January Then


If This Is the Bun…

After reviewing the major background trends, we try to condense all that recent Astrologuese into a few paragraphs of English.  What do we come up with?  January 24 and 27-30 stand out as Big Days when the major Challenge will be expressing our Truth and not apologizing for it.  Don’t forget to Wonder how you’ll pull that off.

Then Where’s the Beef?

So let’s try to combine “More Transce’nDance” and “Oh My Yod! 2013!,” so you don’t have to, since it’s complex.

Our Place in Herstory

First, the background; we don’t want to forget the background…

1. Our individual Souls are demanding our Attention.

Uranus is Squaring Pluto – “the 1960s” are returning for good, and we’re being asked to express ourselves more directly; aka a Soul Download is underway that will change us completely by 2016.

2. We’re starting over economically, and all earlier bets are “off.”

Chiron has recently been Initiated by Neptune – the “Mortgage Crisis,” which was really a Banking Crisis that hasn’t been resolved at all, signaled the beginning of a social-economic-political New Paradigm that will take a decade or two to develop.  The disruption is astrologically equivalent to the end of WWII (eg transition from bombs to cars), and to the end of the Railroad Boom at the end of the 19th Century (eg transition from steam to electricity).  The fact that the institutional infrastructure (ie, governments and bankers) have not yet faced this Reality could be disastrous, and the recommended strategy for individuals is to attend to Sustenance, Neighborhood, Community, and Family, should the social order disintegrate more than it already has in many parts of the World.  But there are Miracles available to us when we do intuitively adapt to the New Paradigm.

3. As a species, we’ll be less Emotional and more Practical going forward.

We’re finally finished with the 11-year Moon-Out-of-Bounds Cycle that began on 9/11/2001, though of course those who feed on Fear will always try to extend excess Emotionality of that sort.  Pluto in Capricorn can be summarized as “Just Fix It.”

4. The Century promises huge transformations in Consciousness.

The Polarization in the 1/1/2000 chart remains in effect for the Century (Moon-Saturn-Pallas-Uranus Grand Cross), but by now we should be adapting to it.  The intention of the Polarization is Consciousness-Raising.  The other three Big Deals in the 1/1/2000 chart are also still in effect: Loss of the Veil and recovery of Intuition (Neptune-South Node), Awareness of Sustainability and Sustenance (Ceres Rising), and Miraculous Change at a very deep level (Pluto Initiating Chiron at 12 Sadge just as the Century turned).  Eris wasn’t “discovered” yet, but she made a weak Grand Trine to Pallas and the Chiron-Pluto Initiation.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to review this chart.

5. We get tons of help during this Decade as long as we remember we’re in Big Transitions Time and don’t try to grasp the status quo. No need to burn any bridges, but it certainly won’t hurt to repair the hull of that old Ferry that does the job even when the river floods.  We put a bit more detail into Teens Decade Revisited.

6. Collaboration will be more effective than Competition.

Pluto represents a prominent global factor in the Unconscious, the Unconscious runs our lives, and Pluto’s twin sister Eris is forcing her way into our Consciousness; aka there is a major trend toward elevating the principles of Cooperation and Collaboration over the excess of Competition and Control that has been dominant on much of the Planet for a long while.

7. Our Deepest Values are coming into prominence.

We have a Vesta Yod with Pluto and Saturn through most of February , which is and will be “forcing” us to move more into Integrity with what our Hearts hold to be Sacred.

And finally, don’t forget that what the Media tells you about is mostly the Resistance to these trends.

The Foreground

Then we can get down to the rest of January.  The Big Deals…

Both Vesta and Jupiter are Stationary, Vesta till January 26, and Jupiter till January 29.  This puts a very strong emphasis on what your own Heart tells you is bottom-line Sacred.  Vesta was originally Goddess of the Hearth, reinforcing the emphasis on Sustenance, Family, Neighborhood, Community.  Jupiter is the Amplifier.  They’re Conjunct, so even after Vesta is Stationary, the Jupiter Station will continue to emphasize Vesta, and the Vesta Yod.

January 24 stands out prominently.  In addition to the Stations and the Yod…

  • Mars completes a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes
  • Eris begins a Quincunx to the North Node
  • The Moon makes a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto
  • The Moon makes a Grand Trine to Saturn and Chiron

That’s a whole lot.  How might we say that in English?  Maybe something like

The major Challenge is to break out of a Pattern of hiding our Light under a bushel.  Major Blessings await us if we can remember to Wonder how we can best cooperate with our own Growth in Consciousness.

The last few days of the month are also standing up and waving their arms…

  • The Moon completes a Grand Cross with Mars and the Nodes on 1/27-28
  • Uranus Initiates Pallas on 1/28
  • The Vesta Diamond Star occurs on 1/28-29
  • The Moon and North Node complete an Eris Yod on 1/30

The Diamond Star is the Star of this show, and it behooves to just repeat our earlier interpretation…

The Moon Opposes Chiron to complete a Diamond Star with the Vesta Yod.  This should be very exciting, with Jupiter Stationary and the Moon triggering our Emotional involvement with the Sacred – and Chiron showing the way to Miracles!  This could easily be life-changing for many of us!  A Diamond Star occurs when a Yod (Curiosity) and a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) share the same Apex, which produces a bowl of Grace under the T-Square.

If we try to convert the supporting players into English, we might say something like…

No longer hiding our Light under a bushel, we are called upon to Defend our New Self against those who preferred the former status quo.  It’s just fine to be defensive when you’re defending a Good Cause, and Your Light is for you the best Cause on the Planet.  But don’t try to Explain Yourself; deflect the other person’s Resistance by gently and lovingly illuminating their lack of flexibility.  Sympathize with them.

You’re very likely to find yourself resisting someone else’s Changes as well, and this will be good practice for sympathizing with yourself when that happens.  There may be Heartache here, and nothing demands Self-Love more than Heartache.  Why be a victim of Eris when you can be her Agent, and help her transform the Noosphere and Astral Spheres of the Planet.  Healing doesn’t happen without Empathy.  Empathy for Ourself first, then for Other.  Empathy is hard, because it demands Presence, and the Nodes usually take us out of Present Time.  Sometimes Sympathy is an acceptable substitute.


As is so often the case, Dorothy Roeder nails it…

So many of you would rather be somewhere else, any planet, any place seems better than Earth.  You remember the perfection of other places, not realizing that you brought that memory to help you create that perfection on Earth.  Peridot would like to help you do that.”  [Crystal Co-Creators, p.138]

A “Nesosilicate” like Peridot or Garnet is the simplest form that Silicates take, where the Silicate ions occur singly in the Crystal.  Peridot is a Magnesium Nesosilicate.  Magnesium is basically a Stress reliever.  Self-expression is easier among friends.

So What Was All That About Then?

Turns out there’s a lot going on in the next two weeks.  Peak days are January 24 and 27-30.  Our Healthy Narcissism will be Challenged.  Do we Love ourselves enough to support ourself when we’re called to express our Deepest Truths?  Can we stand it when Others express their Deepest Truths, without feeling diminished ourselves?  Our greatest weapon is still I Wonder…

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