskrit equivalent, meaning among other things a Thuderbolt.  Here’s the technical explanation or geometry of a Mjolner

While a Yod consists of an Apex planet at the opposite Midpoint of two planets in Sextile, a Mjolnir consists of an Apex planet at the opposite Midpoint of two planets that Square one another.  A Yod is two Quincunxes to the same planet, and a Mjolnir is two Sesquisquares to the same planet.  Two planets in Sesquisquare are four and a half Signs apart, a Square-and-a-half, or three eighths of the way ’round the Zodiac.

A Mjolnir is an isosceles triangle (two equal sides) wider than a Yod but narrower than a T-Square.  The base of a Yod is a Sextile spanning one sixth of the Zodiac, the base of a Mjolnir is a Square that spans one fourth of the Circle, and the base of a T-Square is an Opposition that bisects the Zodiacal Wheel.

The Eighth Harmonic is a miniature version of the Fourth Harmonic, or Square.  One eighth of the way ’round the Zodiac is a Semisquare – half a square.  It doesn’t even have it’s own name.  The Fourth Harmonic is Dominion, and the Square is Mastery through Challenge.  The Eighth Harmonic is about Alignment, Balance, Beginnings and Endings, and “the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways,” to quote Angie Arrien’s Tarot Handbook (p.55).

The Sextile symbolizes Creative Grace, and the Yod that activates it shows how Curiosity is what motivates it.  The Square is an exploration, not a problem, though it certainly feels like a problem.  A Square is never solved because it isn’t a problem.  It’s resolved by accepting it as an exploration – basically by extending Curiosity to it.  It’s a graduate seminar, or as Rudhyar put it, the (b)leading edge of human evolution.  The Mjolnir that activates a Square shows how exploration results in the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways.

In other words, like Chiron, a Mjolnir converts Despair (Frustration with what feel like unsolvable problems) into Miracle (tangible, useful Creativity resulting from a change of Paradigm).  The idea that a Mjolnir feels like being struck by a Hammer or Thunderbolt stands, but it’s a Thunderbolt of creativity, the iconic lightbulb over Gyro Gearloose’s head – assuming we’ve liberated ourself from the tyranny of Despair by shifting from Frustration to Curiosity and from Action to PIAVA.  It’s intriguing that Vajra also translates as Diamond, an indestructible substance that cuts and penetrates through emotional instability or uncertainty, and symbolizes one of five core Buddhist truths, Nondualism, the function of which, like Pallas, is to protect.  Isn’t that Curious.


An interesting aside – when Lightning strikes Sand, it fuses the Silicon into Quartz along the path of the strike, as the strike penetrates the Sand.  Here’s a very well-developed and well-preserved example…


Looks a lot like a Dragon, don’t it?  I’m not sure that’s a coincidence, but most Fulgerites look more like tubes, and most of them shed a lot more.  This one is borrowed from a fascinating page on the Ashtar Command website,

and goes into depth about the Shamanic, Spiritual, and Manifestation qualities of Fulgerite.

The Pallas-Uranus Mjolnir

The reason we have to bring all this up now (I was hoping to wait till we looked at 1/1/2010) is that about 20 hours before the Pallas-Uranus Initiation, lasting about eight hours and starting around 4pm PST on January 27, the Moon joins the Dragon’s Head to form the legs of a Mjolnir with Pallas-Uranus at the Apex.  That’s pretty strong, as our True Self (Pallas-Uranus) will be available to find creative ideas (Mjolnir) to resolve the apparent conflict (Square) between our Mission (Dragon’s Head or North Node) and our Emotional (Moon) attachment to the status quo.  Again, with feeling…

On January 27 our True Self will be available to find creative ideas to resolve the apparent conflict between our Mission and our Emotional attachment to the status quo

Whenever themes repeat in astrology, we know the “Stars” have something meaningful in mind.  And here we have the themes of Dragon, Mission, Protection, Soul Truth all repeating.  So start meditating with your Fulgerite on the 27th, as the Moon frequently acts as a trigger, and can provide better timing for an astrological event than the event itself.

Amazon actually has a few Fulgerites for sale, as do other internet sellers.  A glass tube or pipette with both ends open would make an acceptable substitute – same diff, just a less natural process, and a bit less violent.  For a few bucks Amazon will sell you a Borosilicate tube.  Borosilicates add the healing properties of Boron, which dispels Fear, provides greater Balance, and will help to Integrate your New Self with your Old Life.

Aw, Baloney!

An Abalone Shell is the traditional bowl used for a Shamanic Smudging or Cleansing.  A static photo doesn’t show the shimmering, shifting array of colors displayed by a real Abalone Shell, the same shimmering that characterizes the Faerie Realm and your Aura.  Scienterrific folks study Abalone Shells because Abalone Critters know how to construct structures that are stronger than any that Humans know how to build.  Though if the Tipping Point doesn’t arrive in time, Human transformative “Medicine” will prove the stronger, as Ocean Acidification is dissolving the Calcium Carbonate Shells of all of the Sea Critters.


January 28 is an important boundary between letting our True Self remain in the back seat (or the boot) for the sake of expedience or comfort, and giving Her the reins.  It could be a more important Tipping Point than we imagine, as She has friends in high places.  For greater power, start your Prayers the day before.  If you’re into prostrations, don’t hold your glass tube between you and the floor, or you could bite off more than just Ego Death.

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