Portal Reportal

Well, I did the first Portal in my Dreams (which were pleasant enough), but I was awake for the second Portal, and it came through loud and clear!  Subtle, but powerful.  Which is a relief!  I mean, it’d be embarrassing to get everybody to the party and then not have any punch!  The second Portal wasn’t so much about “Finding my Tribe” as it was about Healing (Bummer!) – I didn’t have the list with me, so I didn’t know what topic to focus on, other than remembering it was a Ceres Portal.  Depending on your own experience, you may want to forget about the topics I’ve assigned to each Portal, and just let them be whatever they want to be.  Which will probably happen anyway, unless you’re thinking them.  But even if you’re doing that, I recommend letting your mind wander.

One thing I did learn, is that Sustainability and Sustenance weren’t quite the right words for Ceres.  I don’t want to talk about Permanence, because that so rapidly ossifies.  When I look up a definition for Permaculture, that fits very well, but so far I’ve heard the word applied only to Agriculture…

Any system of sustainable agriculture that renews natural resources and enriches local ecosystems.  The design, installation and maintenance of indefinitely sustainable human communities set in balanced ecologies, both urban and rural.

The second part fits, but it’s not broad enough, as a true Permaculture would work with or without the Humans, and we’d want it to apply to such things as a Community of Internal Organs, or a Community of Critters That Co-Inhabit Your Body, if it’s going to cover the sorts of processes that I experienced in the Portal.  Even a Community of Thought Fields and Biological Responses.  Maybe that’s where we would focus – Ceres as the Ecological Field, the Matrix that Embraces You Multidimensionally.  Maybe the difference between the Entropic (naturally unwinding, like mechanical systems) and Syntropic (naturally rewinding, like biological systems).

The topics I listed were topics that I just “made up” by combining the elements involved.  For instance, “Finding Your Tribe” was a stab at finding a catchy phrase that  combined Ceres (the Ecological Field), Pallas (Wisdom, Boundaries), Mars (Energy, Assertion), Rahu (Mission), Venus (Values), Midheaven (Community), T-Square (Mastery, Challenge), Yod (Curiosity), and Diamond (Competence).  And of course, as we just discussed with Ceres, each of the parenthetical words is a stab at finding a keyword that might trigger Intuition about a much broader concept than the single word.  You can come up with a million other ways to merge these concepts – and then when we expand beyond Concept to other Universes (Emotional, Perceptive, Energetic, Creative, to name a few Universes beyond the Conceptual) it rapidly turns infinite.

So use the topics very loosely…

  • The Community You Would Love to Live in, at 4:45 am
  • Finding Your Tribe, at 5:45 am
  • Your Ideal Partner, at 11 am
  • Your Soulmate, at 11:45 am
  • Getting Paid More Than You Ever Imagined Possible for Doing What You Most Love to Do, at 3:45 pm
  • The End of Hunger, at 4:45 pm
  • Being Respected by Your Peers, at 9:45 pm
  • Being Really Heard When You Speak, at 11:30 pm

Let me know how the Portals work for you.

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