Tuesday’s Chiron-Station Eclipse

Well, with the US Presidential Drama dismissed so summarily, and apparently demonstrating that we’re past the Tipping Point on at least some issues, where does that leave Tuesday‘s Total Eclipse of the Sun?  Bottom line, for you bullet-point thinkers out there…

On many counts, big breakthroughs in Paradigm Shift are indicated.  Expect Miracles.

I regard Eclipses to be about Conscious Awareness, as they reveal by its absence something that’s been there all along, but we haven’t been noticing.  Take inventory before the Eclipse, to see where we are on the issues that are important to you.  Jobs?  Equality?  Human Rights?  Discomfort in your Body?  Tolerance?  Global Warming?  Emergence of the Deep Feminine?  Sustenance?  Anxiety?  Sustainability?  Politicians and Media whoring to the redundantly wealthy?  Self-confidence?  Fanaticism of all kinds?  Arbitrary violence?  Government violence?  GMOs?  Pick out a few of the issues that are most important to you, and/or add your own.

Then, twelve hours after the Eclipse – later if you’re sleeping then, check your list.  Anything change?  The Outer World is a mirror for our Inner World, and vice versa – As Without, So Within.  Maybe a headline caught your eye, or you noticed a change in how you feel about an issue, or heard several people talking about it, or were surprised by what seemed like a change in the way your friends viewed it.

The standout feature of this Eclipse is that it’s occurring with Chiron Stationary Direct.  Chiron has been moving imperceptibly slowly for a week or two now, and on Wednesday at 25 minutes before 1pm PST, Chiron stands perfectly still (it’s strongest moment) and then slowly begins accelerating forward again.  Chiron represents paradigm-changing shifts in perspective – Miracles, in a word.  Twelve hours or so after Chiron’s Station, check your list again.  What’s changed now?

Chiron is of course the Change half of the New-Paradigm Chiron-Neptune Cycle that was Initiated a few years ago as the US financial system collapsed and the Slavemasters that run it had to be given massive infusions of taxpayer money.  Neptune is the Culture half.  We expect to see most of the New-Paradigm Changes occurring on the Cultural level, but of course we’re all intimately programmed into our Culture, so we’ll see a lot of changes in ourself as well, not least of which will be a requirement to adapt to Changes in the Culture we live in.  Just compare your issue list against where they were in 2005.

Neptune was Stationary and turned Direct last Saturday, so the Cultural Changes that have seemed to be in abeyance since June, can now leap forward.  Our bucket may seem to be at its Tipping Point, but it may soon be in full flood!

Chiron and Neptune are Biseptile to the Eclipse.  The Septile is an angle that’s one seventh of the way around the Zodiac, and the Biseptile is double that.  In simple terms, Septiles are about Magical Powers, or seemingly so.  Think of a Snake holding so still that it’s invisible, that instantaneously snaps out of hiding and snatches an unsuspecting Mouse.  If you weren’t looking directly at the Mouse, or blinked, you’d think it just demanifested.  The Septile series of Angels is not about violence, but it is about something previously unnoticed popping out of the Holodeck fully formed, in an instant.  The people who have “spontaneous remission” to terminal cancers do so through Septile Energy.  The Septile is like an Eclipse, but while an Eclipse is about Awareness, the Septile is about Action.

That’s the Big Energy around the Eclipse.  What else can we say about it and its influence?

The Eclipse is the focus of a Finger of God from Eris and Vesta.  Remember the Quincunx, Curiosity?  A Finger of God is two of those radiating from the same Zodiacal point, in this case the Eclipse.  It makes the Eclipse jump out at us and fill our Attention.  Eris and Vesta?  That’s heavy.  You know Eris, our She-Bear.  And Vesta stands for what we’re willing to live and die for, our deepest and most sacred values.  Not as Big an influence as the Chiron Station, but very significant.  And potentially Miracle-inducing as well.  Better take inventory of how much respect you give to people of the Female persuasion, because God’s on their side here.

We still have our persistent Grand Trine between Ceres and Saturn and Chiron-Neptune, which can be phrased as Great Grace flowing to those who focus their attention on sustenance, and on sustainability, as the Culture Changes.  Along with Pluto, the Ceres corner makes a T-Square to Uranus, challenging us to sustain the manifestation of our True Self into the current lifetime.  The Chiron-Neptune corner makes a T-Square with the Moon’s Nodes, and Mercury, now Retrograde, sits on the North Node; the insights may be murky, but nevertheless open up to them, as we are receiving an important download about our own role in the New Paradigm and how it relates to our mission in this lifetime.  A third Quincunx between Saturn (Ego) and Uranus (Soul) reinforces the download.

There’s a third T-Square focusing on Pallas, with Mars and Vesta in tow.  That will mean lots of lines being drawn in the Sand, as limits of Tolerance are reached.  But Vesta also Trines Venus and Sextiles Eris: Compassion and Cooperation will appear out of nowhere to defuse these confrontations.  Look what I literally just stumbled across:


So why doya suppose our Guides are lit up like that?  Maybe because Neptune is still Stationary, square to Mercury.  Even though Neptune’s started moving forward again, it will be more than a week before it moves even a minute of arc, and two months till it moves a degree.

Finally, and I’d be ignoring this if it didn’t echo well-established themes here, Jupiter is Opposing Juno: growing Awareness that our Unconscious Identity needs to expand.

I know, we feel like raw meat these days, as we’re being asked to let go of so many aspects of ourselves that, if we’re on track, we hardly know ourself any more.  But the raw meat in the opening portrait is a steak-sized slab of Manganotantalite – Manganese Tantalum Oxide, MnTa2O6.  MnTaO, the Tao of Manganese,

allows you to speak so others understand what you’re saying.

That’s pretty big.  Contemplating the picture may even allow you listen to what the Other Parts of You – other than your Identity – have to say to you!  If nothing else, they might help you have Compassion for your long-suffering Identity.  I mean, who among us knows how to separate from our Identity?  If you’re going to be loving and gentle with yourself (which is mandatory), you’re going to have to do that.  It’s actually easier than you’d imagine.  Just talk to yourself, honestly and without Judgment, addressing yourself as You.  Maybe

You’re pretty worn out here, aren’t you Honey – why don’t you have a rest!

or something like that.

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