Heiress II

MT89040 C

Thanks to http://anneyale.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/dancing-with-stars/ for the loan of the Apple.

The Bottom Line

In Heiress I we saw that when Eris first stepped onto the stage of human awareness, she attracted a Host of Heavenly Witnesses to salute her emergence through the Veil, and to pledge their support as Allies.  Very Shakespearean, as if she emerged into a manger with the aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh.  As we averred in Eris on Stage, Eris Energy is very strong until January 8.  Thereafter, she comes forth into our World in earnest.  In this installment we’ll show why we believe her to be devoted to helping us move past our Denial, how she brings a lot of powerful tools to that task, and that she brings Compassion.  We’ll also notice that we will need to be aligned with our Highest Good to appreciate her support.

How We Got There

The Eris Discovery Chart can tell us a lot about Eris, just as anyone’s birth chart can tell us about them.  Of course Eris was there all along, but its Discovery is when, in some sense, it first came into our Consciousness, so the Discovery Chart is more about our relationship with Eris than about Eris per se, but then, does anyone even exist outside of our Consciousness?  Most of us work pretty hard to constrain what we admit to be possible.  That’s what our Birdcage is for, to keep us Safe.

Eris was Discovered at Aries 20, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter.”  That in itself tempers her Golden Apples reputation.  However, the Greek God of War Ares (M + Ares = Mars) was her brother, and some stories have her joining him at times in his favorite pastime, carnage and plunder.  So we know her as both compassionate and formidable.  She was Stationary when Discovered, which is ironic, since such animals are distinguished from the background stars by their motion.  But these distant dudes move so slowly that they’re discovered by comparing their current position relative to an earlier time.  Eris moves only a little over two Moon’s-widths per year, and when we net out her Retrogradations, her net annual movement is only half a Moon’s-width.

Aries the Sign is about Rebirth, so Eris can rightfully be considered a herald of a New Age.  Eris is Stationary Direct as we speak, as she was at her emergence.  That means that her Energy is very strong, both now and in general.  Usually with an outer (Unconscious) planet, that feels heavy.  When Pluto is Stationary, for instance, it feels like we’re swimming in Jello.  I’m not feeling that, but then I personify Eris, so you might be feeling something like that.  It’s five days yet till she stands completely Still, so her Energy is still waxing.  We could consider the media’s emphasis on women (reports on women in the US Congress and on the outrageous crime in India for example) to be a part of Eris’s Energy.  While her Energy is strong during the Station, her Influence will become blatant once she goes Direct, after January 8.

The Grand Cross at 25-29 degrees is by far the busiest Cross in her Discovery Chart, but Eris is in the 16-20 degree Cross, so we’ll start with that one, and work with the 25-29 Cross in a subsequent installment.  16-20 is the Libra-Scorpio segment of the “30-degree Zodiac” – mirroring the compassionable-formidable theme.  Libra respresents Harmony and Collaboration, while Scorpio represents Fearlessness and the urge to Get to the Bottom of Things.  You can interpret her Golden Apples story as a Heyoka-Shamanic effort to expose the emotional undercurrents of the Ingenues at the Royal Ball.  A need to expose hidden Emotions is a common compulsion for Scorpio.

We think of Scorpio as secretive, but that’s an attempt to keep others Safe from Scorpio’s Fearlessness, which scares the krap out of the others.  As always when working with the Unconscious, we need to forget the heads and the tails, and keep our eye on the coin.  If secret is heads, exposed is tails, and Scorpio is the coin.  It’s always useful to keep our eyes on the coin when working with astrology as well, since only the mind is stuck in duality; the rest of Reality is Unitary.  There are no contradictions in the Real World, only in the observing mind.

Eris is Opposed by Jupiter; the appropriate image would be our staring pop-eyed at Eris suddenly popping out of her Starfield like Venus on the half-shell.  Jupiter the Amplifer will make her Bigger than Life in our Consciousness.  Eris was Discovered very close to her aphelion (farthest distance from the Sun), so in this Chart Jupiter is close to Eris’s Libra perihelion (closest approach to the Sun).  A body’s perihelion helps define it’s agenda, so Jupiter the Magnificent will be Eris’s Messenger and Herald in this new era.  Which means, very elegant and sophisticated.

An Opposition between the Sun and Lilith comprises the other pole of the Cross.  Since the Sun represents our Essence, we can attribute to Eris a Life Mission of bringing the Deep Feminine (Lilith) into Awareness (Opposition).  Few things this Planet needs more.  We talked about what that means in Big Solstice Chart.  We won’t be surprised to see Eris be very practical in these efforts (Sun in Capricorn), and very sympathetic toward Lilith (in Cancer).

In general, a Grand Cross person does a lot more than most of us, because the Grand Cross is made up of four complementary Challenges to Mastery.  One step in any of the four directions requires adjustments in the other three – the image is a juggler with a lot of balls in the air.  Consequently, this kind of practice is closer to medical practice than futbal practice, and competence develops early.

As with any respectable Grand Cross, this one is accompanied by Grace.  Eris Trines the Mercury-Venus-Pluto Stellium that tops the Bridge Yod.  A Trine represents Ease, so we expect these Energies to complement Eris effortlessly.  Mercury (Awareness, Communication) is Out of Bounds (Strong), so Eris will not be shy.  Venus stands for Values and Beauty, so Eris’s young girl feeding birds in winter disguise would be no stretch, as would any other virtuous and charismatic demeanor.  Then there’s Pluto the Trance Former.  Eris will hypnotize us, and we will follow willingly and cheerfully into any Fate she chooses for us.  Thank goodness we’ve no reason to doubt her motives!  Unless we’re one of the Old Male 1%, I suppose.

And Eris Sextiles a Conjunction of Juno and Neptune.  A Sextile symbolizes Creative Grace – great results, but they aren’t as effortless as with a Trine.  We have to provide the initiative.  Juno stands for Unconscious Merging, and Neptune for Vastness, so Juno-Neptune would be a major space-out when viewed from the perspective of a neighborly conversation.  Or a major Divine Possession when viewed from a broader perspective.  So Eris probably wouldn’t be the best Goddess to pray to if you wanted help manifesting that third SUV.  But if you wanted Enlightenment, wow, she’s your girl!  Neptune, recall, is about Confusion when looking through material eyes, but Clarity when looking through spiritual eyes.  She’ll be working on us by showing us how stressful it is when we merge with our Stuff, and how fantastic it feels when we merge with our Soul.

Where Did We End Up?

How can we sum all that up?  Not easily.  Eris is clearly devoted to helping us move past the Denial that has kept us limited, she brings a lot of powerful tools to the task, and fortunately for us, she brings Compassion as well.  Denial is self-protective.  Our Ego is in charge of keeping us Safe, and Denial is one of its greatest allies.  But of course it can get stuck in past Realities.  We undo Denial only through Compassion, because nothing Changes until it’s completely accepted exactly as it is.  Only Love brings our Hungry Ghosts fully into ownership.  When we solicit (or encounter) Eris’s assistance, we need to be sure to attune to our Highest Ambitions for ourselves, because that’s where she’s attuned.  If we aren’t tuned to the same frequency, her assistance will feel disruptive.  Unless we recognize that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and scramble to catch up with her!

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