New Year Portal – Pay Attention!

The New Year Portal is opening in a few hours, at 10pm PST (perhaps sooner) on January 1, 2013.  For review, this is a full Diamond Star, composed of both a Yod and a T-Square with Jupiter at the Apex, which puts a great emphasis on Jupiter the Magnificent.

Jupiter the Amplifer expands everything it touches.  That’s only negative when you’re already over-expanded, but Saturn the Arrow sits on one corner of the Base of the Yod, and Saturn the One-Pointed is very grounding, so the Portal should be tolerable for most folks.  Saturn the Single-Minded represents focused Intent.  Pluto the Transformer occupies the other corner of the Yod Base, so this Yod provides an opportunity for us to Amplify our Transformation.

This Amplified Transformation of our Intent is not something we’re doing, it’s something we’re watching (if we’re awake).  So it’s a fabulous idea to keep a close watch on what we’re Intending.  If we’re in a foul mood, we need to turn that around quickly, or we’ll be manifesting exactly what we’re dwelling upon!  We’ll have plenty of time for foul moods later, so there’s no need for us to hold tight to this one.

This Yod has been with us since December 13 – when Uranus went Direct and began unloading the 1960s in earnest.  It begins to fade tomorrow.  It returns at the Ides of March for a few weeks, and may be stronger then, because Jupiter the Expander will be Direct then; Jupiter the Blessed is Retrograde as we speak.  If we inadvertantly create foul weather now, we’ll likely have the opportunity to turn it around in the last half of March.

The Yod is powerful because it’s about Curiosity – we’re Curious about what’s being Amplified, what’s being Transformed, and particularly Curious about our Unconscious Intent, aka Denial, since Unconscious Intent is what runs our Lives.  Doesn’t mean we can’t steer our Trance(Re)Formation into a direction we’d like to see the World, and ourselves, evolve into.  In fact, it would be very wise to do some steering – just don’t white-knuckle the wheel.

But the Big Thing about the New Year Portal is not just the Yod, but the T-Square, because the Base corners of the T-Square are Chiron-Neptune the New Paradigm, and Moon the Manifestor.  So we have a fabulous opportunity to directly (though Energetically) influence how the World will be evolving, and how we ourselves will fit into that evolution.  A T-Square usually represents Mastery through Challenge, but in a Diamond Star, when it’s combined with an outpouring of Yodiosity, I don’t believe any of us will have much difficulty being Motivated toward the Mastery.  You can hardly be Curious and a Victim at the same time, and the T-Square Challenge is always about embracing and transforming our inner Victim.

Jupiter the Glorious also Trines (Grace) Mars the Active, so we’ll also be downloading information about what First Steps we can take in the World at large to manifest our New Role in the Transformed World.  Jupiter the Blooming also Sextiles (Creative Grace) Uranus the Soul-Messenger, so alignment with our Mission shouldn’t be an issue for us.

Enjoy!  The Portal should be open for at least four hours.

It’s very Curious that the US House of Lobbyist Representatives appears to be voting about whether to throw the World Economy off the “Fiscal Cliff” just about the time that the Portal is at maximum intensity.  That could go either way, either expanding the band-aids that keep the Zombie Currencies and Zombie Western Economies from bleeding to death, or accelerating their bleedout with an additional wound.

Elizabeth points out that I neglected to add a couple of Centaurs and those new TNOs to my 12am 1/1/13 chart, and when they’re added the chart becomes a lot more interesting and significant than it was, so we’ll be writing about that soon, as that chart will be coloring the year to come as it unfolds.

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