OMY! 2013!


What’re We Going to Say?

Oh My Yod!  It’s 2013!  We are deluged with Curiosity for the first three months of 2013, drown in Grace for the next six months, and finish off with Creativity and more Grace.  We could do a whole lot worse!  Below we go into a lot of detail about the first two months, and then skim over the rest, saving the nitty gritty for later.  The highlight of the last three quarters of 2013 is the Grand Sextile at the end of August.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

What’re We Saying?

The Jupiter Yod that’s been blessing us for the last month dissolved yesterday.  That’s been something like…

I Wonder what I might Focus upon to best expand into the new Trance that’s taking over the Planet?

because the legs of the Yod have been Saturn (Focus) and Pluto (Trance), all funneling through Jupiter (Expansion).  A Yod, aka an (index) Finger of God, as you know by now, is a big, multiplied dose of Curiosity and Wonder – which we regard as one of the higher mental-emotional states we Humans and Huwomans can achieve.

But Jupiter handed off to Vesta today, and the Vesta Yod is with us until February 22.  That’ll be more like…

I Wonder how my Integrity will change as I Focus on this new Trance?

Vesta is about that which we hold most Sacred, so we’ll be discovering parts of our own Hearts that are core, perhaps parts that we’ve forgotten, or set aside to attend to what then felt like more demanding priorities.  For instance, if we hold our fellow Hupersons as Sacred, then something like this might resonate…

Some benchmarks along the way, where the Vesta Yod will be lit up more than the rest of the time…

Monday (1/14) – Initiation of a new four-year Juno-Pluto Cycle on one leg of the Yod, at 10 Capricorn, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor,” which Rudhyar embellishes as “The overcoming of Fear and its rewards.”  Juno represents our Unconscious Identity, so to me this says we’re henceforth going to be unconsciously more in tune with the Changes (Trance-Re-Formations) that the World is undergoing.  And whoa, what if many of us discovered that what we held most Sacred was the absence of Fear, Love?!?!

Wednesday (1/16) – Initiation of a new one-year Venus-Pluto Cycle at the same degree.  While Vesta represents what we hold Sacred, Venus symbolizes what we Value.  Same dimension, Vesta just goes a lot deeper.  And of course Venus and Love go together like butter and toast.  The whole Monday-Wednesday span should be pretty intense, and fairly delicious.  If it isn’t delicious, then the Universe is showing you what you need to let go of in order to get on the same train that the Planet is on, and that’ll be a very powerful mirror to pay attention to.

January 20-26 – Vesta Stationary Direct at 10 Gemini, “An airplane performing a nose dive.”  That’s performing, ie, on purpose, to show off, not (necessarily) about to crash, assuming the pilot doesn’t exceed their or their vehicle’s capabilities.  Of course this is while Vesta’s still at the Apex of the Yod.  We might look back to consider what’s been going on with us with regard to the Sacred since early August 2012, when Vesta first entered this zone.  Don’t confuse the Sacred with the religious; the Sacred is what’s in your own Heart, not what’s in somebody else’s rulebook.  Sometimes those are similar, but usually not in the details.  Vesta’s Retrogradation covered 26-10 Gemini; basically we’ve been reconsidering since August how flexible we are in social situations, and whether that serves our Mission.

January 21-29 – Jupiter Stationary Direct at 7 Gemini, “A Well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic Trees.”  Sounds refreshing.  Jupiter, while no longer heralding the Yod (a Yod has very tight Orb), is still close enough to Vesta to be continuing to Expand our sense of the Sacred.  Jupiter has been since October studying 7-17 of Gemini, which covers the first several steps of expanding into Community (which is replacing employment as our means of Survival).  That might look like…

  • What do I have to offer to Community, or Why would they want to support me?
  • How can I make contact?
  • How can I be sure our needs and interests align?
  • How can I relax into Trust?

January 28-29 – The Moon Opposes Chiron to complete a Diamond Star with the Vesta Yod.  This should be very exciting, with Jupiter Stationary and the Moon triggering our Emotional involvement with the Sacred – and Chiron showing the way to Miracles!  This could easily be life-changing for many of us!  A Diamond Star occurs when a Yod (Curiosity) and a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) share the same Apex, which produces a bowl of Grace under the T-Square.

February 1-4 – Ceres Stationary Direct.  This is important because of the next event.

February 9-16 – A second Yod forms, with Ceres at the Apex and the legs composed of Juno and the Moon’s North Node.  That also sounds outstanding, as Ceres represents Sustainability, and the feet of the Yod should bring into greater alignment our Unconscious Identity (Juno) and our Mission on the Planet in the Lifetime (North Node).  The Yod zeros in on Gemini 20-21, “An Abundance of Food,” and “A tumultuous Labor demonstration.”  Should be interesting.  Maybe the media will catch God’s-Worker Lloyd Blankmind allowing his servants to sniff his Lobster tails.

February 13-19 – Saturn Stationary Retrograde at Scorpio 12, “An official embassy ball.”  Oh my, Rudhyar’s take is “cultural exchanges among the elite of the ruling class.”  So maybe Lloyd and Mitch McConnell will get caught sniffing each others’ Lobster tails.  The Saturn Retrogradation spans 12-5 of Scorpio, which means an intense Focus on solving problems and finishing business around any Karmic dregs that we encounter.

February 18 – The Moon crosses Vesta, which will give us one last Big Opportunity to dedicate ourselves to our Heart’s Deepest Desires, before the Vesta Yod fades after February 22 – and that’s with the previous event allowing us to Focus very intensely!

That’s very busy, and very positive!  Then we get a couple weeks to rest, until…

March 10-30 – the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod reforms with Jupiter Direct this time, to allow us to Expand all of that Sacredness we’ve been working with so diligently.  There are major events occurring in March as well, including the Moon crossing Jupiter on March 17, and the Moon completing the Diamond Star on March 25.  We’ll detail all of these when we get closer to March.

The Rest of 2013

Then we get another two weeks off, before we’re flooded with Grace for the next six months, as Grand Trines dominate most of the rest of 2013, from mid-April into October.  And you thought we didn’t die and go to Heaven on December 21!  A Grand Trine represents barely-tolerable Grace, where we’re constantly challenged to let that much Good into our Lives without having to buy bigger hats every week.  The Grand Trines are in Water Signs (Emotions) through August, and then Earth Signs (the Physical) as well.  A whole bunch of planets rotate in and out – Ceres, Saturn, Neptune, Dragon, Vesta, Lilith, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and of course the faster-moving planets as they pass by.

And as the Water and Earth Grand Trines overlap in late August, they form a lovely Grand Sextile – remember 2003’s Harmonic Concordance?  No?  Here’s a few reminders…

The Grand Sextile is as good as it gets, and when projected into higher dimensions provides us with a Merkaba, our Ascension vehicle.  Players in the Grand Sextile include Pluto, Dragon, Chiron, Lilith, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun.  The Water and Earth Signs comprise the Magnetic half of the Zodiac – more evidence of the Rise of Collaboration and the decline of Competition.

At the end of September and the beginning of October, two more Yods form – Pallas with Pluto and Chiron…

I wonder when these Miracles are going to stop!

and Uranus with Saturn and Vesta…

It’s amazing how Sacred my True Self feels!

More fun!

And not to be shown up, the last two months of the year prominently feature a Mystic or Golden Rectangle, and another Grand Trine.  A Mystic Rectangle is like a Grand Trine in the quantity of Grace available, but it’s less of a Gift and more of a Co-Creation.  With Grand Trines, the challenge is to stay in Gratitude and not personalize the Grace as something we’re doing.  With a Mystic Rectangle, we’re highly involved in the process, and while Gratitude is still very relevant, our own Creativity contributes a great deal to the Miracles.

We’ve got a whole lot of Surprise and Delight to look forward to in 2013!  Does anyone need to be reminded of the Rose’s meaning as, among other things, a symbol of the sweet aroma of the Unfolding Heart?

What Did We Say?

Wow!  Who knew!  I usually read a year from it’s various birth markers, like the Solstice or the New Year itself.  But I just discovered that my astro software lets me step through the year a day at a time, so I did just that, and what discoveries!  Grace is cool, nothing beats Curiosity, and I expect the Grand Sextile to be Just Grand.

One Response to “OMY! 2013!”

  1. Laurie Says:

    So much to absorb and allow to settle In. I read your links and remember back to 2003 and your teachings of your interpretations and predictions. That is nine years of allowing my self to let go of “job life” and “expectations of others”. I have lived those nine years trying to let my energy “flow” to others. Now I realize I have to be “me”, and enrgy will flow, as it is meant to be. I need to reread all of this post to allow myself to let go, and grow into my higher self.

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