Another Full Moon


Well, we have lots of candidate charts here to prognosticate from.  There’s the Big Solstice End-O-The-World Chart, the New Year Chart, the Uranus-Station Chart, and the Eris-Station Chart – any one of those would be a reasonable choice for judging the timbre of 2013.  But we’ll choose last night’s Full Moon Chart, because it’s has better overtones.  Cheating, you say, to choose a saxophone over flatulence?  Run that by the Abrahams and see what you get.  It’s just a game – why not play for Fun?

Anyway, sure we expect those other Charts to have their day in the orchestra pit – not to mention the last Eclipse and several other soloists.  The Last-Teetering-Over-The-Fiscal-Abyss Chart, for instance, that’d probably have as much impact on the “Real” World as any.  It’s a bit Heyoka to see a Full Moon as an Initiation, that role usually goes to a New Moon, but if we’re judging the cadence of a natural Cycle of Decay, then the Full Moon’s actually a better choice.  Are we entering a natural Cycle of Decay?  Haven’t we been in one for the last several years?  What about duration – shouldn’t a Moon chart apply only to a month?  Not if it’s the last or first Moon nearest a threshold, like the New Year or the Solstice.

But I’m just playing around here.  From the Paradigm perspective (on the Chiron-Neptune level), we’re actually starting to rebuild; the primary Decay Cycle was from around 1994 to around 2007, when Chiron-Neptune was in its Void phase.  If we’re looking at the health of currencies Worldwide, then it’s absolutely true that Decay began in earnest in those years of the Greenspan Bubbles.  History will probably see it that way, let alone Herstory.  There’s certainly an anaerobic stench lilting off of the World’s Zombie currencies, as they died several years ago, and it’s very easy to cast that as the ultimate cause of the current economic malaise.  The “green shoots” are rising from the Occupy Movements and the other New Community endeavors we’ve been touching, most of which don’t even use Zombie currencies.

I like this random revelatory quote from Peter Phalam’s Celestial Reunion (p.72)…

“The rains appeared also in his dream, but suddenly turned to snow.  Everything was white, but the snow did not cease.  The Earth had reclaimed herself, and everyone was at her mercy.  Miracles came of this, since the only way to deal with these events was to form one enormous family and work together.”

While the new Chiron-Uranus Cycle is a couple of years old, the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is barely out of the incubator, so there’s no Decay indicated there.  The Void phase of the previous Uranus-Pluto Cycle occurred between around 1914 and 1960, while Pluto was in Cancer and Creative Expression was mostly replaced by Lawn Order and But what will people think?  Of course, as with the Zombie Currencies, the dregs of Lawn Order and conformity are very much anaerobic these days.

The Cycles which are approaching Decay are mostly Saturn Cycles – Ceres-Saturn (Institutions), Vesta-Saturn (Religious Institutions), and Jupiter-Saturn (Social Institutions).  We should spend some time with these Cycles, soon, so we can see what our emerging new Cultures aren’t.  Here’s a humorous story about Decaying Social Institutions –

Definitely no She-Bear there.  So, let’s talk about that Full Moon Chart.

It’s best feature is a Grand Trine (Great Grace) – we haven’t had one of those for a while – and it’s to the Full Moon itself!  The other two corners are Saturn (Focus) and Chiron-Neptune (the Miraculous New Paradigm – we don’t want to forget that Chiron changes Despair into Miracle by reframing our perspectives, while Neptune represents the Unconscious elements of our cultures).  So this Full Moon is a major gift to our ongoing social-economic reorg, and an Energy well worth capturing for posterity.  Have any great ideas in the last few days?  Nurture them!

Our old friend the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod (Curiosity about how we’ll be Co-Create our New Culture and what it will look like) is still strong, and the Sun has joined Pluto in Quincunx to Jupiter, making it stronger yet.  And of course, Uranus is still Square to Pluto, so we have a Uranus T-Square to the Full Moon as well.  I didn’t see any Werewolves out last night, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.  The Devil made me do it! would be a good anthem for a Uranus-Full Moon T-Square.  Of course, those are just Shadows.

When we see Uranus as our Soul Connection (which we do), then this is a Challenge to Master new ways to express our True Self in plain sight (Full Moon) that feed the expansion of the social matrix (Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto) into the New Paradigm (the Chiron-Neptune Grand Trine).  The social matrix has appeared to contract recently into a return to Feudal standards (the 1%), but that’s just a Shadow, a reaction to the expansion that’s occurring.  Perhaps this Full Moon will illuminate this Shadow even more.

For those of you who keep track, the Full-Moon action occurs between the 4th and 10th degrees of the Signs.  In these degrees, the basic purpose and template of our Co-Creation are well established, and we’re refining the user interface and functionality to meet our goal as elegantly as possible.  The Grand Trine is in Water (Emotion – it feels good), and the T-Square is Cardinal (Creative – our Mastery will open new doors).  All of the actors are playing Yin roles except Uranus, which plays a Yang role.  That will constrain Self-Expression into creative but necessarily Collaborative actions, as the World will turn its back on self-indulgence.

The other T-Square is most interesting.  It’s focus is Pallas (Wisdom, Protection), but the base planets – Mercury and Ceres – are both Out of Bounds (Strong).  Mercury (Awareness) Opposing (Illumination) Ceres (Syntropy), both Out of Bounds, is a forecast for Epiphanies!  Pallas also Trines the Dragon’s Head, so we can expect Epiphanies about our Mission, our own special role in this ongoing Great Transformation.

Now I’m starting to understand why I was drawn to reading this Chart more than the others, most of which are fairly chaotic.  Because it’s an island of Grace in an otherwise fairly tempestuous Sea.  Here’s She-Bear Jean Houston again (The Wizard of Us p.47)…

“The ruby slippers are symbolic of your own capacities that you suspect you have but don’t yet know how to use.  They may be on your feet or in your hands or in your mind or within your soul.  Please take a minute and say out loud or write, ‘I think my ruby slippers are my capacity to…’  Once you announce these things and agree to ‘wear’ them, even though you may not be quite sure what they are, mysterious things will begin to happen.”

You can use astrology as a Science (fundamental process X causes phenomena Y and Z), but not very well; astrology is too broad, and Causality too remote.  And you can use astrology like you would Engineering (X’ worked before, I’ll bet it will work again), pretty effectively.  But astrology, as with any Mythic process having to do with Symbols and Meaning, is at its best when used to stimulate Intuition.  Don’t waste your time trying to explain why you’re doing something these days, just do it.

Our friend Eris also Trines Mercury and Sextiles Ceres here – there’s a good chance the ruby slippers you’re discovering are more magnetic than dynamic – and may be hiding behind some degree of Guilt or Shame.  All the more reason not to try to explain yourself.  The Pallas T-Square and its Court occur in the 23rd through 27th degrees of the Signs.  This is the Debriefing phase of the Zodiac, where we’re reviewing what worked before, what we want to keep and discard, and philosophizing about why what worked did, so we can try to generalize our experience beyond the narrow confines of our empiric experience.  This second T-Square is Mutable (changing, adapting).  Pallas and the Nodes are playing Yang roles, while Mercury, Ceres, and Eris are overplaying Yin roles.

I know, we had a Ruby just the other day, but what other Stone would work better here?  Ruby symbolizes Courage, the unwavering dedication we bring to any task or belief when we know it to be True in our own Heart.  We just have to remember that it may not be True in everybody else’s Heart, and leave space for their Truth as well.

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