Downright Real


For me anyway.  I’ve been otherwise engaged most of the day, but I’ve managed to tune into two of the Portals so far, and found them to be quite Real.  The Ceres Portal this morning opened up in front of me, like a cave in a mountainside.  But the Jupiter Portal at 11am arrived, from above and behind, as if it was Superman, cape trailing behind.  It stayed intense for a while, then turned into a Turquoise-studded grey-green Frog on the ceiling, which slowly expanded and faded.  I don’t hallucinate on the average day, so I take that to be very clear.  Well, there have been a whole lot of wiggling around the edges of my field of vision, and a bat did fly out of my office the other night, but that’s just the Veil thinning.

Not noticing any contribution from Lilith, I did a quick calculation and figured that if she had a separate Portal, it should arrive about ten minutes after Jupiter – and it did.  It was brief, but quite clear.  It neither opened nor arrived, but announced its presence already in my body, just under the base of my ribcage, with a small pain and then a clear vision of a Geoduck-like Being.  Very curious.  Anyone else experience the Portals?  Or am I just self-hypnotizing?  I won’t publish your identity unless you say it’s okay.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Portals.  I’ll recalculate the timings for tomorrow, to see if we can get any more accurate.

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