You never know how a Comet will develop as it comes to dance with the Sun, but there is a possibility that Comet Ison may turn out to be a Big Attraction…

Here’s an update on Tapping for Newtown…

This is hilarious; I particularly like the last line…

And this is awesome.  A tribute to Led Zeppelin by Ann and Nancy Wilson and a whole lot of others, most of whom I don’t even know.  Of the three in the box seats with the rainbow ribbons, on the left is Zeppelin keyboardist John Paul Jones, center with beard and curls is vocalist Robert Plant, and on the right with gray ponytail is Zeppelin lead guitarist Jimmy Page.  The guy playing drums with Ann and Nancy is Jason Bonham, son of deceased Zeppelin drummer John Bonham…

Stairway to Heaven came out in 1971, but that’s close enough to the 1960s for me!

One Response to “News”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Thank you for sharing this empowerment. What a call back from my teen age years, when I was sure that love and light would cure all. Wow!

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